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If the next 8-10 years are going to be highly chaotic, and the process of re-inventing the new earth would take 300 years to complete, then for us so called light workers who are middle aged, what is there to do in the meantime, so we can actually enjoy some light and prosperity? I have been taught you can manifest abundance in the midst of chaos, but not sure how to do that, given the state of affairs. I can practice being in the moment, and ignoring the news, and sending light to the affected areas, but as far as daily life in the next few years, what is the best way to cope? Thanks so much.


Live your life as if it is three hundred years from now. Why wait? What do you want this world to look like three hundred years from now? What do you want to be experiencing? Why wait to be a loving and generous person? Why wait to bless people every day? Why wait to be overflowing with gratitude?


Can you address the death of Osama bin Laden?


To properly identify well known people through the media is sometimes quite difficult. Bin Laden has been identified as both a priest and a king. In retrospect he was a young king with priest casting, an intellectually centered idealist with a goal of dominance, a mode of perseverance, and a chief obstacle of arrogance. He did manage to dominate much of the news for a good deal of time and like many young kings managed to put his stamp on the times in which he lived. He certainly changed the game for the United States and much of the world.

Like all kings Osama was a mastermind of big operations, capable of commanding great loyalty and obedience from a great many followers. He impressed others not just by his accomplishments but by his natural charisma as a king. Like many kings he was a very tall man.

Regarding his death, he died the way he lived, by the sword so to speak. That was the karma he created. Eventually he will be able to repay the karma of so many deaths by making huge positive contributions in a future life.

The celebration of his death by the media and by many was tacky. Only younger souls think in terms of revenge and celebrate an assassination. To be sure the Navy Seals that took him out had good reason to not take any chances with him considering his deadly nature. To preserve his life would have been complicated and expensive. In a way his death was a suicide because he was committed to never being caught and although unarmed he did not surrender in the face of deadly force.

Nevertheless an older soul nation would have taken the extra measures to capture and try him. That is simply their value structure. When the United States finally eschews killing and assassinations it will have transcended its young soul value system and joined older soul nations of the world.

The vast majority of people actually believe that killing Osama bin Laden will make terrorism go away. What they do not realize is that he is was simply a projection, a persona that everyone could heap their worst fears onto. This actually made his actions worse reinforcing it many times over. It is extremely difficult to see that terrorism is within each one of us. We terrorize ourselves and terrorize each other with regularity. At the core of terrorism is a lack of lack of love and a lack of connection with Spirit. Terrorism is complete ignorance and to hate a terrorist is just as ignorant. So there is much work to do on ourselves to eradicate all this projection and own our own killer tendencies.


Some of us “baby-boomers” are facing the winding down of our careers in this decade and wondering what we will do with the rest of our lives. Perhaps we’re grandparents and think that this is an opportunity to do better with the grandkids that we did with the kids. Perhaps we think we might work for social justice. Then there’s the issue of where will we live and on and on. For me, using my time well would bring the greatest satisfaction but how do I know what road to take when the time comes to retire, which for me will be in the next five years.


Thanks for your good question. There are several considerations to discuss. First of all in these dynamic times of phenomenal change most people don’t know what the next week will bring much less the next five years. In some ways planning is not so viable as you will probably change a great deal by the time you retire and you may decide to do something entirely different. The world is going to be a different place with new potentials and possibilities. There may be restrictions as well depending on world conditions, resources, energy needs, transportation, etc. Your best bet is to put your energy into revitalizing your health and divesting yourself of unnecessary baggage including material possessions, psychological attachments, addictions, and negative habits. In this way you will be happy and ready to do whatever essence dictates is best for you to do at that time. When the time comes it will be best to do what your heart wishes rather than what your head says you ought to do.

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