The Body as a Map


In this 1 hour and 40 minute course, Jose covers a system of reading the human body as a map. You will get a rapid and accurate spiritual diagnostic tool that differs in some important ways from metaphysical books that attempt to list the spiritual meanings of diseases. This information is based on channeled material that is part of the comprehensive PersonEssence system also known as The Michael Teachings.

The course covers how the map works related to the whole body. This includes the meanings of general areas moving into in-depth specifics such as the individual parts that make up the body and what each part means or is related to such as all the bones, the organs, the teeth, the vertebrae, and other major components. Jose also discusses how to decode what the position of the malady means based on where it is.

This is a must for anyone working with the physical body and everyone who wants to know more about the human body as a symbol system. We all have one, so we may as well know as much as possible about it! The course will be available for 30 days from date of purchase.


If you would like to renew the course following the 30 day period, please contact the webmaster via email at and they will process your request.