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Shamanic healing sessions are from 30 minutes to 1 hour. 30 minutes for over the phone and 1 hour for in-person sessions. The healing session may include singing, drumming, rattling, feather work, extraction, physical manipulation or massage work, and the use of tobacco and other non-ingested medicinal plants. If you are overly sensitive to smoke, please let the practitioner know ahead of time.


Shamanic Healing sessions with Anna Stevens. Remote or in person.

1/2 Hour Remote Sessions: $75

1 Hour Sessions: $150

Please schedule all sessions through the Power Path 505-982-8732

About Shamanic Healing

Shamanic healing is a spiritual and medical practice based upon the belief that all healing includes a spiritual dimension. Shamanic medicine is a tradition dating back 25000 years. To better understand how a shamanic healing works it is important to understand some of the fundamental concepts of what shamanism is. It is a specific set of methodologies for accessing the spirit or energy field of anything or anyone. The essential perspective of shamanism is:

  1. Everything is alive. Everything has spirit and awareness.
  2. Energy and matter are the same. Everything is vibration. Everything that exists is an energy system within a greater energy system.
  3. Everything that exists is connected to everything else in a web of energy or life.
  4. Unseen/inner/spiritual reality affects visible reality.

Working within this system of perceptions, the healer strives to create balance and harmony of the spirit. This is a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual balance and can be focused on the individual or the community. This also can be applied to anything that exists.

By using shamanic practices a wide spectrum of healing is possible. Shamanic healing takes place in many forms, depending on what spirit recommends. This can include plant, herb and mineral spirit medicine, the use of song and other instruments to move and transform energy, visualization, soul retrieval, extraction, hands on massage or physical body manipulation. The shamanic practitioner understands the necessity to use both nature and spirit in healing and that true healing is whole and complete: body, mind and spirit.

To schedule a Shamanic Healing session, please contact The Power Path at 505-982-8732


Our Practitioner

Anna Stevens

Anna Stevens is a shamanic healing practitioner with more than 20 years experience working with indigenous shamanic healers around the world. She has in-depth training in both Shipibo and Huichol healing modalities, as well as experience with the Paco tradition of the Andes and native North American traditions. She is a practiced medicinal ceremonialist and she specializes in healing through song, extraction, traditional feather work and the use of medicinal herbs and plants.

In addition, we have many shamanic practitioners that we have trained and worked with extensively. Find a practitioner in your area

We also have bi-weekly Remote Group Shamanic Healings with either Anna, Lena or Jose Stevens that are just $10 and great way to keep in good spiritual shape!  Click here to see info on the next one!



  • “Easy to navigate, clean and clear! And in these times, a deep breath of grounding in knowing that your shared voices are from wisdom as profound as the Earth has collected over time. Thank you! (I have gained much insight and witnessed many important changes in working with Anna over the last many months).”  Josie- Client


  • “The reason I love it is because it helps me to validate all that I am going through as even before the forecast comes I usually find myself in the energetic field you describe and so it just helps to confirm everything! It also helps me as it explains to me what’s happening. All in all, I love it and thank you for all you do!”  email from client.


  • “Thanks for all of your time and effort to help us approach life with open hearts and mindful perspectives.”  Mae- San Mateo