Full Moon Update 4-7-20

Full Moon in Libra is Tuesday April 7th at 8:34PM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT)

This Full Moon is a good time to really appreciate what you have. This includes physical environment, friendships, loved ones, resources available to you, the freedoms you experience, your talents, your creativity, your wisdom and all of your experiences that no one can ever take away from you.

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New Moon Update 3-24-20

New Moon in Aries is Tuesday, March 24, at 3:28AM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT). This moon can be honored on Monday night as it is so close to midnight. There may be a tendency towards meanness, short tempers, judgment, self-centeredness, feeling victimized, blame and criticism. Lets not go there. Instead…

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Full Moon Update 3-9-20

The Full Moon in Virgo is Monday, March 9 at 11:47 AM MDT Mountain Daylight Time (MDT).

This is a practical moon good for supporting discrimination and discernment. Spend some time taking an inventory of your resources. Identify the ones that are not really resources, the ones that are already spent, the ones that need to be acknowledged and used, and the ones that are not yet in your field. Rather than coming from a place of fear and obsession, an attitude of positivity and gratitude will help you make better use of this moon.

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New Moon Update 2-23-20

Dear Friends, New Moon in Pisces is Sunday, February 23 at 8:32 AM Mountain Standard Time (MST). This new moon has the potential to scour out old fears, regrets, disappointments, anger, feelings of betrayal and loss, shame and other emotional debris. Don’t wallow in them.  These emotions are up because…

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Full Moon Update 2-9-20

Dear Friends, Full Moon in Leo is Sunday, February 9 at 12:33 AM Mountain Standard Time (MST). In some time zones this will be late evening/night on Saturday February 8 and in some time zones later the morning of the 9th. Certainly, this Full Moon should be honored the night…

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