The Power Path to Working with Allies and Elementals

The Power Path to Working with Allies and Elementals


With Lena Stevens, Anna Stevens Harrington and Patricia Liles

Feeling unsupported? Feeling like you’re going at it alone? Feeling anxious and afraid? When all else fails, you need your allies! Allies are one of the big sources of support, protection and power on the shamanic path. When used well, they make the difference in feeling like you’ve got a team at your back ready to help.

This online course explores the shamanic concept of Allies and teaches you how to communicate with them and work with them effectively in your everyday experience.
Learn the difference between various helping spirits and how to use them to get the help you need.

We are happy to share this exciting and inspiring course with you and many of the practical techniques that have worked for us over the years!

This course consists of one, 1 hour video presentation recorded from our live webinar in the Summer of 2017 which includes teachings, and guided visualizations.