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What is Hate and Why All the Hate Now

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As you are well aware hate crimes and vandalism of ethnic groups places of worship and holy places is on the rise while we are seeing a similar boldness in people publicly speaking out in deeply racist rants while many are actively marching and demonstrating with violent results. Huge controversy circles around the current president who has publicly defended Neo-Nazis, hate groups, and those defending Southern Civil War figures who fought to preserve slavery as well as the Southern way of life. Expressions of hate and anger are clearly escalating. Does this mean there is their more hate now or just more revelations of it? Here we will examine this phenomena and attempt to understand the dynamics of not only hate but what is happening right now in the world that makes it so visible?

First let us begin with hate itself. Hate is extreme anger directed at an object, a group, or an individual, blinding the person who hates to any kind of rational understanding of why they feel that way. Hate is anger that rises to the point of wanting to attack and abolish the others right to exist. So then what is anger? Anger is an emotion that expresses a number of things. It often rises up as a result of disappointed expectations. For example, “I thought you were my friend but now I see you are not. I thought by now I would be making a good living but I am still poor. I expected you to do a good job and you made a mess. I thought you would behave a certain way but then you ruined my party by getting drunk. I thought I had privilege because my skin is white but now I see it doesn’t count for anything in your eyes. I thought that we had overcome racism but now I see that it is just as strong as ever.” If you examine anger closely you can see that it is riddled with fear. Every one of the sample statements above could include follow up statements to the effect that it is “your (someone’s) fault” and now I’m screwed. I’m afraid I will now have to suffer even more.”

Hate is a massive projection onto another person or group of people, blaming them for all the things that are frightening the one expressing the hate. Since it appears powerful to be angry and to attack as opposed to feeling frightened, the haters can never openly admit that they are actually severely frightened.

Hate then is extreme anger, anger is actually fear, and fear is what hate is. When we hear racist rants or see people marching with white robes and hoods or chanting racist slogans, or seeing people who attack them back, we are actually watching and hearing individuals or groups of very frightened people who are extremely confused and unfortunately totally ignorant of their own process. In other words these are people who have no self-reflection, no insight into their own dynamics, no clarity whatsoever. They are operating at a very primitive level, at the level of a wounded mammal striking out in all directions to protect itself from what it thinks are predators all around it trying to harm it. Because fear leads to anger and anger leads to hate and hate leads to attack, this makes these individuals behave violently and without reason. When they gather into a mob the situation becomes volatile and dangerous. These are the dynamics that are typical of very young souls who have virtually no insight.

With that said I want to issue a word of warning here. To some it might seem justified to blame younger souls for all the ills in the world. It is not. When I say that these are dynamics of younger souls I mean no judgment. I am simply stating the fact that younger souls, like children often don’t know what they are doing and badly need limit setting and supervision. What they hardly need is a president, a father figure, and a parental figure giving them full permission to behave badly. This would be akin to a parent telling their children to go out and hurt other children. Unfortunately that sometimes happens but it is not something we should tolerate. So there is no judgment here, only compassion. Let’s be good role models for the kids amongst us and let us teach them well how to behave properly and get along with others appropriately. And let us take care of them a little better, find them appropriate work and ways to take care of their families etc. Let us not ignore them and abandon them so that they rise up in destructive tantrums.

Now that we have gone into the dynamics of hate let’s look at what is going on in the world right now that causes such intense expressions of it. In other articles I have already written about Mayan prophecies and other powerful prophecies that have indicated that this would be a time of extreme polarization. One Mayan prophecy says that to paraphrase, this will be a time of the have’s and the have not’s and they will clash. Not only does this mean those that have wealth and those who do not but it also means there will those with knowledge and insight and there will those who do not. It also means there will be those who have the power and those who do not and so on. This is readily apparent as we look around at the world today. We also know from other prophecies that this is a massive time of change on the planet, the end of one grand cycle and the beginning of a new one, an opportunity to rise in consciousness, a time when childhood of the species gives way to adolescence with all the accompanying angst and emotional discharge.

The world stands polarized right now between one group, the younger souls who include the survival oriented infant souls, the rule oriented toddler souls, and the success oriented child level souls and the other group, the relationship oriented mature souls and the philosophically oriented old souls. These two groups are now roughly even in population on the planet right now and since evolution moves from infant to old the numbers do not favor the younger souls. From now on there will fewer of them and more older souls and that is the most natural thing in the world as you can clearly see. So the paradigm is shifting as we speak and the ones with greater numbers carry the day. What we are seeing now is the last gasp of the younger souls grip on power as they watch it slip away just as they thought they were going to become totally powerful and dominate the world for another thousand years. Sorry, but no cigar! Their very attempt at a power grab is the thing that has awakened their worst fears, a raising of consciousness among the people. Oops!

Now sometimes people ask me, why are all these blue collar white people who have been neglected by society so supportive of someone who obviously does not value them and is using them to support yet more 1% policies that funnel all the wealth to the top. The reason is that many of these people are infant and toddler souls and they look to the ones just ahead of them to run the show just like a child might idolize their older sister or brother who impresses them. Birds of a feather flock together.

Let’s get back to prophecy. Incan prophecies say that just as happens in an eclipse of the sun by the moon, first there is a time of shadow and the light appears to disappear and then following shadow comes the light. What this means is that before we can experience the light we have to look at the dark underbelly of our psyches, both individually and collectively. We can no longer hide the dirt. We get down to the bottom of the fish bowl to clean it and is it ever yucky and all that yuck has to come out like a fat boil purging its toxic infected load of pus. Disgusting enough for you? Well that is the situation.

So are people frightened by all this massive change? You betcha. People don’t want to look at the corruption that has become our way of life. They are reluctant to see the horrible blowback of the way our economy works, its massive destructiveness to the environment and to our very happiness. They don’t want to connect the dots between drug addiction, alcoholism, and cancer to how we are living our lives. Now there is no more avoiding it. Consumerism is not sustainable as it has been defined, our structures, our organizations, our policies are all failing, are massively corrupt, and completely unsustainable. They are in their death knell. It’s ugly but necessary. The health care system is a complete mess, dominated once again by very immature souls. That will pass.

This will be a time of people expressing outrage from many points of view. That will also pass. Hate will give way to more understanding as people learn to become more responsible for themselves and for the society. Hate will have no place because it is based on a lie. Anger goes away when people see it is a fear response and based on disappointment. Blaming and judging will give way to rolling sleeves up and hammering out new systems that make sense in new times. Fear will drop as people see new ways working effectively. The massive waves of high frequency and love bathing the planet will become obvious to all and it will inform peoples thoughts and actions. I could go on and on here but hopefully you get the idea.

Meanwhile we will have to be patient. Don’t shoot yourself yet. There are plenty of blessings on the way. Choose to be someone who believes so much that you help to make it happen. Many Blessings.



José Stevens

José Stevens PhD is an international lecturer, corporate team builder and organizational coach, consultant and trainer. A psychologist, licensed clinical social worker and author of more than twenty books and numerous articles, he is also co-editor for A Journal of Contemporary Shamanism and a board member of the Society for Shamanic Practitioners. He is the founder, with his wife Lena, of the Power Path School of Shamanism and The Center for Shamanic Education and Exchange, a non-profit organization dedicated to educating youth in indigenous cultures. He has completed a ten-year apprenticeship with a Huichol Maracame in Mexico and has studied with the Shipibos of the Amazon and the Paqos of the Andes for the last thirty years.