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Announcing a New Book by José Stevens, PhD: How to Pray the Shaman’s Way

In How to Pray the Shaman’s Way author José Luis Stevens offers an insightful guide to this universal, transformative practice, and explains how engaging in shamanic prayer can lead to deeper healing, a more grounded outlook on life, and an ever-expanding sense of connection with the natural world, our fellow human beings, and the divine universe.

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Articles by José Stevens

José Luis Stevens, PhD is the President and Co-Founder (with wife Lena) of Power Path Seminars, an international school and consulting firm dedicated to the study and application of shamanism and indigenous wisdom to business and everyday life. José completed a ten-year apprenticeship with a Huichol (Wixarika) Maracame (Huichol shaman) in…

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Listen to Jose Stevens on the Radio!

Jose Stevens was recently interviewed on Transitions Radio Magazine, a global, national and local radio show and resource for all things Spiritual.  The Voice and Music of Presence. Please enjoy his interview here  Scroll down until you see where you can listen to hour two        

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New Article by José Stevens – Stopping the World-Not Doing

The world is racing, spinning at great speed, flying through space around the sun, and traveling with the sun at breakneck speed through the galaxy. Life on earth is moving fast as well with societal change and technological breakthroughs occurring daily. All this serves to speed up our minds trying…

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Announcing José’s New Book: How To Pray The Shaman’s Way

Dear Friends,

We are excited to announce a new book by José Stevens, with foreword by don Jose Ruiz,

How to Pray the Shaman’s Way

Discover the Secrets of Shamanic Prayer
Prayer is an intensely personal communication that covers the range of human experience: from gratitude, worship, and celebration, to grief, affliction, and suffering.

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