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  • Group Healing with Lena Stevens 1-16-18


    Join Lena Stevens for a Group Remote Shamanic Healing Session Tuesday, January 16th at 7PM Mountain Standard Time. The New Moon is exactly at 7:18 PM MST on that day so this will be a healing session working with New Moon energy and taking advantage of the opportunity for a reset that the New Moon always provides. The session will include work with clearing, grounding and balance through Lena’s healing icaros.
    It's a powerful way to honor this New Moon, reset and ground.

    The healing session is 1/2 hour. Cost is just $10.

    Tuesday, January 16th at 7PM Mountain Standard Time

    The webinar will only be available live at the time.  It will not be recorded.  However, if you miss the webinar, all registrants will receive the healing energetically regardless if you attend the webinar or not. Please remember to register at least 1 hour prior to the session in order to insure you receive the links and log on information. There will be a call in option so you need not be connected to a computer.

    Once you have paid for the session, you will get an email with the registration link for the webinar.

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  • Trends 2018 Icon

    Trends 2018 Video


    In their most popular talk of the year, Jose and Lena Stevens look at personality, major themes, creative opportunities, obstacles and challenges, and how you can take advantage of the influences and realize your maximum potential in 2018.  A practical alternative to the more traditional astrological horoscope. Although not a formal prediction, Trends 2018 will give you the tools you need to understand what's coming. $29

    This product includes a video recording of the talk and an accompanying chart

    The video will be available for 6 months

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  • The Power Path to Breaking Free from Cultural and Family Patterns


    This online course will shine a light on family storylines, subcultural patterns, identifications, and the hidden programing that blocks essence expression. These patterns and programs are the product of the parasitical collective ego that leads us away from our life task work, success, fulfillment and satisfaction.  This is called the Family Icon.

    This false personality does it’s work in the dark and flees when light is cast upon it. Observation, recognition and neutrality are the greatest tools to erase these non-resonant programs. Let’s look, know, and cast out the terror tactics of the ego through identifying what your family icon is and how to extricate yourself from it.
    This is powerful information and it’s always a great time to reset patterns to get yourself on a new trajectory of authentic self-expression.

    We are happy to share this exciting and inspiring course with you and many of the practical techniques that have worked for us over the years!

    This course consists of one, approximately 2 hour video presentation recorded from our live webinar in Summer of 2017 which includes teachings, and guided visualizations followed by supportive practices.

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  • New Course – Shamanic Clearing of Self, Stuff and Space


    A very timely Webinar with Lena Stevens

    This timely recording of the original webinar by Lena Stevens from April 18th is 1 hour long and includes some very helpful information and exercises for decluttering and clearing your self, stuff and space.

    COST: $19.95

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  • New – The Power Path to Prosperity Online Course


    With Jose & Lena Stevens and Anna Stevens Harrington

    A self-directed series of online Sessions recorded from our popular webinar previously titled “Living Abundantly” with Jose & Lena Stevens and Anna Stevens Harrington.

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  • Women’s Shamanic Coaching Online Course


    With Lena Stevens and Anna Stevens Harrington

    COST: $479

    A self-directed series of online coaching sessions recorded from our popular webinar of the same name with Lena Stevens and Anna Stevens Harrington.

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