Full Moon 5-27-10

Full Moon is Thursday, May 27th at 5:08 PM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT).

This moon is powerful and expansive and a perfect time to set up for the energies coming in next month. Focus on this expansive quality and ask what can be more expanded in your own life. Perhaps it is the way you perceive, or your finances or your connections with others. Use the fullness of the moon to imprint you with the ability to expand into the next level of functioning and the next level of creativity. Since we are going into a cycle of expansion, it is crucial to know exactly what you wish to expand, otherwise you may end up expanding what you don’t want. This is potentially a very prosperous and creative time.

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New Moon Update 12-13-10

New Moon is Thursday, May 13 at 7:04 PM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT).

This is definitely a day to focus on the caring and nurturing of the physical body. The times are intense energetically and the stress level may be higher than usual. The opportunity here is to increase your ability to ground high levels of creative energy (that may feel a bit chaotic) into organized form in order to actually manifest what you want.

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May Forecast 2010

The main theme for March is Creativity.

The creative energy this month is on the edge of being out of control. It will push the envelope of what you think you can handle and it will destabilize your perceptions of what is secure and stable. In the instability you will find more movement, manifestation and a new stability in your ability to handle greater amounts of energy. A ski coach once said that racing skills do not improve unless you push yourself enough that you feel slightly out of control. In time you become comfortable with this new level and it will feel stable to you. In this way you can approach the theme of creativity. Open yourself up to a bit more chaos and creativity with trust and inspiration and soon you will find a new level of comfort with it.

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Full Moon Update 4-28-10

Full Moon is Wednesday, April 28 at 6:18AM MDT (Mountain Daylight Time)

Celebrate, celebrate, celebrate! Do something higher centered and heart opening. Mostly make time to honor the fullness and richness of your life. Acknowledge your uniqueness, character and creativity. Do something that represents and feeds that. This is also a time of the higher mind and an excellent window of opportunity for new ideas, sharing with others and expanding your perception. Create an intention to move beyond limitation and then trust spirit that you are doing just that.

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New Moon Update 4-14-10

New Moon is Wednesday, April 14 at 6:29AM MDT (Mountain Daylight Time).

Re-focus on your creativity and imagination and what you are birthing or desiring to manifest for yourself. The new moon is always a good time to plant seeds, to honor what has died and to appreciate the rich compost created by your personal past history. New moon will often bring a still point, like an engine winding down or a computer shutting off. When you re-boot, re-start and re-focus, it is important that you listen only to yourself and to spirit.

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April Forecast 2010

The main theme for April is DEATH/RE-BIRTH.

We’ll be working with nostalgia, resistance, victimization, fear, denial, artisan deception, surrender, acceptance, power, choices and great change. The main thing to remember this month is that death/re-birth is happening regardless of your desires. So you can either decide on what, how and where you will process death/re-birth, or it will be decided for you. We suggest you take charge.

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Shamanic Q & A – March 31, 2010



How does one avoid the fear that comes with the prospect of so many catastrophic prophecies about the times we are living in?


Believe it or not a fear response is a choice. You can choose not to follow the thinking track that leads to fearfulness. A mind running amok is an unpleasant and dangerous thing. So, you have to take responsibility for what you do with it. Perspective is a very helpful thing. First of all when I check in with Spirit about things that concern me the answer is never, “Boy are you screwed!” Have you ever received that reply in your talks with Spirit? If you say that Spirit never answers you it is probably that you have been doing all the talking and no listening.”

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Full Moon 3-29-10

Full Moon is Monday, March 29 at 8:25 PM Mountain Daylight Time.

This is a potent moon, the first spring moon that demands that you show up and honor who you truly want to be in this life. Don’t waste the gifts of this moon with whining, complaining, and regretting what you don’t have. Where you are is exactly where you have placed yourself in your universe at this time. So if you like it, do something very honoring in gratitude to where you have ended up. If not, you may need to get rid of something that symbolizes an old path, an old attachment. Gift it to spirit with generosity. Remember that Pluto will not let you get away with sweeping the lower frequencies under the rug. Do something for yourself out of compassion, forgiveness and a tremendous amount of self-love.

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Spring Equinox Update

The Spring Equinox is Saturday, March 20 at 11:32 AM Mountain Daylight Time.

Create a ritual in which you use the element of fire and the moving center in some way. Be creative in transforming the old into the new. Make an offering of your mandala and anything else that represents the old to the spirit of fire with the intention that you will be supported in the transformation.

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New Moon 3-15-2010

The New Moon is Monday, March 15 at 3:10 PM Mountain Daylight Time.

Around this time is an excellent opportunity for doing something moving centered to honor renewal and re-birth. Take a short road trip or a local visit to someplace new and pay attention to everything that is beginning to germinate.

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