August Shamanic Q & A

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What is the role of Michael Phelps, the American swimmer in the Olympics who has earned more medals than anyone in Olympic history?


Despite the hype and commercialism I love to watch the Olympics. I look at soul ages, personality types, overleaves, and their obstacles and each time I learn a great deal about these interesting people.

Michael Phelps is a seventh level mature king with a goal of acceptance and a mode of perseverance. He has stubbornness as his obstacle and he is of course the intellectual part of moving center. The water helps him to balance himself and helps him find the emotional center. He loves the adulation of the crowd according to his kingly nature but he is not particularly interested in feeling somehow better than others. He just likes the mastery of winning races. When he lost in this year’s Olympics he could hardly fathom the experience it was so alien to him.

Actually his success in the Olympics is only the set up for his life task work which has to do with his foundation focused on helping kids realize their dreams.

Katie Ledecky, the fifteen year old and youngest Olympian who won the gold for the 800 meter freestyle is a mature scholar with a goal of growth and an obstacle of arrogance. She is intellectually centered, in the moving part and she also uses the water to balance her in her emotional center.

High speed track is dominated by warriors like silver medalist Veronica Jeter but a notable exception is petite Allison Felix, competitor in the 100 and 200 meters, an artisan with reserve mode, and Fraser Price of Jamaica, fastest woman in the world, a sage.

In women’s gymnastics Gaby Douglas, gold medalist is an artisan while her teammate, gold medalist Alexandra Raisman, is a scholar.

Mary Treanor, three time gold medalist in beach volleyball pairs is a mature warrior. Her gold medal winning partner, Walsh Jennings is a mature scholar. They are task companions and have been married many times before.

Hussein Bolt, the world’s fastest man, is a mature sage.

Notice that many more American women are winning gold medals than their male counterparts. Does this signal change in the power of women in the United States?

The 2012 Olympics are interesting in two respects. Unlike in years past mature and older souls of all countries are increasingly winning medals while younger souls are failing to win as many medals. Their arrogance is taking them down. This has to do with the world shifting to the mature or adolescent stage at this time. Also there are more upsets than usual and this has to do with the influence of the planet Uranus and its tendency to create spontaneous events and sudden unpredictable change.

If you have questions about other athletes let me know and will do my best to respond. 

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