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Working With the Laws of Attraction

“The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne, an Australian television producer, has become a runaway best seller along with the DVD by the same name. You know something is making a splash when it manifests in a five-page article in Newsweek magazine.

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Cheap Lessons in Ecuador

In late January 2007 I traveled to Ecuador to give a keynote address and provide private sessions to a woman’s leadership conference in the capital city of Quito.

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Shamanic Q&A

Periodically readers will ask us questions that deserve a public answer so that all may be informed. If you have a question regarding a current event or life situation please submit to our office.

Will the United States break apart like the Soviet Union?

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Movie Reviews 2009

The Power Path reviews the films listed below according to an alternative set of perceptions allowing you to gain new insight and perspective unique from traditional critiques. We evaluate story lines according to how well they illustrate karmic lessons and agreements.The evaluations explore the activities of the characters having varied maturity levels: infant, toddler, child, mature, and old souls. This sheds light on the manner in which they interact with each other.

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