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Periodically readers will ask us questions that deserve a public answer so that all may be informed. If you have a question regarding a current event or life situation please submit to our office.

Will the United States break apart like the Soviet Union?

Interestingly enough, the very people who over the years proclaimed themselves to be the most patriotic, “America, Love it or leave it, ” are the very ones who are the most ready to secede. Whenever you find rigidity in belief systems you find paradoxical belief swings from one pole to the other. This is characteristic of younger souls whose understanding has not matured enough to be flexible. Now that there is a black president, and a liberal at that, there are many who believe the nation has gone to the dogs and is irretrievably lost. Therefore their reasoning is “Better to destroy the nation than let it fall into the hands of the enemy,” namely the democrats and liberals. In addition, now that the nation is deeply in debt and in an economic morass there are those who would like simply to walk away from the whole mess and leave it to sink in the hands of the liberals. Thus the threat of break up is very real and may yet be orchestrated by blocks of formerly patriotic citizens who wish to form their own nation with deeply conservative laws. What better time to do this than when the nation is in crisis and may be hit with civil unrest and a deeper recession in the future. This is not to say that efforts to break up the nation will necessarily succeed but it is to say there will undoubtedly be attempts made that could succeed.

In the end there is no right or wrong about this, just different consequences. No nation state lasts forever, especially during times as daunting as these. The nation is now as divided as it was during the American Civil War. At that time there was a much greater willingness to go to war over conflicts. Now there is less willingness and so while there may be civil unrest and bloodshed, there may be no civil war over such division. These are times when the unthinkable can happen. This is good to keep in mind when considering what you want for the future of this country and the future of the world.

Can you speak of the death of a loved one? I just lost a close friend and am searching for meaning in a tragic and painful event.

What makes death painful is two things, the first is our attachment to what is temporary causing anguish and grief and second is the betrayal and anger we feel when they are gone. Their death reminds us of several unpleasant facts, that we ourselves are temporary inhabitants here and could go at any time without warning and that we have relied on this particular person to fill certain needs that now we must look for elsewhere. This may sound a bit cold but if you look closely behind the sentiments you will find these things are at the heart of suffering. Otherwise we would celebrate their going as a great victory. They successfully achieved their goal and have gone through a powerful initiation to the next phase of their existence. How we feel about death reflects our philosophy of life. If we are not sure about what happens after death it is a little harder to reconcile with death. If we assume they have gone to heaven or hell, this is not reassuring either because this makes it sound like we will never be with them again, especially if they have gone to the other one, the one we are not going to. On the other hand if we realize that human life is a dream in which we are seeing all facets of ourselves divided up into many people, then we can see that the separation that death seems to represent is a big lie. Our loved ones haven’t really gone anywhere. They are parts of ourselves in the process of reuniting with other parts of ourselves. This is why all the great spiritual masters insist that there is no death despite the very obvious appearance of dead bodies all around us. The shamanic path says something very similar, “ Never accept the outward appearance of things. Things are not as they seem.” Nothing could be truer.

What is your awareness of the 2012 Mayan Prophesies from a Shamanic perspective?

This is a complex question that cannot be answered briefly. First of all the Mayan prophecies are not as rigid as they are made out to be. There is more flexibility in them than appears on the surface. The Mayans say that the Calendar simply represents the end of an era because all eras come to an end and in front of them is mystery. In other words what we choose as a species is up to us and can go several ways, death and destruction or a Golden Age of heightened awareness. The prophecies represent probabilities but nothing so definite as we have interpreted them to mean. The prophecies invite us to look beyond appearances. This is the shamanic way. For example it appears that the human race is headed for catastrophe but if one does not accept appearances then the outcome can be very different.

Yes, the sun is going through dynamic processes of change as it has done periodically for millennia. These changes are accelerating as it moves toward an alignment with the center of the galaxy, something that happens periodically according to long measurable cycles. When this has happened before there have been catastrophes that ended previous civilizations. This civilization will end too. It has been dying for some time now to give birth to something new and more exalted.

Human beings are lazy and slow to change their habits. They are trapped by the ego into diverse illusions and they are strangely addicted to their suffering. They often believe they must be frightened near to death to make the changes needed for ongoing survival and evolution. So the Mayans were aware that humans would once again scare themselves witless in order to make the changes needed but they did not predict whether or not the human race would be successful at the change or whether they would simply run screaming into the horizon. Thus the outcome is to be determined.

It is important to remember that the physical universe is springing from the quantum field billions of times a second and therefore it is being recreated constantly in a kind of perpetual big bang. Shamanically speaking, it is not fixed nor is its illusionary future. The world and the times are really a dream being dreamed by us and yes, it can be re-dreamed any time we wish. In order to do this we will have to wake up more than we have and that is happening as we speak. There is nothing like a good scare to wake someone up. While we appear to be many diverse people there is in fact only one dreamer to wake up. Who is that one dreamer? Is it you or I or someone else? It is each one of us in fact. We are the one dreamer and the consequences of our dreams are meaningless because they are just that, dreams. As long as we are dreaming we may as well dream something joyful because the more joyful the dream the closer to reality it gets. Shamanically speaking we have been quite insane for most of our existence on this planet. If you were an advanced alien observing human behavior, would you not come to that conclusion quickly? Fortunately insanity is curable with a little reality. Shamanically speaking that reality is Spirit. And as has been said by much wiser beings, with Spirit anything is possible. Without Spirit nothing will work out.

Is there a definitive way to identify an animal spirit associated with one’s own human spirit?

There is no one single method but there are ways. One way is that this animal spirit will simply not leave you alone. It will show up in your dreams. It will appear in strange circumstances such as your finding it in a place that is not its habitat or coming upon it in a strange place like a deer trapped in your barn or like a coyote walking down Main Street. You will buy a magazine and there it will be displayed prominently on page one. As I am writing this a deer has shown up outside the window of my office. I am delighted at seeing one of my principle allies. She is big and brown with long soft ears. You get the idea.

In addition remember that any apparent differences between various spirits are actually fictional because there is only one Spirit. All animal spirits work for the Great Spirit.

Is this latest flu a manufactured virus to rid the world of excess population?

No, not in the sense of a deliberate act by a nefarious group. However, the human species does create its own reality by consensus decisions and in that sense it is part of a series of created attempts to rid the world of excess population. These hybrid viruses have been predicted for a long time now and they will keep coming. Some will fizzle and some won’t. Your best protection is not to dwell on it too much and therefore not give it a foothold in your mental space. Affirm your health and understand that you need not become ill if that is not in your spiritual best interest. If you must fly on planes or be in crowds of people it is helpful to smear a little Neosporin or similar skin antibiotic in your nostrils. If you choose a more natural method then lavender oil or high-grade frankincense oil is a good alternative. These will tend to eliminate airborne flu viruses as long as you are breathing through your nose.

My question is, what is the difference between ego and personality? How do they each originate? What’s their relation to each other? When I give things over to Spirit, who is the I that makes that choice? The “ego” in Freud’s definition –i.e. the choice-maker? Also, I experience having several quite different personalities. The curious kid, the sexy wench, the conscientious worker, the eloquent charmer, the hidden snotty bitch who mostly expresses herself through passive aggression . . . I guess Perls would call them sub-selves. Is this what is meant by “personality” in the Person Essence teachings?

