Shamanic Q & A – June 15, 2012

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When does the essence enter the body? At conception? At birth?  


As with all things human this varies. The essence never enters at conception because the newly conceived body is just too boring and primitive for the essence to be interested in being in it. The expansive essence is guiding the process of development like a cook preparing a meal, watching the temperature, adding ingredients, etc. But the cook is not in the cake or in the vegetables cooking on the stove. In fact the body is not developed enough to host the essence until the third trimester. Sometimes the essence begins to enter partially at six months but even then being in a womb is rather dull. Most of the time essence fully enters the body at the first breath at birth. Even then, sometimes the essence does not occupy the body and if it does not within a couple of days, the infant will suffer crib death because a body cannot live outside the womb without an essence in it.

Older souls can experience a great deal of frustration when occupying a body after birth because life as an infant can be so boring and limiting. The essence is ready to take on the world but mostly it is just a big round of nursing, pooping, and peeing. They sleep a lot to relieve the boredom and frustration at not being able to control their movements. With greater mastery over the body they are happier and more content. Some people think that old souls make good babies but often they don’t. Yogananda reported that he screamed during the first six months of his life. Imagine the frustration of that great soul stuck in a helpless infant’s body.

Much of the craziness about pro life and pro choice could be resolved if only people understood the true dynamics of when the essence enters the body.


Should fetuses be considered human beings?


Well, that is tough question because people have so many emotions about fetuses. You could say it is a loaded question. Of course fetuses are human because they are newly minted simians. That is what a human is. The question really is, are they human beings? Is there a spirit in there? Many pregnancies are a merely a rehearsal for the real thing. This is why some pregnancies are not viable. The essence is practicing getting the body right. This is especially the case when the essence has not been in a body in a long time, more than two hundred years.

Essences do change their mind. Sometimes they begin the process and then realize that because of many choices being made by others, the timing is not optimal and so they will terminate the pregnancy to wait for better conditions. People act as if bodies are what is important but they are only vehicles for essence. If there is no essence attached then the body is purely an animal body, nothing more.

Sometimes a woman is so attached to having a body and wants to use her creative energies so badly that she gets pregnant but has made no arrangements or agreements with an essence to occupy that body. This is often the case with younger souls that don’t exactly no what they are doing. In these cases the fetus will not come to term or even if it does the infant will not survive more than a few days after birth.

The truth is that there are more than enough bodies to go around. If an essence wants to get onto the planet, it will, no matter what. What is needed is the discernment to determine the difference between a body and a body with an essence attached to it. This requires some sophistication. Younger souls just don’t have that sophistication.


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