October Forecast 2011

The main theme for October 2011 is Turning Point.

The image is that of facing a well-known view, in fact a view you have become so accustomed to you hardly notice it anymore. And now you have just realized that you are turning away from this view 90 degrees to the right and leaving it completely behind in order to face a new view. Suddenly it dawns on you that the old view will be gone forever, never to be seen again in the same way. There is nostalgia around the permanence of the loss of this old view. It is familiar to you and it has served to inspire, entertain, give you feedback and be a placeholder in your life. You realize that once you turn towards the new view the old one is gone forever. And despite the inadequacies of the old view in matching a new time, there is a resistance to giving it up and turning towards the unknown. What if the new view isn’t as good as the old one? What if you won’t be able to see the new view? What if it is not a clear view, or an inspiring one? What if there is no new view?

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Fall Equinox/New Moon Update 9-23-11

The Fall Equinox is Friday, September 23 at 3:05AM Mountain Daylight Time.

Think of this as the beginning of a new year and of a new time frame. This gives you an opportunity to redesign your intentions especially if what you have been manifesting is not what you want. Allow trends in your life to show up to teach you what not to repeat. Allow great and surprising gifts to show up as well.

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Full/Harvest Moon Update 9-12-11

The Full Moon is Monday, September 12, at 3:27 AM Mountain Daylight Time.

This is the powerful and practical Harvest Moon. Honor the blossoms and the fruits you have grown through your lessons, intentions and personal work. Acknowledge your creativity and your power in whatever you have manifested for yourself. Be neutral and allowing around what is right in front of you. Be accepting of all situations without judgement or any negativity. If something is missing or lacking in your life, it is no one elses fault. Set a strong intention to bring it in if it is truly what you want.

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September Forecast 2011

The main theme for September 2011 is Allowing.

This is a tremendous and unpredictable time of change, opportunity and resetting patterns and we have no idea how it’s all going to manifest or show up. So what is called for right now is to be generously allowing of whatever is occurring to occur without resistance, fear, judgment, over processing, over identifying, over thinking or denial. “Allowing,” means opening yourself up to the unknown, stretching your flexibility muscle and being neutral about whatever is happening. Allowing is not about surrender or giving up, nor is it passive. It is an active choice to let things be the way they are.

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New Moon Update 8-28-11

New Moon is Sunday, August 28 at 9:04 PM Mountain Daylight Time.

Honor the still point of the new moon by being very still yourself. From a still point inside, feel yourself expanding your awareness from the inside out, taking in your environment, becoming a part of it, being a neutral energy, very present and aware but without any agenda, expectation or focus. This is a time to push the reset button, which is always a good idea no matter how well things are going or when there is a lot going on, which some of you may be experiencing now. Especially if you have become entrapped in anothers drama it is useful to reset your own energy. Use some sage or cedar or tobacco to cleanse your spaces and yourself, resetting and bringing everything into the present.

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Shamanic Q & A


What if you want to forgive someone but find you just cannot? Is there any value to wanting to forgive them?


This is how forgiveness begins. Real forgiveness is sincere and involves genuine compassion but sometimes that is a tall order, especially if what you perceive as their crime against you or a loved one is particularly heinous. When there is no forgiveness you want revenge, to punish them, to make them pay. Wanting to forgive them is a good start because it usually means you are willing to let revenge go. Maybe you can’t forgive them today but you have let go wanting to kill them or hurt them. You have somehow perceived that revenge will truly accomplish nothing but misery. The next step is seeing them as a projected part of you. The truth is you could have committed that crime in another time and place. You’ve been there and learned that lesson. Now they are learning that lesson. You will learn new lessons that you would like someone to forgive you for when the time comes.

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Full Moon Update 8-13-11

The full moon is Saturday, August 13 at 12:58 PM Mountain Daylight Time.

This is a day for gratitude, gratitude and more gratitude. This may be challenging if you are in a place of being challenged. Trust that gratitude is the best antidote for feeling small, limited, insignificant and irritated. There are heavy influences now that are bringing out aggressive behaviors and reactionary activity in others. You yourself may be feeling a bit off and not know why. Don’t take anything personally and spend some time in awareness exercises and being present. Make yourself energetically available to something wonderful landing in your lap without planning, effort or obsession. In this way you move your attention away from what might be wrong and towards what you are creating that is right. And stay away from those who do not support you.

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August Forecast 2011

The main theme for August is Wake Up and Pay Attention

Subthemes are Responsibility and Presence.

This does not mean becoming more hyper-vigilant or controlling but rather becoming more present and taking notice from a place of expanded awareness. Most of us have narrowed our experience of life and ability to respond down to a very narrow band, being asleep or unconscious about the greater part of it. If we didn’t, we would be overwhelmed at what we have put up with and continue putting up with.

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New Moon Update 7-30-11

New Moon is at Saturday, July 30 at 12:40 PM Mountain Daylight Time.

Practice boundaries and discrimination on this day. Be protective of your time and your energy. Spend a good deal of the day either alone or doing exactly what you want to do, revisiting your goals and refining your intentions. Or spend it with those you really trust, wish to be around, and find energizing to you instead of depleting to your energy. Watch for tests that come up in this regard. You may find yourself having to be firmer about saying no to something you had been less firm about previously.

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A New José Stevens Article

Fires, Flooding and Responsibility

The smoke from several huge fires hung menacingly over the New Mexico horizon like a toxic shroud. The forests, still burning out of control, for a time threatened the Los Alamos nuclear labs with incineration. Other fires raged in Arizona consuming over half a million acres there while Texas burnt as well. In many parts of the country floods devastate the landscape, threatening a nuclear power plant, flooding huge tracts of homes and businesses. Few places are free of the threat of one kind of disaster or another. Times of purification are here.

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