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Cooler, The

2003 – William H. Macy / Maria Bello: An interesting film about a sad sack server (played well by William Macy who is a server).

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Anna And The King

1999 – Jody Foster / Chow-Yun Fat: This lavish and lovely film retells the true story of a proper English schoolteacher who travels to Siam to tutor the King’s son and ends up powerfully influencing the king and falling in love with him.

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Cider House Rules

1999 – Toby McGuire / Michael Caine: Toby McGuire, a mature server, plays an orphan who grows up in an under the tutelage of Michael Caine, a sage.

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Best In Show

2000 – Parker Posey / Catherine O’hara with ensemble cast: A brilliantly cast hilarious spoof on dog shows and the dogs’ owners.

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American Beauty

1999 – Annette Benning / Kevin Spacey: Everyone should see this flick. It is quirky, inspirational, funny, insightful, and powerfully acted.

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2000 – Brendan Fraser, Elizabeth Hurley. A remake of the classic story about selling your soul to the devil for seven wishes all of which go afoul.

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Notes From Peru

Lena and I returned from Peru just a week ago, so these observations can best be described as preliminary and have yet to be integrated over the next weeks and months. Nevertheless I feel compelled to write about the journey because it has been so extraordinary, mysterious, and life changing.

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October Forecast 2007

The main theme for October is CHANGE. Sub-themes are Acceptance, Chaos, Creativity and Mood Swings.

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