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Youthing or Aging. Is one better than another?

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Must we get old and decrepit? Is getting old and grey honorable or is it just a drag? Is youth all its cracked up to be? Where are we headed?

Clearly we, in the USA, live in a youth obsessed culture and this is in large part due to the heavy concentration of young souls in this part of the world. Young souls, also known as success-oriented souls, are those whose soul age reflects a biological age from 6 to 11 years. Children in this age group tend to be outwardly mobile, interested in everything external, impressed by what they can do and by what others can do. They strive for achievement, whether it is to run fastest, be coolest, or be one up among their peers.  They seek to impress and are likewise impressed by things that appear shiny, powerful, and attractive for their status giving ability. Children of these ages tend to love military equipment, sporting equipment, winning sports teams, impressive cars and trucks, fashion, space travel, electronics, and gadgets that flash and make noise. They like games of competition and love nothing better than to smash the opposing team with a decisive victory.

Similarly, young souls are attracted to owning grown up versions of these things and enjoy more sophisticated versions of smashing the opposition and acquiring all the symbols of power and status. Young souls are most comfortable when they are young in body and appearance, mostly late teens and early twenties. By the time a young soul is in their thirties they are already thinking of themselves as over the hill so they do everything they can to appear as young as possible. They are willing to do anything to stay competitive in both the marriage and business market places including severely compromising the health of their bodies through surgery, liposuction, botoxing, teeth capping and whitening, hair implants, extreme makeovers, and crash diets.

To older souls their antics and extreme methods to stay looking young appear absurd, humorous, entertaining, or tragic as the case may be.  Older souls feel more comfortable when their bodies reflect their older soul age, perhaps, late forties, fifties, and even older. Observing this it would seem that perhaps there is something of value, something good about getting older. Many indigenous cultures honor their elders and hold them in high esteem when their hair goes grey or falls out, their skin wrinkles, and they have to move about with a cane or stick to support them. This is all very honorable and respectful because by doing this they are saying that experience and the wisdom that comes with age (if it does) is valuable and in fact it is. Yet this is a rather concrete and limited way to look at what age has to offer. If your body looks like a beat up wreck then you have something to offer the world? Perhaps this is not so true as it may seem at the risk of sounding quite sacrilegious.  Why and how could this possibly be accurate?

Throughout the literature of different spiritual traditions there are many examples of another point of view. When people have seen visions of Saints, great Masters, and angels they always report a vital, beautiful being glowing with light, someone who looks to be in their thirties or forties or thereabouts. They do not usually report seeing a decrepit person stumbling along with a cane. They do not report a being in a wheelchair, on a stretcher, or appearing to be ninety years old. On the contrary, they are at the peak of vitality, able bodied, and youthful. Ancient Taoists and shamans the world over extol the virtues of spiritual practices leading to longevity and youthfulness. There are many tales from the Far East describing people hundreds of years old who appear to be in the peak of their youth. Babaji, Jesus, the Madonna, Rama, Krishna, Sita, and the Buddha all show up as young, vibrant, and beautiful.

So what is the deal here? Are the young souls right about worshipping youth and the old souls and indigenous cultures wrong?  Well, no actually. But there certainly is some clarification needed here because otherwise the whole thing can be quite confusing. The truth is that young souls and older souls and indigenous cultures are actually all rather confused. Let us say that the heart is right and the head is wrong with regard to all this.

For a very long time on this planet people have believed in aging and eventual death as inevitable. Even old souls believe this for the most part. Yet over and over the Spiritual Masters have stated flatly that there is no death. People have interpreted this to mean that there is no death to the soul but of course everybody knows this does not apply to the body. The body gets old and we cast it off like old worn out clothes. Isn’t that right? After all, have you seen a 600-year-old person walking around lately? Probably not. But in India they see them all the time because that is what they believe there. Spiritual teachings tell us that what we don’t believe is possible we don’t see. Yet we don’t pay close attention nor do we contemplate the meaning of this powerful wisdom. We are always interpreting truth according to what we believe is so, even the teachings of the great masters, as if we know better. So older souls blithely go on feeling more comfortable in aged bodies because symbolically this acknowledges that they are older and wiser than their younger soul brethren. Meanwhile younger souls value youth because of the symbolic appearance of it and not because they understand that the body does not really have to age. In fact all their efforts to preserve the appearance of youth proves the point that they believe in and are terrified of getting old, decrepit, and dying.

Currently on this planet we are achieving the ability to scientifically control age and in a short time people will be able to live much longer with less disease and greater ability to heal the body with genetic manipulation. This will allow millions of people to change their attitudes about what is possible for the human body and this will be most helpful in dethroning old age and death as the inevitable result of passing years. On the other hand this will not actually change everything because people will still believe that they are dependent on science to live longer and those without means will believe they must age and die because they won’t have access to the scientific advancements of the day. Nevertheless, little by little people will discover that they can live much longer than formerly thought and eventually they will realize that since the body is a construct, a fabrication of the mind, they need not die at all. They can simply leave the planet when they feel ready.

What is the body?

