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Upgrading Women and Men #5: The Dynamic of Roles and Soul Age

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This is the fifth article in a series on Upgrading Men and Women.  Click on Articles by Jose Stevens on the menu to the right to see the other four articles.


Most people do not have any knowledge of roles and overleaves and therefore don’t understand how they influence the dynamics between men and women. This is a very complex topic and I certainly can’t give it its due here but I have to bring it up because it plays such a significant part in this discussion. By the same token soul age is extremely influential however it suggests reincarnation and is dismissed by many out of hand so they deny themselves information that can explain a great deal about women and men.

Earlier I mentioned that the roles and the overleaves are the same for women and men but that does not mean they are not highly significant in relationships between men and women. In other articles I have mentioned the dominance of the action roles, warriors and kings, on this planet. There is no doubt that the warriors and kings that make up about 26% of the population are perhaps the most influential when it comes to power held in society. They control the military and police forces, they control the world of business, the world of law, and professional sports. Just this gives them a huge edge on how business gets conducted because in the end, all of these endeavors are involved in business and it is this that runs the world. Warriors and kings are more masculine, action oriented, focused, productive, organized, and the most predatory of all the types of people whether they are men or women. They usually know what they want and go after it. For warriors their positive pole is persuasion and their negative pole is coercion and for kings their positive pole is mastery and the negative pole is tyranny. So you can see that when warriors and kings misbehave around sex, it is not a pretty picture for their victims. These two roles are the most sexually aggressive of all the roles and are the most matter of fact about it. They are also the roles that run most corporations, operations, and organizations so it is not surprising that sex and business are so intertwined nor is it a surprise that dominant males have defined the game between women and men.

While most warriors and kings prefer male lifetimes, when they are female they are fairly realistic about how the game of sex is played. Although any woman can be pressed into slavery and made into a prostitute, it is the warrior and king women that can actually turn it into a profitable endeavor. Warrior women are the ones that are most inclined to say, “Look ladies, this is a man’s world and the sooner you get that the easier it will be for you to navigate. You can beat men at their own game because they are suckers for sex. Make them pay handsomely for it.”

Now bear in mind I am not saying here that all male and female warriors and kings behave like this because there are also soul ages to consider. Some warrior and king women are furious about the state of affairs and are leading the fight for women’s equality. To be crude they would just as soon have males by their balls.

So let us consider soul age because this is what influences how the roles behave. Let’s do a quick repeat review here. There are infant souls who are survival oriented, 5% of the earth’s population right now, Toddler souls who are rule oriented, 20%, child or success oriented souls, 25%, Adolescent or relationship oriented souls, 35%, and older adult souls or philosophically oriented souls, 15% of the population. The 25% child or success oriented souls are the ones who tend to run most things in the world for obvious reasons. They have the emotional maturity level of nine or ten year olds, the huge vitality of a child, and they can be quite smart and wily. Does that explain anything to you about the relationships between men and women? How do nine-year old children deal with boy/girl issues. Ask a nine year old boy what he thinks of girls. He will probably respond with derision, disgust, and a sense of competitiveness.

Many mature or adolescent souls, very talented people, have bosses who are child or young souls. These mature souls are aghast at having to put up with and be confronted with such immature behavior. On the other hand baby souls tend to be very conservative and stick with the status quo. They are the ones who believe that men’s and women’s proper behavior are outlined by fundamentalist religious views and no one should question these ways.  This is why they tend to let the success oriented souls get away with what they do. They don’t complain, just accept the abuse because it was supposedly dictated by the rules of God. They tend to believe that is just their plight so they don’t complain.

Old souls just go their own way. They are experienced enough to avoid most younger souls’ games and even if they get caught in one they just shrug it off and go their own way again. Old souls are rather hedonistic, however, they transcend addictions when they get bored with them. Younger souls usually don’t mess with old souls too much. Somehow they realize they are dealing with someone who is going to outsmart them in the long run.

Success oriented men and women have been playing king of the mountain and for a long time now have successfully managed to keep themselves on the top by following the rule book maintaining that all is fair in love and war. In other words lie, cheat, steal, force, manipulate, rape, ravage, or even kill to stay on top. However that paradigm is changing as we speak and not only are the young souls baffled at the change, they are digging in to preserve a game that has worked very well for them for many, many, centuries. However, it’s over folks. It was a nice run for them while it lasted.

As long as we are on the topic of soul age let us continue with the notion of reincarnation. What does this have to do with the relationship between women and men and the dynamics being played out in the workplace at this time?

When we spiritual beings, little mini me’s or the Great Spirit, decided to play the human game, little did we know in our hubris what we were in for. To play the human game you have to have one of those primate mammal bodies with the opposable thumbs and the fangs.  What were we thinking? Primates or simian bodies are terrifically territorial, and on a scale of one to ten on the scale of aggression simians are a seven. Seven is about as high as you can go on the aggression scale without destroying everything.  We the mini me’s thought it would be interesting to occupy such aggressive simian bodies as an experiment to see if we could tame them. Well what do you think, have we succeeded yet? It is actually amazing we are still here given the odds. So, what is sex like, and what is a relationship like between two highly aggressive simian bodies? Have you ever watched the primates at the zoo or a documentary about a troop of simians? There is endless chasing, screaming, bearing teeth, and general mayhem. That would describe a great deal of our behavior as humans.  That would also describe many of our relationships and sexual activity only perhaps a little subdued since we consider ourselves to be civilized. Our level of civilization allows us to have the compassion to feed someone a last meal before we execute them.

