Full Moon Update 4-17-11

Full Moon is Sunday, April 17at 8:45 PM Mountain Daylight Time.

This full moon has a reserved quality to it of taking life seriously and pulling your energy in rather than blowing it out to the ethers. It is a time when we could see some people literally losing their minds because of the lack of boundaries around the physical plane. The fertility of the month has accelerated the process of growth and evolution to such a degree that the mind can no longer track it in a linear way. This will be disturbing to those that have a need to feel in control.

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New Moon Update 4-3-11

The New Moon is Sunday, April 3 at 8:33 AM Mountain Standard Time.

Do something active, connected, community oriented, something that initiates enthusiasm and inspiration. A lot of energy can be moved during this time so make use of it. Don’t hide out in your hidey hole. Get out there and be in the world even if it is only to appreciate the beauty around you and the eccentricity and uniqueness of each living thing on the planet. Acknowledge the fertility you see around you and intend to initiate something that will be important and inspiring in your life. Think fertility as you look at your circumstances, challenges, opportunities and creative ideas.

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April Forecast 2011

The main theme for April is FERTILITY!

What makes ground fertile?
What makes for a good garden and a good harvest? What makes the ground fertile is turning over the soil that has been sitting stagnant over the winter, making sure to go deep enough that the densest underside is exposed; Aerating the density of the soil by breaking it apart and adding lighter material so there is room for the seeds to take root and grow; Adding nutrients such as compost (discarded waste in changed form); Removing obstacles such as rocks and hard substances that make it difficult for roots to go deep; Making sure there is protection from predators and danger; Making sure there is a ready source of water and sunlight; Then being willing to wait for the right timing to plant, and being committed to taking care of the seedlings and prepared to thin and prune as needed. We are going to take this analogy of fertile ground and unpack it for how the theme of Fertility shows up this month.

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Full Moon/Equinox 3-19 & 3-20-11

The Full Moon is Saturday, March 19 at 12:10 PM (noon) Mountain Daylight Time.

This is a super moon with strong energies and very close to the earth. If you can possibly be around a power spot during this moon it would be a benefit. However, you can take advantage of the amazing energies wherever you are. Being so close to the spring equinox, this full moon signifies change and opportunity. Pay attention to any opportunity that has landed your way. If it has come easily perhaps you are prepared to act on it especially if it feels right.

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Shamanic Q & A – March 15, 2011


Do we need to be concerned about the radiation leaks from Japan’s nuclear reactors?


Strangely enough a slight elevation of radiation over time is actually beneficial or helpful to many peoples’ health but a burst of elevated radiation is not. Yes, there is cause for concern if there are continued releases of radiation from these damaged plants. Of course the greatest danger is to the Japanese people immediately in harms way. There can be plumes of radiation that flow across the Pacific but they will dissipate with distance.

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A New José Stevens Article

Earthquake, Tsunami, and Revolution

2966588061_f107e248b4_oWelcome to 2011. Dictators topple in Egypt and Tunisia, civil war breaks out in Libya, social unrest boils to the surface all over the Mideast, floodwaters drown towns and countryside from the United states to Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Australia, volcanoes erupt, and now a record breaking and devastating earthquake and tsunami strikes Japan. It is only mid March so fasten your seatbelts for there is much to come.

We have said that 2011 is a water year and certainly the element of water has been creating change everywhere. We also mentioned that water would be hot as we are seeing in the attempts to cool down the severely damaged nuclear reactors in Japan. Aggression is the mode for the year and as you can readily see, aggression is not limited to human expression but, because human emotion and Mother Nature are interconnected, severe aggression affects the intensity of earthquakes and tsunamis. Mather Nature is waking up and in her tossing and turning she will not be gentle. The environment itself will become aggressive because it is on the move and has much to shake up and rebalance.

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New Moon 3-4-11

New Moon is Friday March 4 at 1:47 PM Mountain Standard Time.

A good day to work at something, to finish, start or be productive on a project. A good day to be focused and centered and undistracted. A good day to reward yourself at the end with a good meal that is perhaps an upgrade from what you would usually have. This is also a good time to reflect on what in your life feels prepared and what feels completely out of control and unprepared. Don’t judge, just notice. And maybe create an action plan to handle the unprepared list. Honor this time as a preparation for the big events to come.

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March Forecast 2011

The main theme for March is GET READY!

Subthemes we will be working with all month are preparation, action, forward movement, intensity, fortification, focus and discipline. The image is that of anticipating a battle or a long winter or an extreme adventure or a huge move or any large event or permanent change. All of these require preparation, discipline, focus, a good plan, fortification, a serious commitment to your goal and hard work. You better know what you want and be willing to work hard for it. You better be disciplined about protecting yourself against the distractions of unimportant things and energy leaks that could derail the process.

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Full Moon Update 2-18-11

Full Moon is Friday, February 18 at 1:37 AM Mountain Time (the night of Thursday the 17th).

Focus on fullness, abundance, possibility, magic, beauty, love, support, fertility, power, creativity. Honor water, fire, air, earth and all the allies and elementals. Acknowledge your personal commitments and all the gifts of spirit. Have gratitude for how blessed you truly are. Be a blessing for everything around you.

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Old Soul Movie Review/Awards Show February 2011


A well acted film about the true story of a convicted man’s sister’s phenomenal fight to get his murder conviction overturned by new DNA evidence. Hilary Swank does her usual excellent job as the mature soul scholar sister who becomes a lawyer to save her young sage brother. This is an excellent example of the mode of perseverance and the goal of growth working together to handle an almost impossible situation. The fact that her brother has an obstacle of self destruction makes the job even harder. The sister by the way, has an obstacle of stubbornness that at times, threatens to get in the way of her hard work.

The Grammy’s

This of course is not a film but television’s showing of the 2011 Grammy music awards. While many people have no interest in television award shows or even in popular music, they do represent what is happening in the world of creative artists, the prophets of the coming times.

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