The Power of the Seven Chakras Series


With Jose and Lena Stevens and Anna Stevens Harrington.

This online course begins with understanding the basic chakra system, what it is and how it works, then moves into a deep exploration of the layers of the chakras including how they interact with the expanded energy field, the quantum field and Toltec view.

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The program will include:

This course consists of five, 1-hour video presentations recorded from our popular live webinar series in the Spring and Summer of 2019 which includes teachings, demonstrations, guided visualizations and practices.


Session 1

The Power of the 7 Chakras - What They Are and How They Work

In this session you will gain a good understanding through lectures and practices of the primary 7 chakra energy centers. You will discover each ones’ unique power and how they interact as an energy field with your physical, emotional and mental bodies.


Session 2

The Layers of the Chakras

This session covers the 4 layers of the chakras, how the information and energy that informs our reactions and actions gets stored and processed. You will have an opportunity to get to the core of old patterns and understand where they came from.


Session 3

The Chakra System Expanded

This session covers the more complex chakra system and its function of supporting and working with the main 7. From the hands, feet, above, below and around, you will gain an understanding and awareness of the expanded network that makes up our energy field.


Session 4

The Seven Caves, a Shamanic Toltec View Of The Chakra System

This session covers the Toltec system of Totoncayos, the seven caves along the spinal column, their glyphs, energetic properties, potentials, and their positive and negative poles.


Session 5

Energy Interaction: Chakra System, Quantum Field and the Inner Planes 

This session covers the energetic interaction between the chakras, the quantum field and the inner planes of existence, especially how the astral plane feeds the chakra system and how the fields influence your energy and how you outsource and create your life.