Shamanic Q & A – September 30, 2010

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Is being a healer the ultimate profession?

This is actually quite a complex and confusing question. One answer may come as a surprise to many older souls, and that answer is no. A lot of what passes as healing is actually meddling and diddling. The vast majority of healers are trying to heal themselves by trying to fix others, a complete waste of time and effort. First of all when we presume to fix another we assume that we know what is best for them and we often don’t. Considering that in our dream of reality others are projections of ourselves, there is actually nothing wrong out there.

The distortion is within. If we fail to recognize that, all we are doing is diddling around. So does this mean that we should abandon our roles and professions as healers? Well, a lot of people should because they do more harm than good. Their intentions are too full of ego, too full of pride, too full of righteousness. For many, healing has become a means of social status, a way to acquire fortune or fame, a way to feel good while doing little good. Now this may sound a little harsh but it does need to be said.

Many scientific studies have demonstrated that just leaving people alone is sometimes better than all the treatments and tests we give them. That is why the wealthy are in worse health than many poor people who cannot afford health care. It has been shown that the more health care people have access to, the worse shape they are in.

The greatest healers are actually those who have let go of the idea that they are doing anything. They are however excellent at creating space. They are good at giving permission to heal. They know that people and situations heal themselves. Fixing usually just makes it worse. That is why politics and social programs are so dismal. But creating the space for things to right themselves is quite helpful. Most shamanic healing falls into this category. It is mostly about opening communication between the personality and the essence so they can work things out. Shamanic healing aims to clear out the stuck energy, the blocks, the susto (trauma), the negativity, so the choice for healing can happen.

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