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Resonance: Aligning To A New Vibrational Field

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What is this thing we call resonance?  How do we go into resonance and how can we release ourselves from the crazy addiction we humans have of going into resonance with something that does not feel good in the long run. One of the dictionary definitions of resonance is reverberation or echo, meaning that when we are resonant with something we echo it, we agree with it, to the point that we vibrate at the same frequency with it. You could say that we become it, like when we catch the tune and sing along with the melody, join the chorus if you will. So now let’s consider what we choose to vibrate to and the consequences to us for doing so.

In other articles I have described how the quantum field works, how it is filled with everything and nothing and contains literally all vibrations that have been, are now, and can ever be, all possibilities if you will. However the quantum field is reactive and does nothing until an intelligent self-aware being expresses curiosity to know something. This curiosity sparks the imagination that in turn sparks the observer effect that then changes waves into particles or manifestations that can be experienced in real time. Perhaps this is too condensed and needs to be explained a little better so let me introduce an example to illustrate. Let’s take the example of an inventor that is interested in creating a flying machine. Since the Wright brothers were not the only ones to come up with the idea of a flying machine I will not identify any particular inventor here.

While watching birds fly, the inventor suddenly develops curiosity about how they can fly and wonders if these same principles can be used in making an artificial flying machine that can carry human beings. Perhaps the inventor formulates various pictures in their mind trying to imagine various ways this would look or operate. These imaginings stimulate the quantum field that holds in vibrational form, infinite variations of flying machines.  This information is infinitely held in the quantum field in vibrational wave-form. The imaginings of the inventor stimulates the observer effect that changes waves into particles. The particles are then activated in the physical realm to stimulate energy, activate physical activity, form thoughts, and eventually manifest physical forms of experimental flying machines.  With continued curiosity and questions the quantum field continues to issue forth more and more material about further developments until the inventor is able to build an effective flying machine according to their inspiration.

Everything that comes about in physical life comes out of this process. Since the quantum field is neutral and responds only to curiosity, whether conscious or subconsciously, the same process produces a range from what we judge to be the most sublime awesome experiences to the most terrible wars, disasters, and catastrophes. If we imagine breakthroughs, that’s what we get. If we imagine war, that is what we get.

So what has all this to do with resonance? Everything. The vibrational fields we are in the habit of resonating with are what we are most able to bring about from that grand resource, the quantum field. Now at this point one may ask, what is the role of Spirit in all this, if it is all so mechanical? Spirit provides us with the quantum field to use as a tool in order to help us manifest our curiosities into realities. Spirit gives us total freedom to sink or swim, something that is a tremendous gift but what we often interpret as a curse when we don’t want to take responsibility for what we manifest. Either we have freedom to choose or we don’t. We can’t have it both ways. Ultimately there is no use in blaming Spirit for our woes since they are all, ultimately, self created.

If on an essence level we choose to be raised in a culture or a family that promotes martyrdom, then that is what we learn to resonate with. Since the pattern of martyrdom is stored in the quantum field and has everything that has ever been known or experienced as martyrdom from all time, past through future, it is a powerful and potent vibrational field that we are choosing to resonate with. As we resonate with it and strongly believe in it as a reality, we draw experiences of martyrdom to ourselves over an over again. Eventually these experiences will lead to an early death or misery on a grand scale, or perhaps not. Let us say that after a few miserable experiences of martyrdom we begin to imagine that there might be another way. Maybe we have to buck the pressure of our family, culture, or religion to do so, but we express curiosity about the possibility that there could be a much more gratifying life for us without constant victimization. This begins to help us manifest more positive experiences from out of the same quantum field and we are able to leave the vibration of martyrdom behind, go out of resonance with it altogether.

We are constantly choosing fields to resonate with and choosing to ignore other fields that are just as available. This is a bit like choosing radio or TV stations to listen to or watch while not choosing other just as viable ones. We could watch something uplifting or we could tune into a bloody, violent horror show. The television or radio itself does not care what we choose.

We often choose subconsciously because it is just what we are used to and expect from life. For example if we have been subjected to beatings, drug addiction, abandonment, and violence then we may be drawn to more of it like a moth to a flame and of course vice versa. This is the foundation to addiction. Addiction is nothing more than resonating with something with disastrous consequences because we believe at some level that repetition holds a key to redemption. There is some very brief gratification in the process followed by predictable shame and guilt.  This process is so utterly boring and never goes any differently but we are lulled by the parasitical false personality into believing it once again for the ten thousandth time.

Now here is a very important fact that it would be well to remember. You cannot change resonances from the resonance you are operating from. It is just not possible. It is like expecting a death rock piece of music to suddenly sound like a classical piece. It’s not going to happen. In order to change frequencies two things have to happen. You have to be willing to turn off the frequency you are resonating to and at the very same time open up a new frequency that feels higher and better. And you have to continue that process over time until you have made the successful switch.