According to Person Essence there is a true personality and a false personality. The true personality is made up of the overleaves in the positive poles and the sum total of your knowledge base and awareness including lessons learned in past lives. The true personality works closely with essence to accomplish setting it free from the entrapment of the false personality. The false personality is made up of your dragons/obstacles/chief features (however you want to call them), the negative poles of your overleaves (personality traits) and the activity of your centering trap. So, for example, if you have self-deprecation and are trapped in the emotional center you will feel awful and you will be responding from your negative poles making everyone around you miserable as well.

The problem in understanding comes from the different semantics used by different systems of thought, Buddhism, Freudian psychology and so on. In truth there is no disparity. Ego in the Buddhist sense uses the false personality to maintain control. Ego strength in the Western Psychology tradition is necessary for true personality to operate well. Yes, there are many subpersonalties that make up the self and there is a control personality that orchestrates or acts like a master of ceremonies. It is associated with ego strength. The subpersonalities may represent activity of the false personality or the true personality depending on many factors, wounding, trauma, karma etc.

In these swirly times, I’m wondering if you have any special advice on how to be a good friend to those we love without absorbing their drama. And when I say “drama,” I mean just that because some people seem to draw it to themselves. I am working on listening to my friends (to what turns out often to be their tales of woe), but I am also highly conscious of not wanting to take all of that into myself. But it isn’t very easy to be properly sympathetic but appropriately “removed” at the same time.

Yes, this is not particularly easy. The practice of Ho’oponopono is good for this sort of thing. On the outside you are listening and on the inside you are going through the simple four steps. 1. I’m sorry for dreaming you are not happy right now. 2. I’m sorry also for dreaming that I am not wanting to listen to you. 2. I forgive myself for this and I forgive you for dreaming that you are miserable. 3. I love you. I love myself. 4. Thank you for teaching me and helping me to set things right. Of course if they insist on sympathy and going on and on you owe it to yourself to excuse yourself.

Sometimes it is difficult for me to discern the best way to deal with something that doesn’t feel good. Is it best to just “not go there” and not feed it any energy and hope it will resolve itself while I focus on “the positives” and things that make me feel better? Or is it perhaps valuable to dive right in there and feel the sadness/anger and address the issue and look at what is really going on and hope thus to come out the other side feeling better? I realize this is a general question, so if you can offer some general guidelines that might be of help, I’d appreciate it.

This is a very good question as it confuses many people who are trying to take responsibility for themselves but at the same time are trying change their habits. This is not an either or question but more of a when question. When should you ignore it and when should you focus in?

First of all if this is something that has made you feel bad for years then chances are going through it again will only make you feel badly again. The ego loves conundrums and it tries to stick us with never ending problems that have no resolution. In this situation it is best to refuse to play. On the other hand if something is emerging that seems unfamiliar then it is best to turn around and face it head on because it wants to be healed. The trick is not to make a drama out of it or to make any assumptions about it.

Recently I did a process that stimulated some truly unpleasant feelings. I found I had to simply tolerate them like the bad feelings that come up during the first few day of a fast. I used a simple breathing technique that I have found very effective. On the in-breath you think the word “Accepting.” You offer no resistance to how you feel and the thoughts you are having. Just completely accept how it is in this moment. On the out-breath you think the word “Releasing” and send up to Spirit all that you just got through accepting. This is very effective because the only way you can release something is by accepting it first and giving it to Spirit is an excellent plan since you can’t solve it and Spirit is the only one who can.

Can you comment on Ascension, Ra, and Indigo Children?

OK. When people speak of ascension these days they are mostly referring to the process of waking up from being sound asleep and believing in the low frequency dream of this so called reality. Ascending is to reach for a higher amplitude, more light, an open heart and thus become a vehicle for the Christ energy that is now becoming more and more available. This does not mean actually going anywhere. It means experiencing a much better version of the dream instead of the nightmare that has prevailed for so long.

Ra was a manifestation of the infinite soul in Egypt millennia ago. After Ra came Siddartha Gautama and then Jesus, both manifestations of the infinite soul as well.

Indigo children are old souls who have recently been born and who have strong psychic and other abilities.

I joined Facebook about six months ago. Just recently I’ve become friends with people all the way back to high school. Even though it’s been over twenty plus years since any contact with them, there’s this nice feeling of re connection. I feel something larger is happening, and figure probably other folks are feeling this as well. Could you comment the significance of this happening for so many at this time?

There is indeed a great new emphasis on relationships of all kinds with the election of Obama and the shift on this planet to the relationship oriented stage. For example, during the 2009 Academy Awards there was an effort made to increase the intimacy by bringing the stage much closer to the audience and groups of former Oscar winners spoke directly and intimately with the new nominees. The whole flavor was warm and relationship oriented and the few who could not get with this program stood out like sore thumbs. You will see this happening everywhere you turn. Success is no longer king. Every aspect of relationships are now the focus and will be from now on.

Hallo Guys,
Here are some Muslim participants in your newsletters.
Only a few words or a brief comment about on-going savage of Israel on Gaza city? ……Turkey

The Israelis and the Palestinians are a perfect example of almost any two tribes in conflict in the world. Here I will not presume to discuss what is fair or what is not fair, who is right and who is wrong. Let us instead look at the nature of conflict. Here we have group ego activity, massive projections onto the perceived other, a favorite tool of the ego to divide people and make them forget they are one. Much as they might hate to admit it, the two groups share a common heritage. They are brothers and sisters.

Although the names of the territories are different, there is nothing new about this conflict, as it has been going on for centuries. There are two elements at work here:

1. The ancestral patterns that enable the conflict.
2. The actual karmic conflict between two groups of people.

With regard to the ancestral pattern, we have a formerly proud people who a thousand years ago were at the pinnacle of civilization, leaders in mathematics, science, philosophy, and culture that have lost their former position of supremacy in this part of the world. They feel badly about this and the other side never lets them forget their inferior status in these times. The Israelis represent modern urban culture and the Palestinians represent rural culture and these are seen to clash, one rich, one poor, one technologically advanced, one less so. The judgment of the other by each side produces intolerance and rage that results in attempts to destroy the other. As of this time either one would eradicate the other if given the opportunity. However this would accomplish nothing, so it is not viable.

The second element has to do with the karma of peoples in conflict. The basic rule of the physical plane is “that which one resists is that which one becomes.” Thus if someone hates blacks and enslaves them they will become black and enslaved. If someone mistreats women they will become a woman and be mistreated and so on. When on the other side of the equation, there is a tendency to become just as fiercely opposed to that which they just were. So the man who mistreats women will become a woman who hates men. This hatred will require becoming a man again and on and on.

On the group level tribe often attacks tribe and nation attacks nation. Hate grows as does resistance to the other and prejudice prevails. When the white Europeans slaughtered the Red Man in America they were destined to become the downtrodden Red Man in their reservations. When the Germans invaded Russia they were destined to become Russians struggling to survive and the Russians became Finns whose lands they had invaded.

