Balance concept

October 2015 Monthly Forecast

The main theme for the month of October is BALANCE.

This month we are striving to balance our lives in a way that serves us better and brings all the bits and pieces we have been juggling into a new and more balanced configuration and alignment.

Our faith and trust (themes of September) have been tested, challenged, pushed, revealed, expanded and rewarded. And now it is time to give up the struggle and surrender ourselves to the more natural flow and balance that wants to emerge.

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Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse Update 9-27-15

Dear Friends, The Full Moon with a lunar eclipse is Sunday September 27 at 8:50 PM MDT (Mountain Daylight Time) We are still in the play called “now or never” and the final act is about to start. and yes, this is in fact the beginning of the final act….

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Silhouette of young girl praying to god

A New José Stevens Article

Critical World Change: Trust, Faith and Initiating a Spiritual Practice?

Strangely enough I have discovered through my counseling practice that many people do not really know what a spiritual practice is. When I ask them if they have a spiritual practice or what their spiritual practice is they say, “Well I do a little yoga or “I exercise regularly,” or…

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crescent moon

New Moon/Solar Eclipse Update 9-13-15

The New Moon with a Solar Eclipse is on Sunday, September 13 at 12:42 AM MDT (Mountain Daylight Time).

This is close to midnight on Saturday, September 12 and for some time zones it is actually on September 12. So pay attention to the full moon and its influences on Saturday night.

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Highline walker in blue sky between two rocks concept of risk taking and challenge

September 2015 Monthly Forecast

The themes for September are “FAITH and TRUST”

There will be other influences and other themes including Expansion, Creativity, Destruction and Change that will manifest as a result of working with Faith and Trust as guiding principles.

We are truly expanding the boundaries of our creativity, perception, and understanding, and moving ourselves into the unknown. The container of our lives needs to be bigger to accommodate this evolution and we cannot hold ourselves back with our fears, limited thinking and need for control.

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The bright full moon hovers over an idyllic landscape.

Full Moon Update 8-29-15

Full Moon is Saturday, August 29 at 12:35PM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT).

The theme of this full moon is FAITH and TRUST. What are you doing to deepen your spiritual practice and anchor a greater faith and trust in spirit? This is an important full moon as what you do with it has the potential to set you up either really well or not so well for some of the influences of the next few months.

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garden tools against shed

A New José Stevens Article

Consolidating, Simplifying, and Accessing Higher Centers

The first two words figure prominently in a pragmatist vocabulary. They are efficiency oriented and the times call for being practical, organized, and efficient. If you are not a pragmatist then these ways of approaching matters in your life might elude you so here I will cover this territory. We…

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backgrounds night sky with stars and moon and clouds. wood

New Moon Update 8-14-15

New Moon is Friday, August 14 at 8:53 AM MDT (Mountain Daylight Time).

This new moon is supportive of bringing pieces together to make a whole. Like working on a puzzle where you don’t know where a piece fits until you try it, this is a time to see what pieces fit. If they don’t fit, they are excess. If they do, make a place for them so they can become part of the whole.

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illustration of funnel shape in colorful stripe on abstract background

August 2015 Monthly Forecast

The themes for August are “CONSOLIDATION and PRIORITIES”.

This month is about getting grounded, organized and practical. It is about choosing wisely how and when to gather support and where and into what to put your energy.

We slide into August from a bit of leftover chaos and perhaps too many things on our plate. Some of you may be feeling stuck, spaced out, irritated or anxious. You may also be feeling a kind of inertia that comes from not knowing where to begin.

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