Shamanic Q & A – February 14, 2011

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Questions and Answers


Can you comment on the strange weather patterns, the extreme cold, the snow, and inclement weather in the United States?


The element this year is water. There has been massive flooding in Australia and Sri Lanka, huge snow events across North America, and much more water to come in various parts of the world. This winter the Arctic and Greenland are warmer than usual and the melting will be severe. This pushes up the water in oceans so global warming is alive and well despite the cold winter in the USA.

Water is cleansing and yes, destructive in overwhelming amounts. Water is emotional and this is an emotional year. What people feel at the deepest levels is what is expressed by the weather, especially when people have been repressing their emotions or expressing them in a distorted way as with all the aggression and hatred oriented politics. Yes, there is a price to pay for being undisciplined and letting rage out in ways that foster conflict. People seldom make the connection between their feelings and the weather but there is a very specific correlation if only people were connected enough to see. Be prepared for more water this year and be careful. Some of that water will be hot water. Don’t get yourself in hot water with anyone if possible.


Scientists have long held that natural changes on the planet have taken place over long periods of time but now some are saying that these changes may have happened overnight? Why is more true.


While some change does require millions of years the Earth is more a place of radical transformation. Plants, humans, and animals of all kinds have often had to cope with massive shifts in climate and weather that struck like lightening from comets, to meteors, pole shifts, meteors, volcanoes, and tsunamis. Huge die offs have been followed by dramatic proliferation of new life forms and mutations. Nothing has changed regarding this fast paced format. We are again in a period of rapid change on every level. The most probable scenario for the earth will be the onset of another ice age, brought about paradoxically by global warming, that will require enormous adaptations by humanity. Welcome to the roller coaster ride.

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