Anyone who harbors deep hatred of another group whether justified or not is destined to become them. Sometimes these hatreds migrate from one nation to another as people incarnate in various parts of the world. Some of the Japanese who invaded Pearl Harbor became Americans sent to Iraq, destined to become Iraqis and so on. Germans became Jews, Jews became Arabs, Arabs have become Jews, a very complex situation of resistances, prejudices, hatreds, and feelings of victimization. Thus we can know something about the challenges of the Israelis and the Palestinians. They will continue to become one another until they are utterly tired of their conflict and realize that only love between them is the answer. This may take some time but already there are many on both sides who know this, who have learned this. These are the people who are free to become whatever they choose rather than to become what they resist.

As of this writing a cease-fire has been declared between the two nations and both are claiming to be the winners, a child’s game of king of the mountain. Yet truly there have been no winners, only losers in this nasty karmic game. The only thing that will work in the end is a deep mutual apology for the hatred engendered and acted upon. For in all truth there is no one to blame. Blaming ensures the karmic path will continue and it maintains the fantasy that somebody is doing something to someone else. In this drama the Israelis, because they are so afraid of Hamas, have drawn upon themselves the hatred and attacks of Hamas and the Palestinians, because they are so afraid of the Israelis, have drawn upon themselves the invasion by the Israelis. Both are pretending to be the victims of the other. This is absolutely absurd. Perhaps if each side were to attempt to repair the damage they have inflicted on the other, the wounds would begin to heal. Unfortunately this is not likely at this time, so more conflict is probable until everyone is sufficiently exhausted.

You often bring in Christian, Hindu, Buddhist and Shamanic Teachings but seldom mention Islamic teachings in your articles. Why is that?

While I took courses in Islam in graduate school, discussing Islamic teachings can easily be misinterpreted, leading to misunderstanding in today’s world climate. Therefore I choose to respectfully leave comments about Islamic teachings to Islamic scholars and those who follow the teachings of that religion.

Is there anything we should be watching out for in these challenging times? Give us a heads up.

Well, among many things you might want to consider notions from Quantum physics theory and from the current astrology of the planet. In the context of science, “As Chaos approaches, novelty increases.” There is no doubt that as structures break down, chaos will be increasing on all levels of society, the economies of the world, and international relations. Structure holds habit patterns or fixed ways of doing things. Chaos breaks down structure. Saturn, prominent in the current astrology, is the planet of fixed structures. Uranus the planet of change is pulling in the opposite direction creating more chaos. In the long run Uranus will carry the day and old patterns will give way to change. Out of chaos comes novelty or new things. Some of these new, unpredictable events, like mutations, can become very problematic. They are things no one anticipated like when the best-laid plans go awry. On the other hand evolution depends upon mutations or novelty. So, some unpredictable turn of events will be amazingly helpful. The trick is to downplay or give little energy to the novelties that are unwanted and to focus heavily on those novelties that represent great opportunities. These exist at all levels including local ones having to do with your relationships and personal opportunities. Watch for the novelties and determine if there are some you can ride like a wave of success. In this way you can evolve and successfully navigate the shoals of the transition from a young soul to mature soul world.

Recently polls have shown that Americans are increasingly angry at how the country has been handled and fearful for their futures. What can we do about this difficult state of affairs?

As the Course in Miracles states “Fear is never, ever justified.” It represents a failure of trust, a failure to understand the presence of Spirit in everything. Because people believe fear is justified, they create fearful conditions that then reinforce their belief. This is another giant lesson for the future. The false personality depends upon fear to maintain itself. Out of fear comes anger and hatred. These are two of the most prevalent emotions present among the American people today. They must be erased at all costs in order to successfully move past the current crisis.

However the antidote to fear is love coming in the forms of inspiration, compassion, hope, faith, and trust. While in short supply for a long time these are making a comeback on the world stage as symbolized by the world’s election of Barack Obama. What will help will be his leadership message to move away from fear toward compassion, the positive pole of priest. Then slowly the American people can grow out of their fear and anger.

I love your newsletters and articles… I forward them on to all of my friends who I consider to be ‘aware.’ Something we discuss frequently is how to prepare for the changes ahead… we all KNOW there will be changes… we do the work we think we should… but I wonder if you can provide us with some insight on HOW to exactly prepare best for what’s to come. Is it just a ‘knowingness’? An opening to love?

This is an excellent question for these times. The best possible thing you can do is to remember as often as possible that you are dreaming and inventing this thing called your reality. At first this won’t seem to mean much but with practice you will be begin to gain much insight about the ramifications of this. If you are the dreamer then you are also the dreamed and the process of dreaming. Do not make the error of thinking that it is your surface personality (the tip of the iceberg) that is doing all this. It is the main body of the iceberg, your psyche that handles this process. Knowing this however puts you into the power seat, the one who can actually do something about the dream.

Make it a point then to dream actively. What is the world you want for your children? How would it be if you waved your Harry Potter’s wand to be the world of your dreams? This begins the process like those first few snowflakes that start an avalanche moving. Dream this dream often and like Gandhi’s famous phrase you “become the change you want to see.” Spend no time fearing the worst. In fact, take a fear fast. Agree with yourself that no matter what, you will not indulge in any fear whatsoever. A great phrase from the Course in Miracles is “Fear is never justified.” Your mind will argue with that statement over and over but in the end, if you are truly aligned with Spirit, it is true. Repeat that phrase often to remind yourself. Remember that indulgence in fear has never ever worked well. Do you know any fearful people that are happy and that you would like to change places with? Ask yourself, “Would you rather live for the rest of your life in intense fear or would you rather die fearlessly a little earlier?”

Then go about your business. Do what you enjoy doing. Be of service in the best way you know how. Make time to listen to Spirit by setting aside some quiet time.

Would Jose be willing to put a prayer for these anxious times on the website? I think it would be useful and comforting for us all.

Sure. Use this prayer as a template for your own unique and spontaneous prayer each day.

Great Spirit (insert here your preferred name for the Source),

Thank you for my life, for my awareness, for creating me to share the universe with you.

Thank you for giving me the power to create just like you.

Help me to wake up from my dream, from all the distractions and all the illusions at this time.

Help me to remember who and what I truly am, a being who is exactly as you created me to be, nothing less.

Lately my dream has shown me a world polarized, a world where the structures seem to be falling apart, a world of great stress and worry, a world filled with fear and hatred.

Thanks for reminding me that those are old and immature parts of myself that I am releasing now just like toxins I release during a cleansing fast.

I know the world is as I dream it and it is time for a fresh new dream aligned with your intent.

May my intent be your intent, may my willingness be your will, may I accept myself fully and unconditionally along with all my brothers and sisters.

Bolster my imagination so that I envision a world of harmony, a world of beauty and balance.

May I be aligned with the transformation that is upon us and be of service in bringing about the most positive outcomes for our planet.

May my nation and all nations be healed, may fear be abated, may we choose inspired leadership to support our will and highest dreams.

