Shamanic Q & A – rename 07

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Can you comment on the death of Steve Jobs?


Steve Jobs is a seventh level mature artisan, a typical level for making huge contributions to the human race. In life he had a goal of growth, a spiritualist attitude, a mode of power, and emotional center. He struggled with a the arrogance fear pattern. Like most people choosing on the essence level, Steve chose the time of his death strategically to make a huge statement. He had accomplished his life task work and while spearheading huge changes in the world during his life, he also chose 2011, end of the Mayan Calendar, as his exit point to mark the end of an era.

His passing for many was like an icon, a trailblazer, a father figure leaving the kids to carry on. His death has been a shock to many, further emphasizing a paradigm shift, an introduction to times of great instability. His statement was, “I have done my part, now it’s your turn. You carry us to the next step, the next world. I am obsolete. There are many among you who are enormously capable and will carry the world further than I did. Build on the foundation I laid out with my work”.


What is the Occupy Wall street movement all about?


Late 2011 and all of 2012 marks a time of increasing civil unrest around the world but now the spotlight is on the United States. In a way it does not matter what people are protesting. This uprising will grow and grow because whenever 95% of the people are disenfranchised and left out of the game uprisings will be the natural result. The natives are restless. People’s memories are short. Does no one remember the French Revolution when a lot of nobles and elite lost their heads?

The economic game is designed for maximum profits to the corporate elite. In a way you can’t blame the corporations. When a machine is given person status in the eyes of the law it will function ruthlessly and efficiently to achieve its goals. Minimize all excess expenses and maximize profits without regard for anything else. A mere glance at medical insurance tells the story. Make people pay lots of money for their policies but when they need something done, disallow it or call it a pre-existing condition not covered. In a machines point of view this only makes sense. From a consumer’s position this is outrageous and unacceptable.

When the political system allows 5% of the nation to become the maximum donors to the politicians there is little question how they will vote. Their survival depends on supporting the 5%. When no one is representing the people on the streets they have to represent themselves anyway they can and this usually takes the form of civil unrest. In the end this can be quite dangerous because of mob mentality. It would be best if the machine factored this in. Without markets the machines are dead. This is not unlike the Aids virus taking over the host only to kill it and itself at the same time. No matter how smart the machines are, they display a singular lack of intelligence.

To have markets you have to have people who have some money to spend. In order for them to have some money they have to be employed. No matter how you look at this it means some re-distribution of money. Debts will have to be forgiven, corporations will have to hire more and so on. You cannot simultaneously absorb all the money and expect to have a fun game with everybody playing. Most mature and older souls intuitively know this. Younger souls do not.


Can you give some of the personality overleaves of the current GOP presidential candidates?


This is a little challenging given the fact that the list is constantly changing day by day and because the public persona is not always in sync with the private persona. Here are some of the main characters, the list not yet being complete and the overleaves not all being clear. Some of them may be adjusted as the year of campaigning goes on.

Mitt Romney: 4th level young king, goal of acceptance, observation mode, spiritualist attitude, emotional center, intellectual trap, arrogance fear pattern. Being a spiritualist makes him vulnerable to attacks for being too soft or wishy washy. 4th level is a scholar level not given to action.

Rudy Guuliani: (just in case he runs) 6th level young king, goal of growth, aggression mode, pragmatist, intellectual center, moving trap, arrogance fear pattern. His aggression is perceived by many as a liability. Too rough.

Sarah Palin: (just for interest sake) 7th level baby king, goal of discrimination, aggression mode, pragmatist attitude, emotional center, intellectual trap, arrogance and greed fear patterns.

Newt Gingrich: 7th level baby scholar, goal of dominance, mode of aggression, pragmatist, intellectual center, arrogance fear pattern.

Herman Cain: young warrior, goal of dominance, power mode, realist attitude, intellectual center.

Ron Paul: mature scholar, goal of growth, realist attitude, perseverance mode, intellectual center, moving trap, stubborn fear pattern.

Rick Perry:
3rd level young sage, goal of dominance, spiritualist attitude, emotional center, arrogance fear pattern.

Michelle Bachmann: 7th level baby warrior, goal of dominance, reserve mode, emotional center, arrogance fear pattern.

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