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What Happened in Haiti

The makeup of Haiti

Last month someone asked about Tiger Woods and I wrote about how some individuals volunteer to become an icon or symbol for humanity. They live bigger than life and dramatically represent some of the big lessons humanity faces. In the same way certain regions do this for the world. If the whole world represents the collective psyche of humanity then Haiti represents that part of us that is downtrodden, overlooked, ignored, and dismissed.

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February Forecast 2010

The main theme for February is SURRENDER.

The theme of Surrender aligns this time frame with the goal of the year, Submission. Surrender does not mean giving up, losing the battle or failure of any kind. Rather it is a giving into and getting behind the forces at work; ones you have created through your intentions. It truly is time to get out of the way and allow life to co-create itself with and around you. Other themes we will be working with this month are Opening, Vulnerability, Willingness, Allowing, Beauty and the Feminine.

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January Forecast 2010

The main theme for January is FORCE.

There are numerous sub-themes and it was in fact difficult to choose a word to accurately describe the main influence without bringing up a negative or fearful image. The other words that came up to describe the month are: pressure, collision, opposition, conflict, friction, breakage and impact. All of these words carry a force or power that can be expressed either positively or negatively. The image for this month is that of two opposing aspects colliding with each other and in that moment of powerful impact, they force something new to emerge.

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What the Vampire Craze has to Teach Us About Ourselves and Current Times

twilight_ewcoverThe current vampire craze is a most interesting phenomenon that is becoming a bigger and bigger theme, especially among young people. Let us look at a brief history of where vampires originated, some of the particulars of vampirism, and recent developments to understand how this craze mirrors deeper processes in the human psyche.

A brief history:

Concern over vampires has been reported in most cultures and continents on Earth since the dawn of time. Mostly the fears have been associated with the dead returning to life and creating havoc or coming back to people they knew and hurting or killing them. Therefore great care has been taken with burials, honoring the dead, and not provoking them. Burial sites are often avoided or placed in remote locations.

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December Forecast 2009

The main theme for December is ACTIVATION.

This is a robust and forward moving energy that is very masculine in nature. What gets activated this month will depend on what needs to be activated for each individual. Some things that get activated will be ideas, projects and directions that have been gestating for a while, awaiting their right timing or perhaps the ignition spark to activate them. Some of what may be activated will be old energies from the past, old wounds that need to be healed, memories of encounters that are incomplete in their karmic exchange, or emotions of the present that need to be explored and heard. Whatever gets activated for you is what you will need to pay attention to and not put off for another time. The time is now and the influences of the month support not only Activation, but also a tremendous movement forward, almost like a leap. To take advantage of this you have to be ready for it and paying attention. You cannot be engaged in activities that are a waste of time, obsessing about the past or worrying about the future. There has never been a better time to practice being completely present and noticing what is being activated right in the now.

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The Marriage of the Andes and the Amazon:

p1010343The Grand Power of the Healing Dream

During the month of October I had the extraordinary opportunity to travel from the Peruvian Andes to the Amazon jungle, visiting in sequence the Q’ero people in the mountains and the Shipibo of the upper Amazon. This amazing trip was only partially a result of long term planning. While the trip to the jungle was part of our long term schedule, the Andean part of the trip was, to be truthful, last minute. One of our students, Richard, had connected with the Q’ero people on a prior trip to Cuzco and became a godfather to one of their children. The child was now close to two years old and it was time for the important hair cutting ceremony that signals an infants initiation into the greater community. Until that time the child’s hair (whether male or female) remains uncut and uncombed and can appear quite scraggly. Because of high infant mortality it is unclear whether the child will survive or not. Between one and two years of age the child is deemed old enough to be received more fully into the tribe. Being the godparent, Richard was responsible to make the trip to Peru and cut the child’s hair along with the giving of proper gifts and financial support. He did not particularly want to make this extensive trip alone and asked my daughter Anna, my wife Lena, and myself a couple of months before if we would be interested in going. After brief consideration we decided that this was an unparalleled opportunity to visit a people we were very much interested in meeting, so we said yes.

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October Forecast 2009

The main theme for October is Preparation.

There are many sub-themes that fall under this one main theme; Choice, Balance, Conservation, Intention, Flexibility, Alignment with Spirit, Trust, Movement, Focus, and, last but not least, Leading with the Heart.

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September Forecast 2009

The main theme for September is Discipline.

Think of discipline as an energy rather than as a negative restriction on your freedom. Making friends with discipline this month will be key to your ability to manifest your dreams into physical reality. The Big Picture theme of August has made a new frequency available.

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August Forecast 2009

The main theme for August is “THE BIG PICTURE”.

This can be a very expansive month where the limited thinking of the mind can finally break free to be able to see life in a much larger context.

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