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Perceiving COVID-19 as an Ally

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In the shamanic perspective each person accumulates allies along the path of their life. Some of these allies are other human beings that show up throughout your life to help you in times of need. Some of them offer limited help like giving you directions when you are lost or giving you some vital information just when you need it to solve some challenge or problem. Other allies show up in a bigger way such as perhaps a healer that you go to repeatedly to help you overcome a life-threatening disease or condition. In addition to living human allies, we have invisible guides and helpers that may help us from the other side by nudging us to take the path of integrity or warn us not to get on a plane that is going to crash. These helpers may be old friends or relatives that have passed on who watch over us. Some of them may be powerful teachers and avatars who have looked after us for lifetimes. Then there are the plant, animal, and mineral allies who support us, protect us, and heal us when we are in need. Finally, there are allies related to special power places like springs, mountains, forests, or a river that we have a special relationship with and allies that are related to the elements like lightening, thunder, wind, water, earth, and fire.

All of these allies come with their special medicine to heal us and help us through difficult times. The human species may have allies as well, just as communities of people, tribes, families, organizations may have their allies. In the world of shamanism some of the best allies are the most dangerous to humans. Some people have scorpions as allies or grizzly bears, or even cobras and the like. In ancient times a person who survived a near mortal attack by such an animal were considered to have this animal from then on as a helping spirit. The more dangerous the ally the more powerful it was considered to be. Those fortunate enough to have tobacco as their ally have one of the most powerful allies available in the plant kingdom because it has snuffed out the lives of so many due to abuse. An ally is deadly if abused but if harnessed it can be an awesome helper and this requires having respect for it and using it properly. One must approach it and treat it honorably.

In light of all this help we have been given, is it too much to contemplate the coronavirus as a powerful ally for humans at this critical time in our evolution? Consider that it has come along as a kind of disrupter, stopping us in our tracks to reconsider our habits, our patterns, our beliefs, our focus as humans. Perhaps everything needs a fresh look, time out so to speak. Yes, it does come with its’ inconveniences and its’ way of upsetting our need for security. Yes, some will die but then 50,000 people a year die from taking aspirin and no one blinks an eye. This is not a huge population reducer, it is just another thing that provides people an exit from the planet and there are many, many other ways as well. So, killing people is not what it is really about. It is about getting us to reevaluate our lives, reconsidering our goals, our government, our way of doing business, our economies, our health care system, our educational system, our military, our relationship with the planet, climate change, our use of resources and what we do with them and on and on.  Wow, what a powerful ally it is; Just in time.

The standard shamanic protocol for interacting with an ally is the following:

1.    You can show it some respect by bringing it an offering for good will. A flower, some corn flour, some chemical free tobacco, some fruit are all good. You can simply place these under a tree or outside in a private place with the intent that is for Corvid 19. Once you place it you let go of it, so if birds or insects eat the fruit or the flour so be it.
2.    You need to make its acquaintance by saying hello and talking to it in a friendly respectful way.  “Hello coronavirus. I know you are a part of nature just doing your job. I would like to know more about you and learn more about your purpose and your nature. Whatever you would like to share with me I would appreciate. Etc. Thank you for your service.”
3.    Listen for a while and see, sense, or feel its’ presence. You may get nothing at all or you may right away get certain thoughts in your head as if it were speaking with you. You might think you are making this up but relax your skepticism and control and just accept whatever happens.
4.    Tell it you would like to establish communication with it and that you will make time to visit again. You might look online at images of what it looks like and print out a copy of its molecular structure just so you have some concrete form to work off of but keep in mind that the spirit presence of an ally and its physical form may look quite different.
5.    Make time to visit with it at regular intervals.

In the event that you cannot make contact with the Corvid 19 ally, then you can always ask one of your tried and true allies to contact it on your behalf. Then you can ask your more regular ally what it found out. Remember that shamanism is both pragmatic and creative. If you can’t solve a problem one way there is always another way and this is what makes the shamanic path so powerful.

In my own attempts to communicate with Corvid 19 I received the verifying message that part of its mission is to help us process the grief built up over many generations of humans warring, attacking, hurting, and betraying one another; that this was masculine grief but carried by both males and females through ancestral patterns in genes and in stored emotional content through generations and that it is time to dump all this so that we can move on in mass toward our destiny as fully awakened beings. This is why the lungs are so affected by pneumonia because they are a storehouse for unprocessed grief.  You may receive different information in your own attempts to communicate with it and it is well worth being proactive in this way over being a passive recipient of its impact.

Remember that in the end allies are not other, they are part of us and we are part of them, all given life by Spirit for the only dance there is. We can regard them as the enemy and be afraid of them to our detriment or we can see them as Spirit meant them to be, good medicines to be used well.

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José Stevens

José Luis Stevens, PhD is the president and co-founder (with wife Lena) of Power Path Seminars, an international school and consulting firm dedicated to the study and application of shamanism and indigenous wisdom to business and everyday life. José completed a ten-year apprenticeship with a Huichol (Wixarika) Maracame (Huichol shaman) in the Sierras of Central Mexico. In addition, he is studying with Shipibo shamans in the Peruvian Amazon and with Paqos (shamans) in the Andes in Peru. In 1983 he completed his doctoral dissertation at the California Institute of Integral Studies focusing on the interface between shamanism and western psychological counseling. Since then, he has studied cross-cultural shamanism around the world to distill the core elements of shamanic healing and practice. He is the author of twenty books and numerous articles including Encounters With Power, Awaken The Inner Shaman, The Power Path, Secrets of Shamanism, Transforming Your Dragons and How To Pray The Shaman's Way.