Shamanic Q & A – July 29, 2010

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If we are evolving in consciousness as a species then why is it that so many people are acting so badly around the planet at this time?


Most of you know by now that the planet is currently undergoing a highly challenging shift moving from the child or young soul state of consciousness to the adolescent/young adult or mature soul state of consciousness. This process parallels the transition each human undergoes from age eleven to fourteen years of age, puberty, except on a mass scale never before seen on this planet. Puberty is a notoriously challenging rite of passage involving hormones, physical, psychological, and emotional growth, and a total transformation into a different kind of being. The same is true for this shift on a planetary scale. As you all know the shift is often not pretty for young people and many go through trials that put themselves and their families through hell and back.

They often don’t listen, act belligerent, believe they know it all, and behave in immensely selfish and self-absorbed ways. At other times they are highly idealistic, depressed, anxious, or confused. Eventually they often blossom into amazingly productive and productive human beings that you would be privileged to know. Now blow this up on a mass scale and you can see what is all around at this time. This rough patch for the planet is being concentrated into a rather short time frame, perhaps only a couple of hundred years. Hoorah! If you are being myopic and hoping for immediate solutions you are going to be sadly disappointed. Damn!

Think of a family where there is a child going through puberty, let’s say with difficulty, and who has a couple of older brothers and sisters and a number of younger siblings. Now let us say that the whole family is experiencing extreme stress because dad has lost his job and mom is going through menopause, creditors are threatening to foreclose on the house, and so on. You get the idea. Because everything is so stressful all the children are acting out, fighting, and misbehaving. This causes the child going through puberty to have an even more difficult time. Normally he or she would be receiving strong rites of passage from their elders and they would navigate this time frame with powerful support from their family and the community. But in this case that would have all disintegrated and there would be no support and no acknowledgement of what they are going through on their own. So that child is left to fend for him or herself trying to navigate the shoals of puberty alone. They become intensely angry, blame everyone, try to strike out on their own, and generally make a lot of errors in judgment. Often they blame themselves, experience self-hatred, and feel guilty for everything being such a mess. They feel like they should be able to heal the family but the job is simply too overwhelming and they are ill equipped to save the world much less save themselves.

Now all the other children, although not going through puberty, are acting out as well. Instead of being happy campers they are all expressing the worst sides of their personalities, kind of like the family trip where all the kids are fighting like cats and dogs in the back of van while the parents are fruitlessly trying to drive, yell, and whack the kids this way and that without effect. Sounds like fun huh? Maybe you remember this from your own childhood. Well that is the way it is on a planetary level right now.

Fortunately it is not totally that bleak because there are a couple of mature older kids that help to maintain order and act as good compassionate role models for the rest. They are highly stressed as well but are able to somehow maintain their sanity because they have better perspective than all the others.

Now here is something interesting to consider. Puberty does not have to be so difficult. There have been indigenous societies on this planet that have managed puberty very well. When a community is balanced and acts with harmony and wisdom this filters down to all members of all the families and they tend to behave rather well. The older ones take care of the younger ones, there is plenty of singing and dancing, and there is a general attitude of respect shown everyone. People share, work together, and minor difficulties can be managed with relative ease. This is the way it was meant to be.

However along the way human beings made some serious errors in judgment. Authority was transferred to all-powerful governments who ruled selfishly and greedily. Authority was transferred to soulless corporations who worshipped the gods of profit above all else. Harmony, respect, and love were lost and the world became highly divided, competitive, and filled with animosity. Human beings overpopulated their planet and shamelessly stripped the planet of resources fouling the nest disastrously. Religious structures were allowed to denigrate the feminine, control the psyche, and eliminate freedom of being in the name of concentrated power. About every mistake that could be made was chosen as a course of action and the results of those choices are forming the great lessons of the present.

All is not lost. Somebody might want to learn the hard way to experience this set of choices. Some teenagers choose this way of learning and still grow up. Like a very difficult sporting event where everything seems lost and gets turned around at the very end of the game, the celebration may be much bigger as a result. I suspect this is what the human race has in mind.

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