Toltec 7 Generations Ancestral Clearing


Join José for “Toltec 7 Generations Ancestral Clearing”  

Rescheduled for Wednesday, May 12th, 2021 at 6PM MDT for 2 hours.

The Toltec Seven Generations Webinar is designed to assist you to clear the seven generations of ancestral patterns that impact you in negative ways and cause all manner of problems and difficulties in your life. The seven generations include the influences of your siblings, your parents, your grandparents, great grandparents, great-great grandparents and two more generations behind them. Not only will this process not negatively impact your relatives but it will actually help free them from the patterns that bind them as well. Therefore, this process does a service for everyone and has an impact way beyond yourself.

This is an active process and is not appropriate to listen to in your car or a public place. You will need privacy and a space where you will not be interrupted by phone calls, children, dogs, or other people making demands on you. You cannot do it driving your car. Preferably you will need to stand for about 90 minutes but if that is not possible you can do it sitting down, although this is a little more clumsy. It is best to wear loose, comfortable clothing like sweats. Many people report fatigue after doing this so it is a good idea not to plan anything too complex after the process. Rest would be good. The session will be recorded and made available for a month so that you can view it at a convenient time or do the process multiple times.

This process, developed by the ancient Toltecs of Central Mexico, was held secret for many generations until recently. Now the time has come where it may once again be practiced openly. I learned the process from Sergio Magana, a Mexican, who is the keeper and teacher of a host of ancient Toltec practices which he learned from elders. I look forward to sharing this powerful process with you.




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