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The Power Path offers a diverse range of immersive experiences for anyone seeking to develop shamanic and intuitive skills or deepen their practice. We offer in person retreats, online virtual training, healing, informative presentations and more.

Inner Shaman retreat

The Inner Shaman retreat gets its name from Jose’s book “Awaken the Inner Shaman: A Guide to the Power Path of the Heart.” This annual in person retreat takes place at our 1000 acre ranch in northern New Mexico and has covered a wide range of topics about shamanic practice over the years. Each year, the focus is on a unique and specific aspect of shamanic understanding, techniques and practices that includes much more than the original book. Participants describe the retreat as fun, social, interactive, informational, and life transforming. Many come year after year to enjoy the beauty of our 1000 acre ranch land and learn more about the shamanic path.

Nature Solo Retreat

Recognizing the importance of solo time in nature, The Power Path offers a solo retreat once or twice every year. We began offering this opportunity when we acquired our land in Northern New Mexico in 1994 and have done so ever since. Following the ancient shamanic tradition of spending ongoing alone time in nature and the tradition of the mystics to fast and isolate themselves in nature for meditation and prayer, we make this experience available for a wide variety of people. 

Tropical Retreat

The Power Path Tropical Retreat is a rare opportunity to spend a week in a beautiful open-air environment, immersed in Shamanic practice, fascinating information and deeply transformative experiences with Jose, Lena and Anna at one of our favorite places on the planet. 


The annual TRENDS forecast is Jose and Lena’s most popular live webinar presentation of the year, offering insights into where we have been and where we are headed. It is an overview of all aspects of the coming year, including opportunities, possibilities, challenges, and limitations on many fronts and how they will affect our planet as well as you personally.

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