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In the tradition of the Matrix trilogy, Inception takes on the question of “What is Reality?” This is an incredibly complex dream within a dream within a dream theme that is surprisingly coherent and detailed for such an endeavor. Leonardo De Caprio plays a dream thief of the future, an expert who steals ideas from other people’s subconscious by hacking into their dreams. Now he is asked to plant an idea in business mogul’s subconscious mind through a dreamscape that becomes increasingly complex and requires a whole team to perform. Complicating matters is Leonard’s past and his own out of control subconscious that warps into the planned dreamscapes.

What makes this film interesting is it’s treatment of the subconscious mind and the strategies the team has to develop to outsmart it and avoid the security measures and projections coming from the subjects own subconscious.

Don’t go to see this film if you are sleepy or needing a rest. You need to be mentally sharp to follow its twists and turns and if you do see it like this you will be entertained and intrigued. The film is an artisan’s dream and a scholar’s nightmare but that can be fun too if its just on screen. Here you can get a glimpse at what some artisans may be doing in the future. The cast by the way, including Michael Caine, Ellen Page, Marion Cotillard, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt (all artisans), is terrific together.

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