May love prevail and may my heart sing with happiness each day as I go about my business.

May I remain untouched by the ups and downs of daily life, the drama, the concern, and let me know for a fact that all is turning out well.

I am walking your path of good fortune, always.

May you be blessed and may you bless this dream and me the dreamer.

Bless all of nature that it be healed and infused with your greatest beauty, bless all the people that they find peace, joy, abundance, and health.


I have a question regarding 2012 please. I have found plenty of material, esoteric and otherwise, to suggest and corroborate that we live in fascinating, yet dangerous times and there has been and are major changes ahead. However my question is, or perhaps I seek a validation, as to what lies ahead? What does seem to stick out in my memory with regard to the above is Carlos Casteneda’s Don Juan, when he suggests to Carlos that the dinosaurs intended to fly and they became our modern day birds. So, what will we as humans intend? What are we leaning toward? What is the majority thoughtform? Is it a race of super and/or mutated humans, like our latest movie/tv programs are propagating? Or are we to leave this planet and colonize elsewhere or both of the above? Would appreciate your perspective on this.

The actual subconscious intent of the majority is an end to violence, an end to greed and the pursuit of an equitable, sustainable world that is much more fraternal than the one today. The vast majority of people are sickened by terrorism and the imperialism that has dominated human history for so long. So the human race intends to be peaceful, artistic, philosophical, and yes, technologically advance. Don’t be fooled by media emphasis on all that is wrong in the world. This is not the majority position nor does it represent the intent of the human race. Rather it is the last gasp of a bygone era. Despite all the conflict humans will learn to control their birthrates and the population will actually be smaller and life will be of a higher quality. This process will take about three hundred years to be fully implemented, a fairly short time historically speaking. We must be patient. As they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Real colonizing of other planets is a long, long way off, so that is not a solution for the near future. Besides, why export our problems before we have solved them here? There will be experiments in mutation and some disasters will transpire as humans discover the dangers with interfering with nature. This has already happened but the lesson has not yet been learned. A wiser future awaits. Take heart.

Is the bailout a conspiracy by the big money families to once again take control of the wealth on this planet?

No, in this case there is not a conspiracy. This meltdown has been predicted for many years and is exactly on time. The time duplicates the same pattern as the market meltdown in the 1920’s. The difference is that it is the end of the line for business as usual. The old paradigm is finished and all attempts to save it and return to normal will only work temporarily and will ultimately fail. It’s time for a new game. Everyone needs to put their creative thinking caps on because what is coming will have to be totally new. The era of the fat cats is coming to a close so even if this were a strategy by them to consolidate more wealth it will not work. They would have over played their hand. Look for further crumbling in the various systems that uphold the structure of traditional thinking. There will be continual meltdowns on a global scale. Welcome to turmoil for several years. This one’s not going away. Yet there will be a renaissance and there will be a business world that is very profitable in years to come based on all the new, excellent ideas coming down the road. Business will be more equitable, more sustainable and more relationship oriented. Greed will no longer be the mode of the day and values will be placed on service to the many and not just the few.

All these years I’ve been on a bit of a warpath about use of alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, and hallucinogens. Now I’m wondering if I’ve been too rigid. Could Jose discourse on substance use and abuse?

As the Buddha so aptly stated: All things in moderation. This applies to substances as well. Since the dawn of time humans have sought to alter their consciousness with a wide variety of substances. Why? Because the experience can be:

1. Pleasurable.
2. Provide ways of seeing that are alternative to the usual.
3. Can temporarily release repression and rigidity in the personality allowing people to approach one another who normally would not.
4. Can open avenues of perception that allow the logos to be seen and known.
5. Can open the door to deep personal insight and wisdom.

And so much more. Therefore people feel that it is worth the risks and the downsides for what they get. In the early days people watched animals, like reindeer or birds, consume hallucinogenic plants or fermented berries and act funny. So they tried the plants themselves and discovered what happened and they liked the results. Eventually consuming these substance worked their way into the social fabric and spiritual ceremonies and feast days were the result. These served to make the communities more cohesive. More recently with the fabrication of laboratory substances there have been greater dangers such as the damaging effects of methamphetamine. Some naturally occurring substances like the coca plant and the poppy have been artificially refined and turned into pharmaceuticals and then have been abused heavily. When a mind-altering substance is taken out of its natural state, and is turned into a cash crop that is then refined for mass consumption, big problems arise. The plant ally, originally a spiritual friend and helper to humans, becomes an enemy and destroys them instead. These are the consequences of using plants for non-ceremonial or community building purposes.

People with a dragon of self-destruction can easily use substances to be destructive just as they use everything in their lives that way. They tend to give the consumption of mind-altering substances a bad name. This is a very big topic that I can hardly do justice to here but at least you get the idea.

The obesity epidemic has been getting a lot of attention lately and the numbers are pretty impressive. It is even spreading worldwide. Is there a greater spiritual reason for so many people getting big or is it just too much junk food?

These are difficult, unstable times that make people anxious and they take comfort in what makes them feel temporarily warm and secure inside. It also deadens them to feelings of sensitivity or looking too closely at themselves. In addition, there are chemicals in so-called ‘foods’ that make these non-foods very attractive to taste buds. The body does not know what to do with so many indigestible chemicals and so it simply stores them in fat. Voila! People get fat in droves. Spiritually speaking this is just a symptom of people’s fearful reaction to difficult changes in the world.

These are self-destructive times. The polar fear is greed and thus many people seek the love they feel they are missing by fixating on something. For many the fixation is food. They have the illusion that food will provide the love they seek but this of course is folly. Love can never be found in substitutes nor can it be found in externals. Love is always within so there is no need to go look for it nor is there a need to bloat the body with food to get it. The only way to unleash the love within is to extend it to others and then it will be revealed within. Food has nothing to do with it.

Would appreciate your perspective on this question – Why does other channeled material (like Kryon, Tom -The only planet of choice, etc) maintain that Jews are ‘chosen people’ or special in some way due their suffering. Without any disrespect or disregard to my Jewish counterparts, I must ask what about others? Many have suffered, I personally would think it was black people or Indians in India under British rule or the Red Indians under the colonizers – this could go on. I am sure there are many other race/ nationalities that feel this way. Is there more to this situation? I would like to hear ‘Michael’s’ perspective on this please. Thank you.

This is a good question because it gives us the opportunity to generalize to any group, race, or gender. First of all there is no validity to any channeled information that Jews or any other group of people are more special in any way than any other group of people. All divisions are delusions anyway within the context of the Tao’s point of view. Bear in mind that human beings reincarnate in all races, groups etc throughout all historical periods. In other words a Jew today may be a Palestinian in the next life or vice versa. Usually people become what they resist the most, black, white, male, female, poor, Japanese, or Mexican. There is nothing special about suffering as it is all the product of false personality. Essence does not suffer-ever. Even Jesus did not suffer in the end because he no longer identified with the body. Sometimes mediums distort the information due to their own guilt, identifications, resistance, or sense of drama. No one is special. No one is not special. People choose to become Jewish because they want the experience of being part of a culture that includes certain themes. Sometimes they want to experience exclusion or martyrdom, sometimes a strong bonding of community, sometimes the genetics that come with that group and so on. But that does not mean being of that race, group, or gender is in any way special. If they believe that then they are in the firm grip of the delusions of the false personality.

