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This course is for women who are truly serious about changing their lives and stepping up to the next level. It is a journey of self-discovery and personal empowerment. By choosing to participate you are stepping into a powerful container of support and taking a positive and proactive step to improve your life.

The course consists of 12 sessions of approximately one hour. At the completion of each session you will receive a list of suggested practices to support the lessons of that session. Access to the next session will be prompted by a completion form.

Purchasing this course gives you 12 months of exclusive access to the course material. Please make sure to complete it in within that time, or you will be required to renew it to continue.

If you would like to renew the course following the 12 month period, please contact the webmaster via email at webmaster@thepowerpath.com and they will process your request.

Session 1: Setting the Container Session 2: Debt, Responsibility, Giving and Receiving Session 3: Prosperity Session 4: The Feminine, Creativity, Fertility Session 5: Planets as Allies Session 6: Support, Boundaries, Protection Session 7: Patterns, Completions Session 8: Clearing, Forgiveness, The Masculine Session 9: Energy Leaks, Cording, Intentions Session 10: Power, Rules, Being Seen Session 11: Action, Focus, Right Relationship Session 12: Power, Leadership, Balance

You may make copies of this writing and distribute it in any media you wish, so long as you do not charge for it or alter it in any way. You must credit the author and include this entire copyright notice. While the text may be shared, no audio files, including lectures, music and/or sound meditations, may be posted on any site for any reason without written permission from the Power Path.

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