A Ceremony of Song: Power Path Music

A Ceremony of Song is a personal healing experience and shamanic journey with 21 tracks of original icaros and prayers.


This debut album brings together the work of many years for a sound journey full of wisdom and healing to support you in your healing and to support a new dream for our planet. It is designed to support any ceremony around realizing an intention, solving an issue, deepening your spiritual practice or for a celebration you wish to use it for. You can work with individual songs for specific clearing or raising vibration, however, if creating a ceremony, it is best to play the album from start to finish. We hope you will use A Ceremony of Song many times.


Throughout history, shamanic peoples of the world have believed in the power of song and musical vibration for opening the connection to Spirit and healing. Now modern science is confirming what indigenous people have known and practiced all along, that sound and specifically the vibration of the human voice has a profound impact on the human body and the environment. It brings balance, harmony, health and well being and has a powerful healing effect.

For years José, Lena, and Anna Stevens have been studying the healing traditions of indigenous peoples including the Huichol of Mexico, the Shipibo-Conibo of the Amazon basin of Peru, the Q’ero and Quechua of the Andean highlands to name a few, and have learned the importance and power of song as part of these traditions. This collaboration makes the medicine of the healing songs, (“lcaros” as they are called by the Shipibo), available to you in a complete ceremony. Structured around the four directions beginning in the East and moving to the South, West and ending in the North, each direction includes prayers, the calling in of allies and songs for healing, blessing and supporting the listener’s personal intentions.

We are very grateful to the indigenous we have worked with for their inspiration and support to create ceremony and icaros.

Includes a digital song with the audio download.

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