Would you please post some brief comments to share with family and friends who are not aware of the “spiritual shifts” occurring at this time? Something to explain the changes are important and necessary, and also give the reader insight, understanding and hope. Thanks.

Currently the world is going through puberty, a profound transition involving the human race leaving the self- centeredness of childhood behind and entering into a more mature understanding of relationships and communication. This is a difficult and painful transition just as puberty can be for many people and will not be accomplished without upheaval and a great deal of resistance to change.

Change is being forced on the world population and the stress builds up to almost intolerable levels accounting for much madness, violence, political polarization, and general mayhem. All this will pass by in a very short period of time, perhaps by 2025. Those who resist will suffer terribly. Those who accept the changes and focus on developing themselves spiritually will fare quite well.

I have some questions regarding Hollow/ Middle Earth please.

Would love to hear your explanation regarding the above theories; i.e. Whether our planet is hollow? – And does this explain where (among others places) shamans journey too and/or stories like Gullivers Travels – was this an Inner earth experience? Also (if at all) why the sudden resurgence of all matters regarding Inner Earth, hence movies like Tolkiens Lord of the rings and the latest movies- The Golden Compass & Journey to the centre of the Earth. Are we being prepared (as a species) for contact with other beings from Inner Earth.

First it helps to understand that shamanically speaking the Earth and for that matter the physical plane is all an agreed upon or shared dream. Understanding that it is a dream helps open the mind to greater possibilities. The consensus dream is that the Earth has a solid iron crystal core and it does. However, dreams are fluid and allow for many variations or dimensions, including that superimposed in the space occupied by the iron core are other dreamed spaces that people can tap into and exchange information with. Since this is a time when people are being pushed to move from their concrete view of reality to a more quantum physics view that includes parallel universes and alternate possibilities, these themes of an inner Earth are emerging to expand human consciousness.

Is there a reason for this revival of Beatle music now, and what were the Beatles roles and soul ages?

The Beatles were a little before their time. They pointed to times ahead when people would be more able to understand their message, especially that of John Lennon. John was an old scholar with a goal of growth, 2nd level or artisan level, a natural philosopher; George Harrison was an old warrior with a goal of growth, also 2nd level, a deeply spiritual man. Paul is an artisan, 7th level mature, a romantic idealist with a goal of acceptance and Ringo Starr is an old warrior, first level with a goal of relaxation. They represent everyman so that all can relate to them and this gave them access to a worldwide audience. They of course were a quadrant with a life task of helping to move the world from young soul to mature soul through music.

I am wondering if you could speak on the year 2012 and the validity of the Mayan calendar?

OK. The Mayans were an exceptionally tuned in people regarding cycles of time. They understood that there are cycles within cycles and that each is tied to highly structured evolutionary processes. They were able to accurately calculate that in approximately 2012 a long evolutionary cycle would be completed and a new one would start. In quantum physics terms 2012 represents a variety of singularity points. For example knowledge, scientific expertise, computing power and so on keeps doubling every eighteen months. At some point the acceleration become so exponential that the acceleration curve goes vertical. For example as soon as computers become powerful enough and capable of reinventing themselves in ever-greater forms of sophistication their power will become total. Scientists have calculated that this will occur in 2012.

What happens then? No one can know or predict. What we can know is that life will completely transform as we know for better or for worse. Conscious awakening will also be making a quantum leap at that time so who knows what doors will open allowing human beings to redeem themselves of so many poor judgments and policies. Many speak of the Christ consciousness, an extremely high frequency making itself available at that time. Many will be able to tune into it transforming themselves. There are also signs that the earth is preparing itself to go through an axis change, the polarities flipping as they have done in the past. All of these events may be accompanied by very difficult physical conditions on the Earth. On the other hand the false personalities’ grip on the world will be seriously weakened and no longer will be the great influence it has been in the past. Love will be much more pervasive.

2012 is not the end of the earth but simply a transition point that will be followed by years of chaos as all the old structures are blown away and replaced by new more appropriate ones. This period of chaos should be completed by the early 2020’s followed by greater stability. Prepare yourself for a wild ride but do not be fearful. Whatever happens it will be totally appropriate and whatever it is it will be what we deserve.

What is happening in Kenya and why?

Can you say who won the election?
What are the themes that this country and the 100 million or so people affected by this are experiencing?
Why this and why now?
Where is all this tribal hatred coming from?
What are the leaders in the negotiations likely to do either literally or by reading the energy of what’s coming up?
How does this kind of thing fit into our collective evolution?
Why was the economic growth and increasing stability and relative peace jeopardized for an ideal?
Is there a more optimal direction that the country could take?
Any other pertinent issues you might “see” into this situation.

What is happening in Kenya is so unfortunate considering that it is one of the only African nations to have had a reasonably stable government, a working economy, and an excellent trade in tourism. First let us remember that this is a year where the dragon of self-destruction is the most influential of all the obstacles. In addition there are two very difficult problems that have plagued Kenya despite its success and either one of these two can create havoc in a country under certain conditions. When these two are entwined together, they create a recipe for disaster. The first is the corruption endemic to much of Africa and much of the world for that matter. Despite its stability, Kenya has had deep-seated corruption throughout not only its governmental structure but its business life as well. Influence can be bought, bribes are common, and funds find their way into the pockets of the influential and powerful. Corruption of course is a chief cause of poverty, one of the most destructive forces on the planet. Poverty fosters more corruption and this cycle can undo any nation that allows it.

The second obstacle is the strong presence of rival factions, tribes who find their identity within their own group. While tribes can and do get along on the surface, underneath there are ancient hatreds, envies, and distrust. In ancient times human beings needed tribal identity to survive on the planet but today tribal identities are often in conflict with a nation who needs its population to hang together to meet higher goals. As long as tribal identities exist there is the potential for unscrupulous power hungry types (younger souls) to take advantage of ancient feelings of distrust and work them into open conflict. When this happens mob mentality takes over and anarchy begins to reign. This is of course what has been happening in Kenya recently as it has happened all over Africa. This is nothing more than the work of the false personality trying to maintain its grip on human beings through its favorite game of divide and conquer. This year it is working hard using the self-destruction influence to take nations apart. Another version of it is now taking place in Colombia, Venezuela, and Ecuador.

Unfortunately factions supporting the incumbent in Kenya influenced the elections so that it appeared that they had won. To actually iron this mess out, to reconstruct the elections is extremely difficult if not impossible now. Naturally, because this election fell according to tribal lines, the outcome has been horrific. Right now on the planet there are forces that, as predicted, are exceptionally polarizing and this lends itself to tribal conflicts. In the USA, except for Native American Nations, the current tribes are more ideological, Republicans and Democrats. In Kenya they are ancient tribal bloodlines. No matter how nostalgic people feel about their tribes, tribes are doomed on this planet because their day is done. The future is the union of all tribes into one grand people. Then the game will be up.

