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Understanding Neo Nazis, White Supremacists, Racists, and Misogynists (a nontraditional view)

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As long as there are a significant number of young souls on this planet there will be those who identify with Neo Nazis, Racists, Nationalistic, and White Supremacist ideals. Those of course are just local names for any ideology that espouses the supremacy of one race over others, a special bloodline, or hierarchy among people based on genetics, race, gender, religion, or nationality. At various times in history just about all religions have been involved in such foolishness and illusion, as well as countless nationalists who truly believed that they were or are superior to their neighbors in all ways. This has to include gender as well including all cultures where males were considered superior to their female counterparts. Any and all of these beliefs represent an archaic set of opinions, prejudices, perspectives, and yes values, that have led to divisiveness, conflict, and suffering.

We all know that such divisiveness lurks in every society and every once in a while it surges like a fire to become the dominant paradigm. However it is important to look more closely at the dynamics of racism and all that goes with it to understand that it is not all the same thing. We should not assume that all who espouse these attitudes are cut from the same cloth.

What I would like for you to notice in reading this article is that there is a difference in style, even amongst the ranks of the bigoted and misogynistic. In other words all bigots are not of the same stripe nor are they of the same soul age. First of all there are those who adhere to the old ways, the traditions, the way it always was, ways that gave them a sense of safety or ways whose memory gives them comfort. This is a simplistic group who simply say, “These are not my people. They were not my ancestor’s people, my grandmother’s people, or the people of my tribe.  We never had to put up with them in the past and we should not have to now. They are clearly barbarian in their ways, they smell funny, and they are lower on the chain of sophistication.” In other words no matter what they say or how they dress they are really savages, not quite human. “They are stupid, low IQ, low rent beings that don’t deserve to be treated with respect. They don’t know their place and we have to set them straight. We can abide them if they live across the tracks, occupy lower rent places, and do service work for us, but that is all. If they don’t comply they must be punished or eliminated.”

Notice as well that these are all responses of very young souls, toddler souls, who are easily confused, cannot adapt, find change difficult, and want to feel safe and secure in the traditional ways that have always been followed. They seek security in looking around and seeing people like themselves all around them. “Anybody that doesn’t look like us doesn’t belong.” Observe also that they are interested in punishment, in punishing transgressors who have dared to upset the apple cart, called into question the rules of society. The rebels and reformers must be punished, whipped, hung, beaten, made to wear physical or social chains and if that isn’t enough to teach them then we just resort to extermination.

It is best never to try to argue with these people because they will not make logical sense. Their logic goes around in circles and is clearly completely governed by their emotions and their insecurity. Should you point out inconsistencies in their remarks or beliefs they will appear confused and if you press they will grow belligerent. This has nothing to do with education or IQ by the way. They might be a medical doctor, CEO, Lawyer, or other professional but they will still behave this way.

The second type of bigoted person we are discussing here is more sophisticated. They still may use racial name-calling or put downs but they are more aligned with whomever they consider to be successful. If males are more successful, if white folks are more successful, Christians, Moslems, Asians and so on are considered more successful then that is whom they will align with and they will slam down the ones lower on the pecking order, usually immigrants, women, and people of color. Their favorite way to disenfranchise these perceived weaker ones is to impugn their intelligence, call them criminals, losers, from shit hole countries and the like. They will actually tolerate upwardly mobile examples of the people they are prejudiced against even fraternizing with them but if their color, gender, religion, or behavior becomes a problem they will throw them under the bus even after years of familiarity.

If media or others label them racist they will point to the few examples amongst their friends, exceptions to the rule, and completely deny they are prejudiced in any way. These people are much harder to single out because so many people believe them when they say they are completely fair and tolerant. No one likes to take down a very successful business person who makes an enormous amount of money especially if they are perceived to be on their side or have their interests in mind, and the alternative could be horrible, making them their enemy.

This latter group is the one usually in charge. The first group, the toddlers are not usually in charge except for being local authorities that carry out the wishes of the second group.

There is a third group I will say very little about. These are people who have been brought up surrounded by highly racist, nationalistic, misogynistic families, and subcultures. They may carry prejudices that cause them to say things that are completely unacceptable to more mature people but in actual practice they will not let the prejudices govern their actions. They are never going to take part in a lynching for example because their other values take over and override any prejudices they have. These are always more mature souls who actually are able to be compassionate and do know at a deeper level that all humans are equal and worthy of respect. When push comes to shove they will align that way even if it goes against their imprinting and conditioning.


