Cooler, The

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2003 – William H. Macy / Maria Bello: An interesting film about a sad sack server (played well by William Macy who is a server).

He is bound in servitude to the head of a Las Vegas casino, a thug king played well by Alec Baldwin (actually an artisan). The cooler’s luck is so bad that he has been hired to ruin the luck of winning gamblers simply by touching them or standing next to them, all this to pay off past gambling debts. The premise of the film is in fact possible. Studies in muscle testing show that negativity can transfer from one person to the other simply through touch. His luck turns when he finds love. This creates complexity for him in his work as everyone begins to win when he is around. In the end, he teaches the thug king a little compassion and completes his agreement with him. His girlfriend, a task companion, teaches him that he can overcome his dragon of self-deprecation, so everyone wins something.

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