Shamanic Q & A – July 15, 2012

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How much reality is there to the idea of the banking elite ruling the world presently? And what can we do at a non-violent, spiritual level to combat this? Is there a Gandhi in the wings to lead us forward? Are the new Avatars going to become know soon enough to shift this power play?


Well there is a banking elite that controls the economies of the world, there is no question about that. However this is not a time when we can expect a savior in the form of one person to come to the rescue. That is a pattern of the past. Now it will be tens of thousands of people or more working cooperatively together to create a game change. There will be some big events (unknown yet) that will severely challenge the economic structures, greatly weakening the elite stranglehold on the world banking system. This vulnerability will open the door to transformation. It will take until about 2052 to accomplish this. That may seem like a long time but it is a 40 year blink of an eye in the big picture.

What is needed is the following. Each person must do whatever they can to erase their own personal fear of the future. This is the greatest obstacle that exists at this time. Each person needs to make themselves as flexible as possible to adapt to rapidly changing conditions that may cause them to be fearful or anxious temporarily. All will pass and be changed. Not to worry. No one person can be expected to change everything for others. Changes will be organic.  All that is occurring now with the Euro etc. is part of an overall pattern that is getting people to let go of faith in the old way of doing things. In the meantime life goes on. People in Greece and Spain etc are not dying. They are just anxious and uncertain about the future and made uncomfortable with the lack of jobs etc. It is not the end of the world. The younger souls will soon find that without viable markets they cannot make the kind of money they hope for. So the game will be restructured. Any attempt at trying to replace the old with the old will not work. They will learn this.
There are huge mostly invisible forces helping these changes. We are not alone but we humans are responsible for the actions here are on earth.


I seem to be an introvert. Is this something a person is born with? Can you comment on the differences between introverts and extroverts?


According to CG Jung and other psychologists introverts are people who are energized by being alone but find being with others to be de-energizing. Extroverts are people who are de-energized being alone but energized by being with others. Overleaves have a great deal to do with introversion and extroversion and yes, people are born this way for the most part because their overleaves are chosen before birth. On occasion you may find someone who was introverted as a child but becomes extroverted as an adult. This is because of childhood imprinting that may have overshadowed their true overleaves. Once they become an adult and shake off the negative imprinting, the extroversion can come out. It is more rare for a person who was an extrovert as a child to become an introvert as an adult. This could happen as a result of trauma like rape or war or even physical injury or perhaps brain damage.

Certain overleaves are conducive to introversion and extroversion. Younger souls are more inclined toward extroversion and older souls toward introversion but this is not universally the case. Expression roles, especially sages are usually more extroverted. Solid roles are more inclined to be introverted such as scholars and warriors, and even the occasional king. The average scholar is an introvert and the average sage is going to be an extrovert. Other overleaves make a difference as well. Passion mode or aggression mode people lean toward extroversion while reserve or caution mode people lean toward introversion. The more neutral overleaves a person has such as observation mode, the more inclined they are toward introversion.

In general it is not so helpful to fight your own inclination. It is best to find the good things about being extroverted or introverted and go with that. Suffering comes from trying to be what you are not. However too much of either is usually not healthy. A 60%/40% split is usually a good balance. For example if you are introverted then being quiet 60% of the time is natural but not 100%. There are times when you should go out and mingle and be more expressive even if it is less comfortable for you.

I am an introvert as well and find being with people tiresome after awhile. I enjoy speaking in public when I am able to present something I know about. But I do not enjoy being introduced to many people and be expected to joke and laugh with strangers. That is quite a stretch. I used to hate being an introvert but after many years I don’t mind it so much any more. I just don’t go out socially very much.

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