Power Path Foundations Of Shamanism Online Course


With Jose & Lena Stevens and Anna Stevens Harrington

A self-directed series of online sessions recorded from our popular webinar of the same name.

If you are a beginning student of shamanism or a practitioner seeking greater understanding and to deepen your knowledge of the shamanic path, this course has it all. It is designed to provide a container not only for information, but practices that can set you on a shamanic path or support and deepen any existing practice.

In this course we will cover the distinctions between walking the shamanic path and becoming an initiated shaman. We will review some of the main shamanic maps, discuss the value of allies and how to acquire them, and cover altars, ceremonies, pilgrimage places, and locations of power. We will also review the power of sound and vibration, sacred singing, and the shamanic understanding of illness and healing. Included will be the use of shamanic tools and the application of shamanism to modern day life. We will touch on superstition and sorcery, mixing shamanic traditions with other modalities, and using shamanic methods for planetary healing.

The course consists of 7, approximately 60 minute, video presentations recorded from our live webinar in the summer of 2016. Each session includes shamanic teachings and guided visualizations followed by supportive practices.

This course is most effective and designed to be completed in a minimum of 2 months and a maximum of 7 months. For good pacing we suggest doing one Session every 1-3 weeks. You will have a maximum of 7 months to complete the whole program.

Upon registration you will receive a welcome email with details about the program.

We are happy to share this exciting and inspiring course with you and many of the practical techniques that have worked for us over the years!

The program will include:

  1. Seven approximately 60 minute video presentations recorded from our live webinar in the summer of 2016.
  2.  Consisting of lectures, shamanic processes and meditations.
  3. Self directed lessons and practices.


Foundations in Shamanism helped me to gain a much greater understanding of Shamanism and how to implement Shamanic practices into my daily life. I have found that these simple tips, tools and processes have supported me to live with a greater sense balance, power and peace during these chaotic times. ~ Marisa Giddings

I really enjoyed the Webinar, "Foundations of Shamanism" last year. It allowed me to come away with a broad sense of Shamanism, from ceremonies to the inner workings of how to stay neutral, store and control our own power, and road to heal ourselves . I'm always ready for more teachings from the Powerpath Team !! ~ DRD

The Foundations of Shamanism is one of three online courses I have taken with the Power Path. The course is fun, engaging and brimming with information that is practical and able to be applied to my life immediately. I came away with a better historical and philosophical understanding of shamanism, too, and am grateful that Lena, Anna and Jose are willing to teach others what they have learned from their many years of study and practice. ~ A. P.

I really enjoyed the program foundations of shamanism, I found it extremely clear and rich and helpful and I really recommend it to anyone interested in shamanism. ~ Laetitia Santarelli


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