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Chela is an Advanced Shamanic Practitioner trained through The Power Path. She has completed the Power Path One Year program, levels 1 and 2 practitioner trainings as well as the Advanced Shamanic Practitioner Training and the Power Path practitioner’s specialized training on providing ceremonial, ritual, celebration and transition events for important events and life transitions including endings, beginnings, birth, death, coming of age, major life changes, marriages, separations and more. Her Shamanic work is inspired by working directly with (and in the lineage of) the Shipibo in Peru and the Wixarika (Huichol) of Mexico.

Chela specializes in supporting clients to clear and release stuck energies and patterns holding them back from reaching their full health and potential. She taps into her intuitive abilities, the spirit realm of animals, crystals and plant allies for guidance, support and messages throughout the healing. Other tools of healing used are song (icaros), sacred tobacco, feathers, Agua de Florida, Shipibo massage and other shamanic modalities.

Chela is available for in-person and remote shamanic healing sessions as well as in-person house and land clearing and blessings.

Please email for more information and to schedule a session.

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