One description of the physical body is that it is an indescribably complex self-regulating organism designed for use in the dreamscape that is the physical plane. Another description would say that the body consists of billions of points of light organized and structured and perceived by the fiction of the five senses to be a body. Whatever the definition, the physical plane requires physical vehicles to navigate within it so there are millions of types of vehicles to house Spirit in this environment. We can call these vehicles elementals, bodies with varying levels of instinctive intelligence designed to receive commands from more complex systems. Therefore all animals are elementals whether they are insect, reptile, fish, or mammal as are plants, cloud formations, gems and minerals, oceans, lakes and forests to name just some of them. All gladly do the work of Spirit unless hijacked by the false personality. This is, of course, true of the human body as well. Each person consists of an essence or Spirit manifesting through an elemental mammal body. The body follows the commands of essence or the commands of the false personality via language. Depending on whom it is listening to, it is either in a perfect state of harmony and health or experiencing various states of disharmony, disease, and oxidation, otherwise known as aging.

The latest scientific research points to the fact that DNA responds to spoken language because its own language is structured exactly like spoken languages. Because of this finding, there is speculation that DNA is the source of all world languages. Basically this discovery validates why affirmations, prayers, and commands work so well on the body. The truth is that all elementals, whether they are human bodies, other animals, plants, or other types of bodies, respond to commands. Shamans and other kinds of healers have known this for eons and have made very effective use of this. Jesus is probably the most famous historical figure for commanding the elementals to do his bidding. 

What is aging leading to death?

Aging happens to the body according to belief and the resulting commands that the person gives their body subconsciously or consciously. When the body believes it must age it shuts down cellular rejuvenation. The process that allows cells to be replaced endlessly is stopped and when cells die they are not replaced at a sustainable level. The body allows itself to oxidize and create scar tissue to fill in where healthy vibrant cells were lost. Eventually the body succumbs to inflammation, scar tissue, and some convenient virus or malady that finishes it off. At any time along the way the body is capable of quickly and completely healing itself, even of serious malformations, injuries, cancers, and diseases. This happens by issuing counter commands of a much higher frequency than the negative commands it had been listening to. Given unshakeable belief, direct command, and the high frequency vibration of love, the body is capable of reversing itself and becoming younger in every way.

This actually raises a valid question. Why would someone choose to keep the same body forever? Well you might not want to keep it forever and you might like to reinvent it. So why do you have to make it decrepit to turn it in? You may choose any body you like and why not keep the one you are locally using healthy and vibrant at all times. This would be in keeping with the perfection of the Tao. At some point you will no longer have use for a body and then the whole issue is moot anyway.

When younger souls realize they can live longer without aging they will take some of their attention points (worry and consideration) away from the body and this will help them advance or mature more quickly. When older souls no longer have to show up symbolically as older they can also take attention points away from an aging body and they can advance faster as well. The less identification a person has with the body the better because that is where the false personality has the greatest possibility of gaining control. The body is just a vehicle and just like our cars it should be well maintained for optimal performance.  An older car can be like a smoky wreck, barely crabbing down the road, or it can be a beautiful vintage car that performs like new.

Even though the body is just a vehicle in this dreamscape we call reality, it has hidden or latent potentials that can and should be activated for highest performance. All that so called junk DNA is actually DNA with yet undiscovered potential properties. This DNA awaits triggering via cosmic rays that are constantly bombarding our environment from the Sun and deep Space. With the proper training and preparation the body attracts activation from cosmic particles and arranged collisions take place at a subatomic level. The triggered DNA then eventually impacts the endocrine system that releases unusual or heretofore unknown hormones allowing the body to perform all kinds of supernatural feats, feats that are actually within the potentiality of the body. Before the human race is ready to get rid of their bodies they will first actualize much greater potential within them, helping them bridge or graduate to letting bodies go altogether.

What are some these capabilities?

The human body is capable of glowing with its own light as well as creating its own warmth even in cold conditions. Masters are known for glowing halos, lighting up rooms, and being able to travel lightly in freezing weather. The body is capable of creating a field around it, protecting it from the elements and from unpleasant intrusions such as insects and attacking people or animals. The body is capable of rising in frequency to such a degree that it can bilocate or move through other solid materials such as walls or ceilings. Masters come and go unconventionally. The body can absorb all its nutrients from the sun, the air, or other environmental objects. It can go without food for long periods of time or be fully nourished on a very small amount of food. The body is also capable of producing things out of what seems like thin air. It can take care of all its needs very simply. The body is also capable of healing itself almost instantaneously and righting abnormalities of the most severe kind.  It can re-grow limbs, teeth, and hair. Shamans and mystics have always spoken of these abilities and there are reports from every continent and race regarding them including scientific ones. The truth is if one body can do it, they all can do it. As soon as there is enough agreement among the masses that these things are possible many more people will be experiencing these kinds of phenomena.

Remember, the dream of reality is all by agreement. Many of our agreements as a human race are archaic and extremely limiting. But lest you kill yourself by trying to fly off a bridge as one woman did recently trying to be like Don Juan, try walking on water first. At least if you sink you can always swim to shore.

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