In addition to polarizing factors there are astrological influences that promote the dissolving of old structures that are not tenable. Because the frequency is going up on the planet day by day the stress mounts to the breaking point. That which is weak tends to break down and destruction ensues. The fearful younger souls are like unsupervised children out of control. The more mature souls are non violent and tend to be victimized by roving gangs. How far the break down will go is unpredictable. Kenya is like an exemplar in the forces at work in the world today and is showing what is possible if society is allowed to break down due to greed and the struggle for personal power.

What you can do under these kinds of circumstances?

Obviously no one person can go to a county like Kenya and personally make it change course. Yet an individual can have a powerful effect on the outcome by working to release the problem internally. This requires sitting quietly and focusing on the situation for a short time without indulging in negative emotions. Scan the situation and realize that it is a projected dream that is amenable to transformation. Realize the desire to have the outcome be different, peaceful, and productive. Recognize that the current situation is unacceptable and that you are sorry such insanity is happening within your experience. Release the pent up tension you might be experiencing by apologizing to yourself for whatever contribution you have made to the situation by experiencing it this way. In other words do not direct blame anywhere but take responsibility for the situation. Do not resist it in any way, simply see that it need not be and that there are powerful forces that can set things right. Strongly project that the outcome is positive and allow yourself to believe that there can be a much better scenario. Allow yourself to feel strong love for Kenya and its people and for yourself who deserves to have a better experience. Give thanks for a better outcome.

Why is the economy falling apart?

During this historical time frame (mainly the period between now and 2020) there is a kind of destabilizing influence on the planet. All structures and organizations that are not highly adaptive to a new, higher frequency will begin to dismantle. In some cases they will partially fall apart and then regroup according to a new paradigm or in other cases they will totally self-destruct.

In past articles we have discussed the two great human fears that every human being struggles with: abandonment and entrapment. These two fears show up everywhere including the world’s biggest economic and governmental structures. The result is that roughly two economic structures have emerged that represent the two great fears and these seem to have been pitted against each other. For our purposes I will group socialism and communism into one general camp representing the fear of abandonment and capitalism in the other camp representing the fear of entrapment.

In the first camp are structures that arose out of fear that someone in society might be left out or abandoned. Thus we have socialized medicine and big government with lots of regulations. The only problem is that in this camp individual effort has been squelched. In the second camp, capitalism, the fear is that individual initiative will be trapped and oppressed by the greater needs of the community. Thus we have an effort to reduce government controls, deregulation, and great freedom to become wealthy without regard for the environment or the needs of others. Neither structure is balanced, therefore both have had and will have a tendency to collapse. Because of people’s unwillingness to see this and prepare for change, both may collapse without a viable alternative, plunging the world into a time of chaos. The good news is that desperation is the mother of invention and thus new structures hitherto unthought-of of will be emerging.

The world is about to experience a huge economic upheaval and no part of it will emerge unscathed. Those structures that both reward individual effort and yet address the needs of everyone will fare the best and show their strength and viability. All efforts to keep the old system alive through smoke and mirrors will ultimately fail. The Fed is the last to know. Bail out programs and efforts to stimulate consumer spending are doomed. Those of you with creative minds put your thinking caps on quickly. You are needed.

Q. Why have the holidays been so tough even after I have done so much work on myself this last year?

Welcome to the club. The holidays have been very tough because massive change is afoot. The instinctive center times are here already and they are demanding a cleanout of the subconscious. All those patterns and subconscious materials that keep frequency low are being stimulated to either be ousted or be raised up to something of a higher level. The danger is that in feeling so uncomfortable you will choose to attack yourself or feel like a failure. Whatever you do, do not attack yourself. The alternative is that in your discomfort you will be irritable and attack others for being imperfect. Step back and witness. Like Jesus was wont to say, “Be passersby,” or in the words of Zen, “Keep don’t know mind.” We are typically not smart enough to understand our own processes. Our analytical minds are in league with false personality anyway so figuring things out is often useless as a strategy.

Intent is more productive. Intend what outcome you want and tell Spirit to intensify it a hundred thousand times. Then do your best to be quiet. If you have a hard time keeping quiet then just repeat the mantra, “I am as I am supposed to be.” Or “I follow, You lead.” Start your discipline now. Its going to get tougher.

Q. Many thanks to Jose for the Gratitude, Forgiveness, Blessing writings in the November article. It has been very useful to me in a heart-connected way. However, intellectually I am wondering whether Jose would be kind enough to expand on “Blessing.” He will be amused to know that it is a minister that is asking about blessing.

Here are some brief thoughts about the matter. Blessing from the ego or personality alone is not effective since there is no power there, just arrogance and self importance. When you bless you are coming from that place of being Spirit. In order to do so successfully you need to experience that you are blessed by Spirit and therefore are simply extending these blessings beyond you to others, in other words, doing the work of Spirit. Therefore it is very difficult for people to experience that they can bless others if they are not in touch with being blessed. This is a major stumbling block for many people. If they are carrying around a burden of guilt, they themselves have extricated themselves from Spirit’s blessings, feeling they do not deserve to be blessed. How can they then bless others feeling this way? It is not that they can’t, it is really that they won’t because they insist on seeing themselves as guilty and therefore undeserving and needing to be punished. The second they re-decide this issue they are instantly ready to bless.

This is why Jesus insisted over and over that “Your sins are forgiven you.” What he actually meant was, “Whatever you are holding against yourself, drop it. It does not exist. You are blessed and you are free to bless.”

Q. What is the bright light in the sky? Have y’all seen the new light in the sky at night? It is visible with the naked eye, and has become the brightest object in the sky. I’ve been watching it and searching for news reports and prophecy about it. Is it a comet, a UFO, or a second sun coming into our solar system?

The glib answer is that this light in the sky is anything you believe it to be and that is not far from the truth. A more thoughtful response follows. Indeed this periodic comet 17P/Holmes is the blue sun of Hopi prophecies, the final and 9th major prophecy that predicts the beginning of the end times or the end of the fourth world and the beginning of the fifth world. This corresponds with the beginning of a night cycle according to the Mayan prophecies leading up to the end of their calendar in 2011 or 2012, depending on which interpretation you wish to follow. Although this bright light is clearly a comet it is described as a sun in the Hopi translation. It is technically not a UfO because it is not an unidentified flying object but rather it is a known comet acting strangely and unpredictably. We, as well as many others have said that Fall 2007 would mark some major events that would signal great changes for the world. These have now begun to take place. The end times according to Hopi prophecy do not signal the end of the world, only the end of a phase that will transition into a new phase of life on the planet. It will be accompanied by much transformation, change, dissolving of old structures, death, fear, and upset. It may very well involve limited nuclear exchange. In the Hopi prophecy the blue sun is followed closely by a red sun that will signal a huge choice point for the human race. The transition is clearly here and the most intense part will take place in the next two years. Welcome to transformation.

