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June 2014 Monthly Forecast

The Theme for June 2014 is CHOICE.

There were many other phrases and words that came to describe the month such as “commitment”, “just do it already”, “go for it”, “step forward”, “decide”, “responsibility”, “overcome fear”, “be proactive”, “get off the couch”, “get over yourself” etc., but I chose CHOICE because it really does cover all aspects of what this time frame is about and what it can teach us.

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New Moon Update 5-28-14

New Moon is Wednesday, May 28 at 12:40 PM MDT (Mountain Daylight Time) This is one of those days that experiencing the void may be possible depending on where you are in your integration and assimilation process. How this New Moon is for you will also depend on what big changes or energy downloads you happen to be processing. This is a day for quiet contemplation and taking a break from anything that is too demanding, energetic or stressful. A focus on beauty is always helpful and appreciating everything you have with gratitude is always a good practice.

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An Extraordinary Journey Through Asia Minor and Time.

Several weeks ago I sent out an e-mail from Cappadocia, Turkey announcing Angeles Arrien’s sudden and unexpected death from complications of walking pneumonia. Your responses were overwhelming and I am deeply appreciative of all the thoughtful e-mails and messages that we received in the days following. I mentioned that her death came in the window between two eclipses and at a time around the fifth conjunction of Uranus and Pluto, a huge configuration including Mars and Jupiter to boot. We have spoken of this at length in recent forecasts, articles, and recordings. Certainly Angeles’ death for me was totally unexpected (Uranus), powerful (Pluto), big (Jupiter), and highly impactful and forceful (Mars). I mentioned in the e-mail we sent out that something had occurred that mitigated my sadness at her passing but at the time I just couldn’t formulate the words to discuss it. First let me explain the context of our surroundings at the time.

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Full Moon Update 5-14-14

Full Moon is Wednesday, May 14 at 1:16PM MDT (Mountain Daylight Time).

Use this full moon time to work with beauty. Pay special attention to all the beauty around you, bring beauty into your environment, and focus on beauty for your body. It may be a great day to do something luxurious and pampering for yourself.

This full moon is also a good time to be in gratitude and to honor the expansive quality of anything big that is happening around you either to yourself or to others. Welcome love and beauty into your life

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May 2014 Monthly Forecast

The Theme for May 2014 is INTEGRATION.

This is a month to integrate and assimilate what has come before as deeply as possible. In the last months you have been stretched, twisted, expanded, tweaked, changed, thrown curve balls, challenged, shown a glimpse of an incredible potential, and guided to keep going forward, putting one foot in front of the other. You have hopefully learned to trust spirit on a deeper level as you have been shown over and over that things just are not always what they seem to be.

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New Moon/Solar Eclipse Update 4-29-14

New Moon with an annular solar eclipse, a narrow band that creates a ring of fire, is Tuesday, April 29 at 12:14 AM MDT (mountain daylight time)

This is the bookend to the first eclipse on the Full Moon this month that opened the portal to the intense time of transformation and opportunity. The new moon is a great time to evaluate where you are, what you have learned, what you have committed to, whom you are with, and where you are going. Hopefully the shake up of the last few weeks will have set you on a track that supports you and is aligned with spirit.

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Stupidity-How Stupidity Can Help Us Wake Up!

What you are about to read may strike you as cynical or negative in some way. It is not meant to be so. In fact, it is a necessary discussion to have if you are at all interested in awakening, discovering your Inner Shaman, breaking free. So, please put up with what you might consider to be insults to the human race for a few minutes, they are necessary. They apply to each of us, no matter how enlightened or clear-headed we think we are. This applies to me, to you, to all of us who have lived in a human body, are here now, or will be here in the future. Here goes!

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