Shamanic Q & A – June 1, 2010

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I am interested the effect of EMF on humans and the planet. There is a rapid increase in the number of people using cell phones, wi-fi, and towers to support their use. Could this be related to the increase in Alzheimer’s, cancer, autism, etc? Many cities are working towards universal wi-fi. Should we be concerned? We have been hesitant to embrace all of this technology because of the lack of information on its effect.


This is not an easy question to answer and the answer may annoy some of you who are attached to the perception that new technology is out to destroy you. At any given moment literally millions of cosmic energy waves from all parts of the universe are passing through your body and you remain blissfully unaware of them. Before the onset of science no one knew these particles and waves existed and no one cared. Occasionally cosmic particles do collide with atoms in the body causing natural mutations that are often beneficial. Sometimes they alter genes and are responsible for raising hormones to higher octaves. These of course are not accidental events.

Now there are many man made waves to contend with including radio, television, cell phone, wi-fi, microwave and the like. These impact human beings in a wide variety of ways both positively and negatively. When they are concentrated near the head such as with cell phone use they can have a negative impact and should be shielded. This is why using a set of headphones with cell phones is advised. For most people, living near high strength power lines is not a good idea because of the strength and proximity of the electricity. On the other hand bodies may react to some kinds of waves, radioactivity or radiation in various ways, even favorably. Some bodies thrive on them and some are harmed. You will find people living in the midst of many kinds of waves who are in robust health and have no problems at all.

Much of this has to do with people’s states of mind, their beliefs, their fears, and their perception of whether the environment is hostile of not. If one is deeply focused on the potential harmful effects, then you can be sure the resistance will cause harmful effects. It is not by chance that the most vocal opponents of technologies often come down with the worst case symptoms of being around that technology. If you are not identified with your body being who you are then you will be less affected by waves of various types because you have an understanding that none of it is very real anyway. If you understand that your body is a convenience of the physical plane and that it is designed to withstand a huge variety of conditions you will remain largely free of ill effects. However until you achieve the status of a master yogi you may not be able to withstand everything you come across. You should use common sense. Do not drink chlorinated water, do not handle radioactive materials, subject your body to ingestion of heavy metals or sleep close to strong electrical fields.

Yet there are so many phenomenon people worry about needlessly. If you are terrified of vapor trails in the skies then you should either hide underground for the rest of your life or you should concentrate on making yourself so healthy that you need not worry about whatever comes down the road that could kill you. True, there have always been unscrupulous experiments done on people without their knowledge. Some have survived and some have succumbed. None of this is accidental. Yet to be fearful of every vapor trail you see in the skies is a recipe for ruining the pleasure of your life.

The lesson to take away here is to begin having more confidence in the resilience of your own body, to reinforce your belief in its health powers at every opportunity, and then at the same time avoid obvious dangers to it. If you are very afraid of something then perhaps you should avoid it. If you are phobic about planes then do not fly in them. If you are comfortable with the concept, then fly all you want. The less afraid you are the more you will enjoy your life. The more afraid you are the less you will enjoy it. Watch where you put your thoughts. Those are the waves that matter the most, thought waves.


What about the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico? What does this crisis have to teach us?


Notice that there are two volcanoes going off on the planet right now. One is above ground and comes from natural causes and one is underwater from human causes. In both cases they are the creative powers of the planet expressing itself right now at a time when creativity is at an all time high. After all this is an artisan year. We know that creativity has a productive side and a destructive side and there is a very fine line between them sometimes. The volcano in Iceland on land is actually more creative and the oil leak under the water (emotions) is more destructive. This suggests where humankind’s work lies. Our emotions have become toxic and poisoned by we ourselves. Both of these eruptions are likely to get bigger before they go away. That is the nature of our times.

The age of reliance on fossil fuels is finishing up. It represents an old paradigm whose time is done. This does not mean that we will not use fossil fuels any more. It means that complete dependence on them is pure folly and needs to pass. Believe it or not the Earth actually needs some of its oils, coal deposits, and minerals just like your body needs its fats, minerals, and so on to remain healthy.

So the oil spill teaches several things:

1. Do not take an action that you don’t have a solution for.

2. “Drill baby Drill” is just not well thought out and is not the right direction to go in if we want a healthy planet.

3. Look at the cost of what you think is going to be a cheaper route. The cost to the planet is hardly ever factored in. Now those costs will be figured in more than before. This oil spill comes shortly after the planet bill of rights was formulated in the recent Bolivian meeting to address concerns about the environment. These are not disconnected events.

4. Science as it is conceived of now does not have a solution for everything. People are starting to notice this.

5. Blame is useless because everyone is responsible for this crisis: The oil drillers and the oil users. As the Japanese are prone to saying, “Fix the problem not the blame.” The fix is not just plugging a hole in the sea bottom. The fix is looking closely at what kind of planet we want to live on and how to live on it sustainably. This crisis is nothing compared to the ones coming down the road in the near future. The way we deal with this problem will help us prepare for dealing with ones coming. Let us call it practice or a rehearsal.

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