Q. I always love the Q&A part of your newsletter … so here’ a question. It just strikes me as amazing that we got George Bush and all that goes with him, all this war, lowering of US esteem, belligerence, torture, lies, etc., when we should have had Al Gore, now a Nobel laureate…if it hadn’t been for Bush’s nefarious means. But, what else was/is going on here? The U.S.’s karma? A way of speeding up the deconstruction so that the message of people like Al Gore in his environmental capability can shine? Bush has done more harm in his few years than can be rectified in possibly decades. Gore wouldn’t have gotten us into war and would have been an environmental president. Well, I realize these are questions we asked after that Supreme Court ruling, but I’m asking again. What is shining through here that I don’t see? What does The Big Picture tell us?

Although many would rather not hear this, the fact is that the people of the United States got the president that best represents their collective feelings and belief systems. You can see that the country is split and the truth is that at the time of the elections, despite the voter fraud and corruption, the people demonstrated more fear and insecurity than environmental concern and the confidence to pursue a peaceful path. The president the country ended up with was the result of collective beliefs that a warrior (not a scholar) was needed to handle perceived terrorist activity and insecurity about resources (oil). The man Bush best represented this stance. He was not an intellectual just as most of the country is not intellectual. He does not read just as most people no longer read but prefer media distractions to entertain them. He catered to the conservative side because in reality the USA is quite conservative in many respects. Being a 7th level young warrior with dominance, perseverance, and arrogance he represented values ingrained in America: “We are the best, most powerful and richest nation and everyone should do as we say. Might makes right.” Now granted you may be someone who does not feel that way at all, including all your friends. But the truth be told this is what the majority of Americans, even many liberals subconsciously have been imprinted to believe and with a little propaganda it comes to the surface. Look at all the politicians who supported the war and who still pander to the administration. Americans believe in the power of business and capitalism, and Bush, not Gore, represented these interests more.

Q. Please explain what and who the “Indigo children” are and why they have come to the planet now. What is their purpose? Also, as some of us are parents to these children, how can we be of service to them in their spiritual and physical growth? Thank you.

There is much attention on a new generation of children who show special abilities but there is little agreement about who they are or how they behave. Now many parents feel their children are special and want them to be part of a unique and special group, especially parents of children who have behavioral problems. In this way they can feel better about the fact that the children they have been given to raise are difficult. This often points to the activity of ego in the parents and their wish for self-importance or specialness and this accounts for some of the interest in what are called Indigo children. Nevertheless there are many children being born who do show special aptitudes and abilities. These are nothing more than older souls who have agreed to be born at this time to help with the transition of the planet from young soul to mature soul in this twenty five year period. Older souls always demonstrate more abilities even as small children and they always have. If you could look into the past you would find many incidents of children with these special abilities. Incidentally older souls children are usually advanced, kind, generous, loving, and are not behavior problems. They usually show a lot of wisdom at a young age.

There is no need to create the drama around them that they are extraterrestrial or that they are aliens or from some special galaxy far away. In fact this does them a grave disservice. Imagine being labeled an extra terrestrial. They are part of the hundred billion people who are incarnating on the Earth at this time however they are from the group with more experience. Almost seven billion of the hundred billion are currently incarnate. Most, at any given time, are waiting in the wings for their next incarnation.

On Earth there are and always have been spectators or observers from other sentient species in the universe but they do not incarnate here because this is not the location where they have their karmic debts or sums as Jesus put it. Once karma begins it has to be completed where it is. For the typical sentient being you can’t play on two planets at once unless you are so advanced as to be capable of being beyond karma. Sometimes these very advanced essences show up to help human beings out.

Q. So many people are addicted to a variety of things. What is addiction all about and what can be done about it?

This is a big topic and warrants a longer article but here we’ll deal with the core issue. Up to eighty percent of Americans are addicted to something: methamphetamines and other drugs, alcohol, tobacco, food, caffeine, shopping, sex, gambling, and the internet. Technically addiction influences brain function, specifically the action of dopamine involved in the chemical pleasure reward system gone out of whack. Anyone can become addicted to something if they are exposed to enough of a stimulus response routine. However many people simply steer away from that compulsive stimulus response because other things have more interest or meaning for them. The most effective alternative is a spiritual path. Thus we can say that people allow themselves to become seriously addicted because a) they want to feel better than they do b) as a self medication for depression, disillusionment, anxiety, and so on in an insane culture and c) as a desire to experience something more intense and exciting than their ordinary experience that seems dull or again, meaningless to them. Once an addiction builds up it can be totally irrational and difficult to handle and eradicate.

All addictions are a form of spiritual crisis. In every case it is the false personality or ego that has taken over control of the personality in order to subjugate the person and keep them from being free to find Spirit. The paradox is that often the quest for Spirit is derailed into an addiction. God is what the person really wants (although they often don’t know it) and the hopelessness of a life stuck in a body under the illusion of separation is so odious that the person will do anything to numb the pain. The search for God in a bottle or a pill just gets the person farther and farther away from what they are truly seeking.

In the short run treatment programs no shorter than ninety days seem to help people the most at breaking their addiction. The people who stay involved in some form of treatment for years appear to do the best. Ultimately the only real solution is to recognize that life in a body is an illusion and that what one really is, is Spirit. Finding religion can be a temporary help but religions fail to actually free people to find Spirit so they fail in the long run. Only truly awakening to who one is can truly cure an addiction. That is why the people who have the most success at resolving their addictions are older souls. More often younger souls just don’t have enough awareness to break the cycle and the addiction leads to their death.

Q. What is depression and what can I do about it?

Depression is created by a combination of variables mostly beginning with some belief or repetitive thought process. The thought usually has the theme of being trapped or helpless to change the current undesired situation. This thought then creates feelings of helplessness, discouragement, and hopelessness that reinforce the thought process in a vicious cycle. There seems to be no end in sight. The result is chemical and hormonal changes in the body and feelings of deep fatigue. Amusement seems completely absent and the energy body frequency drops extremely low. From this low frequency it is quite difficult to shrug off depression and feel good again. Bear in mind that depression can also result from certain types of drugs and from lack of physical rest and exhaustion.

The main order of business is to raise ones frequency up again through any number of these methods often in combination: Playing certain types of inspirational music; letting sunlight into the eyes and on the skin for fifteen minutes or more; praying; singing even if forced at first; whistling; focusing on gratitude; recalling a time that felt better; imagining standing inside of an octahedron with the vertical axis through the spine; focusing on the heart filling with the gold of truth, the rose of love, and the electric blue of energy in that order; moving the body vigorously; smelling flowers; visiting with animals and petting them; lying face down upon the earth and telling her your sorrows; and so on. You can use the Abraham method of gradually moving your feeling through a step by step process by going to whatever feels slightly better than the current emotion and eventually finding release. Often the first emotion that feels slightly better is anger. This raises the frequency gradually. One good method to combat depression is to imagine being filled up and surrounded by chocolate brown for a few minutes-then imagine gold replacing it. This mud bath gets rid of a lot of unwanted subconscious material.

In these coming times there will be increasing temptation to fall into depression. You must not give in to it but are better off fighting it off through any of the above methods. The worst thing you can do is to passively accept it.

Q.Why are all the honey bees dying off?

