Shamanic Q & A – March 31, 2010

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How does one avoid the fear that comes with the prospect of so many catastrophic prophecies about the times we are living in?


Believe it or not a fear response is a choice. You can choose not to follow the thinking track that leads to fearfulness. A mind running amok is an unpleasant and dangerous thing. So, you have to take responsibility for what you do with it. Perspective is a very helpful thing. First of all when I check in with Spirit about things that concern me the answer is never, “Boy are you screwed!” Have you ever received that reply in your talks with Spirit? If you say that Spirit never answers you it is probably that you have been doing all the talking and no listening.”


There is a bigger picture to life on this planet and what happens is not random. There is no point to total destruction of the planet. That does not fit with what all the great Saints and Spiritual Masters have said over the millennia. Harsh events are reminders about how not to live. They simply mean we have forgotten how to live correctly and are being nudged back on track. Nature is not vengeful and has no interest in our suffering. We do just fine with that all by ourselves. Nature is actually quite benevolent and kind when we learn to live appropriately with her because she follows certain basic guidelines that can be understood. If you build in a floodplain you will probably eventually drown. If you build flimsy buildings in an earthquake zone you are going to get hurt or die.

We are rapidly approaching a nexus point where a swarm of probabilities come together. These are periodic and offer a great many choices based on many parallel realities. The human race has some important decisions to make about which parallels to activate and not all parallels carry disaster as their scenario. Furthermore it is important not to be too concrete in your thinking. Life on earth is almost totally symbolic when you look closely. It is theatre and it is meant to both entertain and instruct. Some people like horror movies, some like thrillers, and some like love stories. What do you like, because that is what you are programming the quantum field to deliver. Everyone will get what they are asking for. Not to worry because in the big picture it’s all good and it all turns out just fine. Remember that in the bigger picture, these symbolic bodies just don’t last anyway. So, watch your symbols and learn to understand them. If you don’t like the symbols then trade them in for new ones. I personally don’t like the symbols of catastrophe so I don’t think I will opt for that one but you can if you want.


Do you see a wider significance in the tragedy going on between Sandra Bullock and her husband Jesse James, with her being the cute, wholesome, trusting girl-next-door & he being the bad boy motorcycle rider who seems to have no qualms about cheating on her with other women? It seems obvious that they must represent aspects of our culture being played out on a larger stage. Do you have any comments?


Yes, famous people agree on the essence level to be symbols of larger dramas and lessons for the world at large. This scenario you have described is an example of a monad that two people play out, sometimes on the grand stage of the media. This monad is betrayer/betrayed. Each member of the monad plays out each side in one or consecutive lifetimes. Each learns a great deal from the experience. In general, human beings have a great deal of fear about being betrayed and great hope in loyalty and trust. When this is violated it gives all parties a choice to look at these issues deeply. Usually the innocent one is not so innocent and the betrayer is not so evil. After all it takes two to tango.


I can see clearly how a specific pattern played out when I was a child, with my mother and father, is played out now as an adult within a close relationship. My patterns fit perfectly with someone else’s; he is like my father, and I am like his mother, in some of our response patterns. The problem is, these particular patterns didn’t feel very good for us as children, and don’t feel good now. I know this is an opportunity to evolve beyond these patterns, rather than quitting the relationship, but I can’t remember how to. Any suggestions?


This is a classic example of what happens to us everyday on subconscious levels so the question pertains to everyone. These matrices or complexes are condensed associated fields of thought that constitute a meme, a pattern that we have bought into and repeats itself over and over. These memes may have their roots in many lifetimes and experiences from earlier incarnations. Remember they are highly symbolic.

The first step in erasing them is to clearly identify it as you have done. The next step is to sincerely and intensely intend that you want to erase it now with all the help spirit can muster. The third step is to ask an open-ended question like, “I wonder what it would be like if very quickly I were able to completely erase this old pattern and replace it with a powerful healthy new one that leads me to great happiness? I wonder what would have to happen for that to take place? And so on. Without generating resistance, these questions program the quantum field to deliver the goods on what you are asking for. You could muse about this for a couple of minutes and then relax, take a deep breath and let it all go.

Then you call in Spirit and say, “I don’t know how to do this but I want this old pattern erased and I am giving it to you for the job. I know you want me to erase it because it makes me miserable and you never intended for me to be miserable. You would like it very much if I were happier. I want to make you happy by being happier so here it all is.” Then you imagine picking up the old pattern, however it might show up in your mind’s eye, and you shove it into a bright field of light representing giving it to Spirit. Your imaginary hands should disappear with its load into the field of light and when you pull them out your hands should be empty. Then forget about it.


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