September Shamanic Q & A

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Who are the two primary political candidates?


Barack Obama is a seventh level mature Priest with artisan casting, a goal of growth and idealist attitude, intellectual center, observation sliding to power and perseverance, and an obstacle of stubbornness.

Being a mature soul he represents where the world is headed. If elected, his presidency will be extraordinary as he peruses a very different course from his first four years. He will have nothing to lose so he will not compromise endlessly with a Republican party that is not interested in compromise. He will chart his own course.

Barack Obama has the advantage of being married to an old soul King, so he is not without his own king backing him up. He also had the sage Bill Clinton shuck for him at the convention so he has a great deal of power going into the election.

Mitt Romney is a seventh level young King with warrior casting, a goal of acceptance with observation mode, a spiritualist attitude, Intellectual part of emotional center, and arrogance as an obstacle.

Being a young soul, he represents a world that is passing away. If elected his presidency will be an attempt to keep the old world from going away. His acceptance goal makes him everyone’s puppet as he wants to please those who have the resources to elect him. Although he has the same basic set of personality traits as John F. Kennedy he is not as likeable to the average citizen as Kennedy.

This is a classic competition between the Priest and the King. Normally Kings make better administrators than priests but priests make better orators and moral leaders. The great difference here is the soul ages of each. Because the world is passing into the age of the mature soul, it will be difficult for Mitt Romney to prevail or be a successful president. If he is elected he will make almost a perfect puppet for those not wishing to see the old days end.

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