• TRENDS 2022 Live Webinar


    Join Jose and Lena for a live presentation of the personality, themes, challenges and opportunities coming in 2022 and how they will affect our planet as well as you personally. This is our most popular presentation of the year, offering insights into where we have been and where we are headed.

    The presentation will be recorded and available as a video or Mp3 audio product after December 21st for those unable to join us live or wishing to share it with others as a gift.

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  • Women’s Shamanic Coaching Online Course


    It is time for women on this planet to become strong, independent, and empowered. Let us step into our leadership with clarity, wisdom and confidence. We are the ones who will help to change the patterns and paradigms for the future. The world needs us right now. Not timid, fearful and disempowered, but whole, courageous and strong.

    The Women’s Shamanic Coaching Program is a powerful self-directed series of online coaching sessions, visualizations, meditations, and supportive practices recorded from our popular webinar of the same name with Lena Stevens and Anna Stevens Harrington.

    This course is for women who are truly serious about changing their lives and stepping up to the next level. It is a journey of self-discovery and personal empowerment. By choosing to participate you are stepping into a powerful container of support and taking a positive and proactive step to improve your life.

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