Profiting From Moving Up to Higher Octaves

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a new article from Jose Stevens

In a past article on resonance I briefly mentioned the notion that fields have higher and lower ranges that we can choose to resonate with. In life we are always presented with options, possibilities, and choices about what we want to be in harmony or accord with. You could say that each field of experience is an octave and that the next higher or lower octave is actually a similar but slightly different field. Now we will delve into how our awareness is divided into octaves and how this allows us choice around what octaves we want to play in. 

First let’s just look at various octaves in life that are quite evident. We see the octave at work in the seven colors of the rainbow, in the octaves in music, and with the seven chakras, the eighth chakra being the first in the next octave. We see it with the seven levels in personality traits or ‘overleaves’, with the seven soul stages and the seven levels of maturity in each one, and on and on. 

In order to understand octaves better, let’s begin with some examples of personality traits that some people have. These traits may be ones you exhibit in your own personality or perhaps not. Yet even if you don’t have them yourself you have certainly seen them in action in your friends, colleagues, family members, or in famous people so you can relate to all of them.

Let’s begin with the trait of dominance that some people have as a main theme in their personality. Many heads of state, prime minsters, and presidents manifest it so it is easy to think of examples. Dominance may be played out across a considerable range of activity like for example dominance in athletics Like LeBron James in basketball, in comedy such as Jimmy Kimmel, in acting such as Cate Blanchett, dominance in music like Taylor Swift, dominance in business like Jeff Bezos of Amazon, dominance in politics such as Donald Trump and so on. Clearly, as you can see they don’t all handle dominance similarly and this of course has to do with their value sets and this is related to their soul stages and levels already mentioned above.

Dominance has a range that moves between dictatorship in the negative pole and leadership in the positive pole. Dictatorship is the lower vibration and does not bring joy or happiness to those subject to the decrees of the dictator. It also does not bring satisfaction to other heads of state that must deal with the dictator. Dictatorship is of course issuing commands that do not take into consideration the best interests of the people but rather only the interests of a small few loyalists and the desire for the dictator to perpetuate their own power. 

Leadership is the higher vibration in this continuum and leads to greater overall best interests of the subjects and greater cooperation with other leaders. One leads to suffering and destructiveness while the other to greater satisfaction and productivity.. 

Let’s take soul age as another example. There are seven soul stages and seven levels to each stage. Each of those seven levels in turn is divided into seven further levels apiece resulting in many octaves of behavior. Therefore there are many steps to mastery in the evolutionary advancement of a soul to ultimate awakening.

The levels repeat themselves again at the next stage up. So for example the first level of a stage is service and after the seventh level the first level of the next stage is again service but on a higher level than before. This is the way octaves work. The levels are a field and the next octave of the levels up is a new field, so it means operating at a more sophisticated level. A young soul doing service is different from a mature soul doing service and so on. The seventh level is a leadership level so this is often where you find people with dominance. A seventh level toddler soul will be dominant in a more primitive way than say a seventh level mature soul doing dominance. That is, they are more likely to exhibit dictatorship like a drug lord than the leadership of the mature soul exhibited in social action or reform like a Martin Luther King.

Observation mode is another example. One person may use their powers of observation to detect the weakness in another person to assess whether to mug them or not. Another person may use observation to detect chords that might be out of tune on a guitar or piano. Yet another person like the psychic surgeons I have witnessed may use their observation abilities to see cancerous growths or other toxins in someone’s body allowing rapid removal. 

In personality traits it is true that higher octaves lead to higher levels of functioning but this is not always true for other sets of octaves. You could not say the same for octaves in music. A lower octave is just as valid as a higher octave but it will simply produce a different result in the listener. Higher notes often go along with higher inspiration but we could not say a high note is better than a low note. The low notes have their validity too and the music would not be the same without the contributions of varying octaves. 

If we are talking about the continuum from violence to peace then the higher octaves are definitely more desirable for human beings yet if we are talking about the levels of intensity of an earthquake then a higher intensity earthquake is only worse when considering damage to human life and property. Otherwise it is just different but not bad. 

So, in nature, octaves all have equal validity but for human beings, higher octaves reflect evolution. 

Every system of the body has higher and lower vibratory levels including all the organs. Let’s take some examples beginning with the endocrine system. The endocrine glands vibrate at lower or higher levels and depending on what their vibratory levels are the hormones they produce are either more or less physical. Now bear in mind that medical science does not agree at this time that there are higher levels of functioning or higher vibratory levels to the endocrine system. For them there is only one hormonal output of the glands. Yet for people with special abilities like for example psychics or people who walk on hot coals and do not get burned, there are definitely higher and lower levels to hormones. 

Some people see colors and textures with their eyes that others do not. These are usually artists but some other people are clairvoyant and can see things that others do not yet they are not psychotic by any means. They have access to higher octaves of hormones and other body chemistry than most. I myself am more clairaudient and often am given information by my allies, helping spirits, and or higher self.  These come more in the form of thoughts than audible sounds. They are simply a higher range that many other people do not hear but I can sometimes hear for them, and can let them know what was said. I am not fundamentally different from others but I do access a different range than most. They tell me that this became possible because for the most part I use the ability for service to others. So, this tells us that the right motivation is the key to accessing higher octaves in the body. In shamanic circles, people who start out with pure motivations and have access to higher octaves can lose them should they become corrupted by power or greed.  

Hopefully this gives some insight into the nature of our physical reality. 

Everything is divided into octaves and the higher octaves can be accessed with experience, knowledge, and discipline. When we evolve we rise to higher octaves. The higher octaves are not necessarily validated by people who have not experienced them. They tend to label them as delusional or psychotic. Yet they are the key to our evolution and eventually everyone will exhibit them sooner or later. In the coming years many millions of people will discover access to them and the world will change as a result. Bring it on.  

You may make copies of this writing and distribute it in any media you wish, so long as you do not charge for it or alter it in any way. You must credit the author and include this entire copyright notice. While the text may be shared, no audio files, including lectures, music and/or sound meditations, may be posted on any site for any reason without written permission from the Power Path.

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