Becoming Free: A process for clearing blood ties


With Jose Stevens

In this online course you will experience a shamanic practice for cutting maternal and paternal blood ties connected to your ancestral line that are part of your imprinting and conditioning in this life. This is an ancient practice used by many mystery schools and secret societies to clear away the obstacles to becoming free.

It has been said that "blood is thicker than water", meaning that throughout history people have considered blood lines to be extremely important in terms of heritage, family ties, inheritance of power, status, and various characteristics considered important by the family dynasty. Blood ties also include many dysfunctional traits and of course inherited diseases and impairments of all kinds. After infancy, any actual blood ties to your biological parents are no longer needed.

Clearing these blood ties does not mean that you no longer have a relationship with your parents. If there is love there, of course that remains. Any positive traits given to you by your parents, for example musical talent, athleticism, language abilities and so on you can choose to retain. This process cuts the chains that tie you down or limit you and connects you in a greater way to Spirit.

This process differs from the Toltec 7 Generations clearing in that it is much more targeted and directed specifically toward parents although there is some overlap between the two.  This process clears the blood ties to all your descendants as well. Together they make for a dynamic and complete purification process having to do with clearing away any of the negative aspects of your ancestry. The 7 Generations process is purely Toltec in origin whereas this is multicultural in origin used by Egyptian, Arthurian, Masonic, Rosicrucian, and others.

We are happy to share this effective course with you!

This course consists of one, 110 minute video presentation recorded from our live webinar in the Winter of 2022. It is accompanied by a bonus question and answer section. You will have 30 days to complete this one-session course.

If you would like to renew the course following the 30 day period, please contact the webmaster via email at and they will process your request.