This understanding is described well in the field of neuroscience. We each have neurological pathways that are strong and weak. A strong belief or experience of something over time builds up a strong neurological pathway in your brain while a random thought or idea may have a very weak neurological pathway. You can change the strength of neurological pathways with time and discipline. It may take months of refocusing but it will work. Neurological pathways are the brain’s evidence that you are resonating with particular beliefs and vibrational fields.

In the same way as the brain exhibits strong and weak physical neurological pathways, humankind has the collective equivalent in what some thinkers like C.G. Jung labeled the collective unconscious. For thousands of years of human history humans have believed in the effectiveness of war to defend themselves and to achieve certain results in nation building and the like. We could say that there is a giant neurological pathway called “All things war” in the collective human brain. You can see the evidence of this in the fact that our culture expresses everything in terms of war, the war on drugs, the war on cancer, alzheimer’s, disease, and so on. Even well meaning people are willing sometimes to be violent in the name of ending war.

Even if not every human believes that war is effective and viable, it is the majority that carry the day. So even if you don’t believe in war and violence as a solution to conflict, you are still subject to the fact that wars go on because most people are resonating to the field of war. Can this change? Of course it can but it takes time and discipline to go out of resonance with war and come into a new resonance with a field of cooperation. Remember you cannot change fields of vibration from within the one you are vibrating with and this goes for an entire species as well. So the world needs to let go of the viability of war while embracing a totally new resonance to replace the old one. This process happens slowly through gradual evolution of soul age and maturity. Fortunately it is happening now and within a hundred years it will be successfully accomplished.

Before ending our discussion of resonance, I would like to just touch on another aspect as it relates to our human bodies. In a healthy person, their body is collectively in resonance with their surroundings and timeframe. That is how bodies were designed to function. If you live in the mountains then your body goes into resonance with the elevation, the plant life there, the oxygen levels, the mineral content of the soil, the wildlife, and a great many variables.  If you suddenly move your body from say the coast to the high mountains it make take a little while to adjust to the altitude. Everybody knows this by experience.

The challenge comes in life because our bodies are not always vibrating collectively to the same time frame and location. This is largely a result of trauma, accidents, and PTSD along with rigid belief systems and the like. If you experience a shock to your body, say a serious fall that hurts your lower back, this part of your body may get stuck in time and not progress with the rest of your body. Due to a shock pattern the lower back then still resonates with the time of the accident while the rest of the body moves on. Likewise, the lower back also may be resonating to the location of the accident and not the current location of the rest of the body. If you have a number of traumas then various organs and body parts may be resonating to different time frames and locations producing confusion for the personality. You may not know who you are any more or where you are. This can lead to many symptoms such as brain fog, feeling spaced out, feeling out of whack, not yourself, and the like. It is as if different parts of the body and thus the personality are resonating to different frequencies or fields of experience. This would be tantamount to listening to a variety of radio stations playing entirely different types of music all at the same time. That would be confusing and discombobulating and may cause you to want to quit and just go to bed until it stops.

Many indigenous cultures identified this problem and created healing ceremonies and strategies to bring the body parts up to present time. One method to name one of many, is the process of soul retrieval. Despite what you may have heard, this process is actually a very simple one, once you know the steps. The harder part is believing it works considering it is not supported by the cartel that is our current medical establishment that wants to control the field of healing to a very narrow definition.  That is another story.

One of the best ways to bring the body into resonance with the present is to simply talk to it and begin a real here and now relationship with it. Tell it you are sorry it has been hurt or is stuck somehow and that you will do everything possible to make it right. Apologize for blaming it and judging it for not measuring up, for not being able to keep up with all your unreasonable demands. Tell it you love it and thank it for the hard work it has done to keep up with all your requirements.  That is a good start to bring the whole collective body back into resonance with all its various parts, with its location, with its current time frame.

Finally consider this. Every vibrational field has higher and lower octaves. You can always move to a higher octave if you have the presence of mind to remember this and command it. For example your body has habits and is probably in the habit of vibrating to certain fields of operation, of health, of well-being. Your personality operates the same way. If you are in the doldrums there is a way you can get unstuck very rapidly.

Now higher octaves of vibration are not really the same field. They are a similar but different field.  Let us say you are feeling discouraged upon waking up in the morning. You are not starting the day off right. There is something you can do. You can take charge. Thank Spirit for your life. Realize that you are not the physical content of your body, your thoughts, your feelings, or even your personality. You are actually the context, the space in which your life is happening. That space is vast, infinite in size, within you and all around you. Realize that this space is totally neutral. There is no real personality with your name on it. It is just a story, a fiction. You are infinite possibility. Begin to resonate to this new field, infinite possibility. Call it up. Tell the old field it has no power over you any more and let it go. For five minutes contemplate what it means to be infinite possibility. Then slowly, very sloooowwwwwlly, with your hand on your heart say quietly, I am here, I am here, I am here. I can, I can, I can.

Many Blessings, Jose











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