November Forecast 2010

The main themes for November are RESOLUTION and HEALING.

You are held in an influence this month that will not let you slide back into unconsciousness about the issues you are dealing with that need to be resolved and healed. The intensity of October has lightened up a bit but you are at the point of no return with some of your personal patterns and wounds that are in front of you for looking at, coming to terms with, resolving and healing at the deepest level.There is no sweeping anything under the rug anymore. This month provides an unparalleled opportunity for being finally done with certain patterns that have plagued you perhaps your whole life. It is truly a time of forgiveness, completion, healing, transformation and moving on.

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The Social Network

social4This is a superbly made film with crisp editing, a riveting storyline, and excellent acting. I did not think the subject matter would hold my interest but it proved to be fascinating. This is the story of Mark Zuckerberg and his creating of Facebook, the internet phenomenon. It shows the ruthlessness of the dot com world, the theft, the betrayal, the genius, the arrogance, the vengeance, the whole karmic enchilada.

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Full Moon 10-22-10

Full Moon is at Friday October 22 at 7:38 PM Mountain Daylight Time.

This full moon signifies a shift in direction for the intensity of the month. Beware of suddenly feeling depressed, discouraged, shut down, off balance, lethargic or unmotivated. Be neutral about how the energy is showing up and take advantage of the letting up of the constant pressure we have been under. There is a quality of the deep feminine void to this full moon that is most helpful and restful when embraced and not resisted. Take a break, waste some time, spend the day in bed, read, relax, be in nature and allow yourself some down time even if you think you don’t need it. A good day to do absolutely nothing and to be affected by absolutely nothing. Practice gratitude and awareness and be present.

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Super New Moon Update 10-7-10

A super New Moon is Thursday, October 7 at 12:45 PM Mountain Daylight Time.

This new moon supports compassion, forgiveness and healing. This is a good time to recapitulate memories, events and people in your life who still evoke resentment, anger, hurt, jealousy and blame. These negatively charged reactions need to be neutralized and this new moon can support you in doing that. For every charged memory breathe in compassion and forgiveness while turning your head all the way to the left. Then turn your head all the way to the right while exhaling gratitude, neutrality and freedom. You can do this breathing exercise several times on the same charged issue. Do it until you feel a change that moves you towards neutrality. It is also important at this time to step away from others projections, not take anything personally, and stay out of any drama created by another’s reactions.

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October Forecast 2010

The main theme for October is INTENSITY.

Everything this month is amplified, paving the way for stronger reactions and increased sensitivity. It’s as if the 100 watt light you are used to operating under just got turned up to 1000 watts. The resulting light intensity would take some getting used to. This intensity has been with us to some degree all summer through various themes and the veil that has kept us asleep and in the dark has been slowly coming off. But now that veil is completely coming off exposing us fully to the intensity. Some of us will instinctively try to turn away and retreat even deeper into a dark shell. But there is no escape. As in childbirth there is now full dilation and a need to stay focused in order to push through our own birth.

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Shamanic Q & A – September 30, 2010

Is being a healer the ultimate profession?

This is actually quite a complex and confusing question. One answer may come as a surprise to many older souls, and that answer is no. A lot of what passes as healing is actually meddling and diddling. The vast majority of healers are trying to heal themselves by trying to fix others, a complete waste of time and effort. First of all when we presume to fix another we assume that we know what is best for them and we often don’t. Considering that in our dream of reality others are projections of ourselves, there is actually nothing wrong out there.

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Fall Equinox Full Moon Update 9-23-10

The Fall Equinox is Wednesday, September 22 at 9:08 PM MDT and the Harvest Full Moon is Thursday, September 23 at 3:17 AM MDT.

Acknowledge change, what is different, what is more, what is less, what is new, what is finished, what is starting and what is completing. This time supports community and being with others that are on the same page as you. It will be very obvious who is and who isn’t. See this equinox as the beginning of a new year or time frame and set new intentions and reset or refine ones currently in process. Be vigilant and aware of what wants to move and help it along without judgment.

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Super New Moon Update 9-8-10

The Super New Moon on Wednesday, September 8 at 4:31 AM MDT starts a new cycle of change.

The change includes changing your view and perception in what prosperity and abundance mean in your life. You could shift off your current limiting beliefs regarding what you can and cannot have, what you can or cannot do. This is truly a day for asking and receiving but be careful what you ask for. Also be very careful with your communication during this time, as it will carry great weight. Beware of your reactions and think before you speak. This is a very volatile time where tempers could flare and people around you can react impatiently, with martyrdom or extreme judgment. Do not take ANYTHING personally and use this time as an opportunity for opening into more expansion rather than to pick a fight or prove yourself right.

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September Forecast 2010

The tension is an energy buildup, some of it specific and some of it non-specific. It may feel oppressive; much like the heaviness of a storm front before it breaks, or it may feel energizing and highly moving centered much like the pressure of high winds. This tension has been building for some time now and much of it is not personal to you but rather part of the global matrix poised for change. There is anticipation in the tension, of something about to happen and you don’t know whether to anticipate it with excitement or with dread.

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Full Moon Update 8-24-10

Full moon is Tuesday, August 24 at 11:05 AM Mountain Daylight Time.

Think “expansion and opportunity”. It is easy to get lost in the battle between convention and innovation. Guess what? Innovation will win this time around. It may take awhile but if you want to be on the winning side, move away from convention and towards innovation. So take stock of what is new and different in your life. Celebrate the innovation, expansion and tremendous opportunity of these times. Do something you have seriously never ever done before in your life and see how it feels. Give yourself a present, not from obligation but from a place of true generosity and because you value who you are.

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