July Shamanic Q & A

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Can you shed any more light on the Gulf of Mexico oil situation?


This event represents the end of business as usual. It will not be possible to hide the results from the world forever and sooner or later, probably sooner, the world will begin to know the full impact of the this catastrophic blunder. This is a time when game changing events will occur to catalyze the shift from childhood to adolescence and young adulthood. These events have to be so huge that they permanently alter the philosophy on the planet.

Their impact has to be global and so threatening that no one can deny what is happening. The oil gushing into the gulf is an event that is only beginning to unfold. It will not go away with a snap of technological fingers. It is a nexus point meaning that there are many possible outcomes all occurring in various parallel time frames. Each person will experience the outcome that is most effective in teaching them what they need to learn so that they can evolve to the next level or octave. There are those that need an absolute catastrophe and there are those that simply need a reminder to wake up.

There will be other simultaneously troubling events as well, with the same goal of waking up humanity. The intensity of these events will depend on the willingness for the world population to wake up and dramatically change their behavior. Since the economic systems of the world are the ones propping up the old paradigm it stands to reason that these will have to change or fail in order to produce the more important changes.

When the volcano is exploding next door it does not matter if you have a mansion or a shack. They will be swept away equally. Then everyone is in the same situation. There will be no place to hide the fortune, no place to wall off the world and be isolated from the changes nigh.

Be one who welcomes change, who does not become panicked at large scale events impacting the planet. Be a voice of reason, a model of decent and mature behavior. Know that the planet itself is expendable if it means getting you to wake up to your true nature. The planet is a physical reality but in the larger context it is simply a game board, a playing field whose role it is to support the game. The goal of the game is to wake up. Ultimately there is no need to destroy the game board. It is designed to last longer so it will stagger its way through all that is currently happening.

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