There is no one simple single cause to the bees demise. Basically this is the scenario: Bees are very sensitive to the energy levels, frequency, and environmental conditions on the planet, something that is dramatically changing right now with help from a rapidly changing sun along with human created sources as well. Normally this would be enough to stress the bees a great deal but not kill them. However the bee’s health has been seriously compromised by a number of conditions that you can readily read about in the news. Bee’s immune systems are severely weakened by monoculture, being trucked (highly stressful) to the same kind of plants over and over instead of being given variety as is natural. They are also affected by a diet of high fructose corn syrup coming from genetically modified corn engineered to resist insects. Firstly, high fructose corn syrup is killing people as we speak. Because it is such a profitable product any research showing its harmful effects is suppressed regularly. Secondly, corn and many other plants that have been genetically modified to resist insects are slowly killing the bees, an insect. They are slowly being poisoned. No one thing is enough to kill the bees, but they are being overwhelmed by the combination of variables. The bees are the canary in the coalmine of human health. They are being sacrificed by nature as a severe warning to human beings to stop treating natural animals like machines. The bees are servers, happy to be of service. But like all servers they are not happy with slavery, bondage, and mistreatment to make human profit. They are, therefore, going on strike until the ways change, and what an effective strike it will be. Wake up everybody, it’s not nice to fool Mother Nature.

Q. Why is there such fascination with violence in films and in the world in general?

Human beings have always been a very violent species because they have simian bodies (opposable thumbs etc.) and share intense territoriality with other simian (monkey) species. They also have the ability to remember the past and thus build resentment for past wrongs and carry revenge into the future unlike other animals. In addition they are capable of organizing themselves into massive groups and being highly intelligent can strategize allowing them to go to war. In modern times there are simply newer technologies such as guns, missiles, bombs, computers, film, and television allowing them to indulge in these age-old violent pastimes. Television, film and DVD games are just the latest gladiatorial displays.

However human beings are perfectly capable of being peaceful and have demonstrated this over and over again. What causes humans to become violent is the false personalities’ propensity to identify with thoughts of resentment, vengefulness, control, greed, pain, and so on. When people identify with their own pain experiences they then feel the need for more of it or they are afraid they won’t be anything. They thus unconsciously seek to either experience more pain (for the drama) or to inflict it in order to relieve themselves of their own pain, an erroneous assumption. Of course inflicting pain just ensures more coming back. Witnessing others pain also satisfies the same needs. So violence is all about false personalities’ desire to perpetuate itself. As the world becomes more intense, crowded, and competitive there is a tendency for the most ego driven people (the vast majority) to seek out more and more violence until the situation is so intolerable that they either destroy themselves or give it up.

The more a person identifies with essence the less attraction violence has for them. Since more and more people are beginning to identify with essence, the world is polarizing into those who desire violence and those who do not. The ones who do are on a disastrous course. The ones who do not will find a way to break free of it and will experience love instead. Violence will not touch them. Make your choice now with what you want to identify with.

Q. Why am I feeling so tired, anxious, and getting no sleep?

You sure aren’t the only one. Billions of people on the Earth are feeling anxious, exhausted, and having great difficulty sleeping. Not only that but suicides are way up, as are sudden deaths, and there are crazed outbursts of behavior like for example Brittany Spears odd unstable behavior getting tattooed and shaving her head on impulse. In our forecast for the year 2007 we warned that chaos would reign and that it would be in general a tough year. So far that has proved to be so. The sun is physically changing its Hertz and patterns of radiation, the Earth’s North Pole is shifting 50 miles a year now, the Earth’s frequency is shifting, weather patterns are haywire, and climate change is becoming more evident (You can find out about all this on the web). As the Sun and the Earth continue to transition in a transformative process, everything on the Earth shifts as well and this is destabilizing. Sleep is disrupted, exhaustion sets in because of the level of anxiety unleashed, and everyone even slightly awake knows that change is afoot and no one is actually in charge. Welcome to 2007. What can you do? Breath deep, stay in the moment as best you can, avoid the temptation to try to figure it all out, meditate to quiet your mind, and focus on what makes you personally happy. Be creative and express yourself in many ways. Cook, sing, dance, and paint. Smile at people and they will feel less anxious. Laugh at bad jokes and drink some bad beer. Only use your bed for sleeping and or making love. Read elsewhere and leave your bed if you are awake more than twenty minutes. This will train your body to associate your bed only with sleep. These are all things you can do and they will not fail you if you actually practice them.

Q. Water appears to be an important element this coming year. Can you speak about its properties?

Water is a most interesting element in that it has two transition points fairly close together that transform it into a solid and a gas. These transition points are edges and edges are collectors of power, both dangerous and productive. Water as a solid can tear apart almost anything and water as a gas can be terrifically powerful and dangerously explosive. Both can be greatly beneficial when harnessed for human use. When water is in its fluid form it can wear away almost anything but it will also go around its obstacles finding a way that is effortless and relentless. When one flows with water it is an excellent source of transportation both physically and metaphorically but woe to anyone trying to swim upstream or trying to hold onto something midstream but not moving with it. Water is a medium that when prayed into carries the frequency of prayer to wherever you intend it to go. This includes healing prayers, purification thoughts, and intentions for peace and love.

Water with sun is the alchemy of life and in full flood stage can be the bringer of death. To make the most of water this next year, think of its adaptive qualities, its flexibility when fluid, its ability to go through or around anything to get to its destination, and its ability to carry intent. Think of water as a friend, an ally, and a poderio, something that fills your body and helps you to live. Think of it as a spirit that is an expression of the Source, something deserving the utmost respect and proper treatment like an honored guest. When one approaches water this way they will never have to experience its negative effects nor be a victim of destructive flooding. You will always find fresh water to drink. Be a friend to water and it will always be your friend.

Q. What is the greatest source of global warming?

This is a highly controversial subject and one fraught with intense emotions and political overtones. While human activity is clearly implicated, the greatest contributor to warming at this time is the sun. Each day we learn more and more about the activities of the sun and it is beginning to release its secrets as a phenomenal governor of life on the Earth. The activities of the sun are cyclical and this is reflected in the periodic droughts, fires, and floods documented throughout Earth’s history. Sunspots, solar flares, and huge storms on the sun have dramatic impacts on the climate and weather on Earth. What is a yet undocumented by science but being watched closely is the gradual change in frequency of the sun and the fact that its rather rapid shift at this time is having a major impact on many aspects of the Earth. The sun’s changes influence not only the jet streams, the temperature of oceans and the subsequent flow of their currents, but also the volatility of human emotions, dreams, ideas, visions, spirituality, awareness, and all manner of human behavior. Given that this is a time in human history when the sun is heating up the Earth, it is truly most foolish to increase its activity multifold by dumping enormous quantities of pollutants into the atmosphere and cutting down all the forests. The sun is following a divine plan to help evolve this planet but human activities can cause these processes to become way more destructive than intended. If all human activity were to cease suddenly the Earth would continue to heat up due to natural processes and this would eventually regulate itself with a colder period and the periodic cycles the Earth can handle.

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