October Shamanic Q & A

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Is there really a chance that Israel could attack Iran with Nuclear Weapons in the near future?


Nothing has been decided on this matter. Yet, given the spontaneity of the times we are in, the possibility exists. Not all of humankind has learned the hard lessons of the consequences of violence and humans do seem to prefer learning lessons the hard way at times. While it exists as a possibility each individual needs to look deep in their heart about whether this is acceptable to them or not. The more that determine it is not will help to avert such a catastrophe from taking place. If it were to happen, there is little to no chance that it would escalate to a global conflagration. That is the one silver lining in the equation.


What are the overleaves for the vice presidential candidates?


At the risk of upsetting some of you, here are the ones that are apparent at this time. Rep. Paul Ryan is an Artisan, an unusual role for a politician. Artisans are good at structure, engineering, and creativity, thus he has become the economic POL for the Republican party. Artisans and sages both tend to have good acting skills and this gives Paul Ryan his ability to speak expressively in public. He has a goal of submission manifested in dedication to his beliefs and an attitude of idealist. He has a marked obstacle of arrogance and is a seventh level baby soul, a level that often seeks leadership. He is dedicated to the economic philosophy of Aynn Rand, a sixth level young king who was firmly committed to free markets and the survival of the fittest. In her own circle she dominated with an iron fist. Being a baby soul, Paul Ryan looks up to her charismic take no prisoners approach.

Joe Biden is a server, also not a typical role for a politician as this is an ordinal role, thus he is best in a supportive role. He has a goal of growth, is a pragmatist, and has an obstacle of self-deprecation so he does not take himself too seriously. This will make for an interesting contest between them as they are both unusual types for politicians. Joe Biden is a sixth level mature soul thus he has suffered rather greatly in this life. Being a mature soul he is dedicated to the principles of protecting those who have less. Given his advantage in soul age he will be a formidable fore.

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