In order to experience all that it is to be human, we insist upon reincarnating over and over into these simian bodies to explore every aspect of life as a human. In order to do this we take male and female lifetimes in every part of this planet.  Most of us have a preference for either female or male lives so we end up taking two thirds of our lives in one or the other sex. Over three or four hundred lifetimes this works out to a fair number of each. No one skips being the other sex. No one skips the major lessons and experiences of being both. If we have chosen to reduce female importance on this planet and demean and debase them then that is what each one of us opts to experience as a female, at least some of the time. This means everyone has been raped and every one has been a rapist at one time or another. Not a pretty thought to be sure but unfortunately true. Of course being a rapist is usually confined to the younger soul lifetimes because older souls know better.

Some of what we witness between men and women is the committing of karma for the first time between two individuals. Some of what we witness is the completion of karma between them. None of us are wise enough to know which it is in every case. To be sure the chickens are coming home to roost in many of the cases appearing in the news. Some men are getting their karmic comeuppance. Some men are getting away with bad behavior because their nemesis got away with it in a prior lifetime. Some men may be falsely accused and this may be karma creation or it may be what they deserved for bad behavior in a different lifetime. Some women are paying a karmic debt and in many cases they are finding out what it is to be victimized through no fault of their own, just for being female. Perhaps they never experienced this before or were unable to relate to this experience before when they were male. In some cases they know full well what the experience is and they opt for it again to learn how to forgive. In other words there are hundreds of lessons to be learned and no two situations are ever the same so who are we to judge people. All we can do is say, “This has gone on for long enough and it is time to stop.” If some people need to complete karma regarding these lessons in future lifetimes they will always find a way. We just need it to stop being a way of life. It needs to be an exception rather than the rule.

Finally there is something that many people find very hard to stomach. Sometimes the people who feel the strongest about something, who are radically opposed or radically for something, are the people who have the most to learn from a situation. In other words a woman who believes that all men should be castrated is most likely someone who was a man in a former life who did terrible things to women. A man who hates women is often one who has been a woman in a former life and did terrible things to men. In a karmic sense people often turn into their opposites and they keep doing this until they find understanding, neutrality, and forgiveness. It is the way we learn and it is very effective in the long run.

If there is anything I truly cannot stand is someone abusing or torturing animals. It is incredulous to me that I once or perhaps many times hurt animals in past lives. As odious as I find this thought it is undoubtedly true because I feel so strongly about it. Once many years ago I had a therapy client admit to me that he tortured cats to death. I am a cat person and love them. I realize that he came to me to help me forgive and have compassion for this most terrible behavior. I don’t know if I helped him but he helped me. I found a way to understand why he did this. He was a tortured soul himself.

So now we have covered a great deal of territory about the dynamics between men and women from a global historical level to a biological and genetic level to social and psychological levels to instinctive levels to past life levels to spiritual levels. Undoubtedly a great deal more remains unexamined. Hopefully as a result of this exploration you have developed some understanding of the whole phenomena and this has led to some compassion and forgiveness and a way of seeing us as all together in this profound learning experience. None of this discussion was designed to justify any of this profoundly bad behavior on the part of we human beings. It has been only for the purpose of helping us understand who we are and the experiments we are involved in that leads us back to our having profound respect for one another. We are all Spirit temporarily forgetting who we really are, and dreaming that we are humans separated into men and women and separated even further by sexual preference and gender confusion.

In closing it is worth noting that both men and women belong to the race of men. The word man comes from the root word “manus” in “Sanskrit” that means thinker or “of the mind.” In other words we define our race by our ability to be self-aware. This refers to both men and women, he’s and s-he’s. We are all men by race however the female men are called wo-men, womb men, ones who can not only think but are equipped to bear children. The fact that the males of the species are called men is somewhat confusing because it leads them into thinking that they are the only ones that are legitimate men. Not so! Without the wo-men the game is over in one generation. The wo-men are the key to everything, the key to species survival, the key to remembering a connection to the earth, the key to nurturing, the key to understanding from the heart, the key to cooperation, the key to peaceful coexistence, the key to spirituality and so on. The race of men is incomplete without equal partnership between men and wo-men. To believe any differently is absolute hubris and ludicrous. How did we ever end up behaving with such ignorance and idiocy? If you have read all these articles then you know how.

Fortunately we have arrived at a time in our violent human history where everything is about to change because we, as a species, are about to take a quantum leap. It is happing as you read this and it will happen fast. Within 100 years there will be changes that make this world unrecognizable. Within 300 years we will have eradicated the entire old paradigm and replaced it with dramatic changes for the better, a new non-violent world where old souls provide the guidelines to world behavior.

Think of it this way. If you lived in a seriously dysfunctional family where the children ran amok and the parents had no authority or control, the world would look like it does today. If you stepped in and began to change the system there would be huge rebellion and outcry from all the children. After awhile, as they began to see that life was improving for everyone in the family, they would begin to quiet down and start getting with the new program. After awhile they would not have it any other way. That is where we are going, the sooner the better.

Many Blessings to all of you on this most sacred of journeys.




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José Stevens

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