In the United States we have a particular historical setup that sets the stage for the current aggressive expression of bigoted attitudes. Many other countries have different backgrounds that contribute to long standing racial and ethnic profiling. Historically the United States has been a slave owning country, the colonies having benefitted from the free labor of slaves since their earliest days. Eventually they divided themselves into southern slave owning states and northern states that outlawed slavery and set slaves free. The United States was also heavily identified with the Christian religion, considered by many to be the superior religion of the world. The country adhered closely to the cultural mores adhered to in the time of its inception regarding the rights of women or rather the non-rights of women and the belief in the inferiority and non-rights of the red skinned indigenous people. All these formed some of the foundation of the present USA. In addition the United States was heavily identified as a capitalistic country where anyone could come and follow the American dream to wealth and prosperity. It was the land of the free for white Christian men as illustrated by the long list of American presidents who were exactly that. This is not to pass judgment on the peoples who founded the USA because at the time they were rather radical in their views compared with other more established countries, mostly monarchies. They were willing to experiment with a brand new system of government. They were just limited in their views of who could participate.

Now we will embark upon a more esoteric understanding of why the country functions the way it does in terms of North and South. In a way that is difficult to explain easily, not all parts of the planet are consistent in terms of gravitation, vibration, electromagnetics, time cycles and so on. There are many anomalies throughout the planet, many of which could be explained better by astrophysicists and some that even they cannot yet explain. The Southern half of the United States goes according to a slower cadence than the Northern half so that the North seems to evolve and progress while the South seems to remain closer to the time frame of the civil war. In the same way but not as pronounced, the East and West coasts have a faster vibration than the heartland of the country. Look where all the innovation happens. In the Southern states traditions are much stronger, belief systems remain the same, the civil war is still being fought while the North has moved on long ago. So it is hard for people in the North to understand the persistence of feelings in the South with regard to the confederacy, the confederate flag, the monuments to Southern civil war generals and so on.

Baby souls traditionally like to incarnate in areas that move slower, where the pace of change is easy to adapt to. Small children require a feeling of stability and safety. They want to feel secure. So they incarnate in droves in the southern states. There are always exceptions of course and some older souls will incarnate there too. For these baby souls it seems that the very fabric of their lives is being threatened by the attempts to reframe the civil war values as racist, backward, and harmful. Their loyalty is to the past, to what the North perceives as a bygone era. They are more loyal to the confederacy than to the union, the perceived enemy.

Now it is interesting that one of their own, a former minor confederate civil war officer has become president and they feel completely represented and justified in maintaining their former positions with regard to slavery, racism, nationalism and so on. Their subconscious belief is that finally they can win the civil war after all since it is still being fought. This completely baffles mature and older souls who wonder why everyone can’t just move on from that old tragic carnage. The current president, while carrying some loyalty to the confederates, is actually more narcissistic and self-serving. Having moved on from that former lifetime during the American civil war to being a latency age young soul king, he takes advantage of their loyalty to him but has no real intention of sharing any power with them. That is the nature of the relationships of latency age siblings to toddlers. They are just cannon fodder in the end but even as they are blasted out the cannon dazed and confused, they refuse to believe that they are being mistreated.

Notice that their champion is more comfortable in New York but does spend some time relaxing in Florida. As an aside he also had a recent lifetime as a deeply conservative imam in Persia, aka Iran. One always becomes what they most resist so he is now an infidel at the head of an infidel country.

This unusual analysis of racism etc. barely scratches the surface of this massive topic and certainly does not lead to any easy solutions, but it does help to cast light on what is occurring in the United States right now. As the ancient saying goes, “This too shall pass,” but not before hard lessons are learned. Just as a reminder let us not give what is going on today undo importance or real credibility. It is all just part of our dance with the illusion that there can be separation. The explanation I just gave is a description not of reality but what passes for reality. It does seem real at times when we feel at the mercy of it but it has no more reality than a horror movie that makes us scream for an hour or two for our entertainment or extreme discomfort. Therefore it cannot last. Racism et al can flirt with power but can never be powerful because it is not aligned with the truth and only the truth prevails.



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