Anna And The King

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1999 – Jody Foster / Chow-Yun Fat: This lavish and lovely film retells the true story of a proper English schoolteacher who travels to Siam to tutor the King’s son and ends up powerfully influencing the king and falling in love with him.

Scholar actress Jodie Foster is great as the mature soul tutor who keeps her agreement with her mature soul task companion, the King of Siam, played by king actor Chow-Yun Fat. What makes this film so interesting and convincing is that the main characters are in fact the roles they play. The teacher also keeps her agreement to be in the support and mentor position for the king’s eldest son who eventually becomes king himself and initiates massive reforms such as eliminating slavery. Although panned by reviewers in discrimination, it is worth seeing for the interesting depiction of the two roles portrayed.

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