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Please comment on Obama’s clinging to the previous administration’s destructive ways: installing Monsanto minions in key positions; failing to insist on a public healthcare option; expanding our military budget and presence; giving massive handouts to financial corporations with no requirement that the money be used for the benefit of the people who need it; maintaining invasive and unconstitutional surveillance practices; and now, actually suing to keep habeas corpus from being re-instituted.

Does he understand what he’s doing? Does he realize he is betraying those who elected him? Would it help or just make things worse to write him about this? Is there any possibility he could wake up? He seems to be a different person from the sensitive, compassionate man who wrote Dreams from My Father.


Recently I had dinner with someone who worked with and knew Obama very well before he was president and had the opportunity to ask him some of these very questions. He responded that Obama was much sharper than the team that surrounds him and much of the work of the administration is done by this team, chosen by Obama in hopes of bi-partisan cooperation. This person who has worked in other administrations said that once installed in the White House, the president is in an unnatural environment similar to a titanium case where he is cut off from everyday reality. He is introduced to many large scale secrets and an enormous spider web of military and governmental installations that have been carefully constructed over a period of many decades, even centuries.

For example, only a fraction of the over 800 U.S. military bases around the world are legal or authorized. He is persuaded that this massive network is virtually impossible to deconstruct or reveal to the world because of the repercussions it would involve. He becomes privy to the fact that many former presidents have engaged in blatantly illegal behaviors that could easily send them and their administrations all to jail. So the president becomes aware of a huge amount of historical information that virtually ties his/her hands from setting everything right again. He also becomes aware of the phenomenal political intrigue and financial gamesmanship in the Washington landscape. Any move he makes will have huge backlashes and repercussions for not only himself but for his whole party. In a word he is blackmailed on a daily basis.

Now here are some other things to consider on a more esoteric level. The White House is part of a morphogenic field infused with beliefs, rules, and patterns that have become very powerful over time. In other words the conglomerate of ideas and methods used in Washington have developed legs. When one enters into the White House, no matter who they are they enter into this morphogenic field and begin to respond to it. In a way it does not really matter who the president is, because it is the pattern laid down that is dictating the whole experience. These fields persevere until they are changed by revolution, a paradigm shift or the like.

This whole pattern of energy will not be able to stand up to the massive changes happening at this very moment on the planet. What the new pattern will look like is not clear as yet. When a new pattern is in place the personality of the leadership will look different. Let’s say we could transport Obama a few years to a new paradigm. You would actually see him behaving very differently because the pattern around him would have profoundly changed. To get a better feel for this, imagine going back into your family of origin matrix for a few days or weeks. How would you behave? Many people, to their horror, find they backslide into earlier patterns of behavior they are not proud of. If you became president right now, you would be shocked and horrified at what would happen to you. Therefore the candidate for president and the president are two different things entirely. It takes a very old soul to buck the system and remain coherent in this giant game.

Obama is a 7th level mature soul, relationship oriented, masterful to a degree but not out of the confusion of the mature soul cycle yet. Ideally speaking he still believes in bi-partisanship. What he is not yet noticing is that the world is too polarized now for that to work any longer. The truth is that no one is interested in functioning in a bi-partisan way but him. They don’t want to and they won’t. So, in a way he has to give up on the idea and just do what he believes should be done the most efficient way possible. Now he has lost some of that possibility for the time being with the loss of the 60th vote.

In the long run it is best not to have too many expectations of a president. They have an insane job and the process makes them lose their way very easily. The key is to change the existing patterns that hold the current paradigm in place. Fortunately, that is inevitable, but most likely will be very painful. What do we want in its place?


Please comment on the growing problem of children and especially teens involved in bullying and cyber bullying. What does it say about our society and how can we turn it into something positive?


Bullying is a result of feelings of lack of power. Everyone wants to feel powerful, especially young people. In traditional indigenous societies young people were taught to hunt, gather, and actively contribute to the everyday needs of the community. They were often apprenticed to an elder to learn a craft or trade. This gave them a natural sense of personal power. We now live in a society that denies real power to most people. Young people then often resort to a false or mock pseudo sense of power, the sense of bravado that comes from oppressing another. Remember that people usually do to others what was done to them. If they are denied a voice then they in turn will attempt to deny the voice of another, a perceived weaker person who they can control. The main solution is to find ways of restoring power to each person, especially young people. That is an enormous topic that has no simple answers. Fortunately much of this will be resolved in the next fifteen years or so.

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