New Moon Update 2-2-11

New Moon is Tuesday, February 2 at 7:32 PM Mountain Time.

Commit to your own eccentricity. Commit to your own personal healing of whatever needs to be healed. You do not need to know how or even what. A total commitment is enough to get the quantum field mobilizing in that direction. There is a wonderful opportunity at this new moon to heal disappointments of the past. Make a list of all of your disappointed expectations and commit to their release and to your healing. Commit to staying out of fear. Commit to moving forward. Commit to what’s important. Commit to yourself.

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February Forecast 2011

The main theme for February is Commitment.

It is time to get off the fence and really commit to your intentions and goals without the need to know how you will accomplish them. There has been a tendency to get bogged down in the need to know and the process of trying to understand whatever present situation you are in. The mind has entertained itself long enough with the creation of stories to try and get a handle on this understanding. All this processing and storytelling has thrown conditions into the mix and kept true commitment at bay. “I will commit to this if…..”

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Full Moon Update 1-19-11

Full Moon is Wednesday, January 19 at 2:23 PM Mountain Standard Time.

This full moon is a social time to be shared and a time of expansion to be celebrated. Hopefully by now you have your priorities in some order and you are open to connections, opportunities and expansion. Even though this is an ordinary time with ordinary tasks being at the top of your list, there is always a space that should be held for surprising breakthrough, unexpected opportunity and magical gifts from spirit. Even if you have not personally experienced this phenomenon, take some time and be in gratitude for the ever-present potential for this to happen at any time.

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Old Soul Movie Reviews

True Grit Although quite violent, this film by the Cohen brothers features excellent performances by all the main actors and depicts the old West unromantically and realistically. The real story centers around the tough as nails and smart Mattie who at fourteen sets out to avenge her father’s death by…

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New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse Update 1-4-11

The New Moon with a partial solar eclipse is Tuesday, January 4 at 2:03 AM Mountain Standard Time (the night of the 3rd).

If you have not already done so, this would be the time frame to write your resolutions and intentions for the year and set your priorities as much as you can. We suggest you also make a list of what you need to release and burn it. Your intention lists can be in 3 categories: Goals: for what you want to accomplish; Wishes: for things you want to manifest; Resolutions: for behaviors and attitudes and practices you wish to include. Make a promise to yourself that you will not leave anything for tomorrow that can be done today. “Do it now” should be a mantra for this time frame.

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January Forecast 2011

The main theme for January is RESETTING PRIORITIES.

We are now under a new set of influences and themes. As the trends of 2010 have started their exodus as primary motivators and the new trends have begun to settle in, we are inspired to take the creative artisan energy of the last year and begin to use it in realigning our relationship with service. We want our lives to not just be creative but purposeful, growing us towards a deeper satisfaction around what we are actually doing here on the planet.

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Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Gemini Update 12-21-10

The Full Moon and Total Lunar Eclipse is at 1:13 AM Mountain Standard Time on Tuesday, December 21.

The Eclipse should be visible in North and South America after midnight. Winter Solstice is exact at 4:39 PM Mountain Standard Time on the same day. Needless to say, this is an extremely powerful day especially the time frame between the eclipse/full moon and the solstice, setting the stage for the next period of time. It is imperative that you stay away from any situations where conflict, violence, argument or disagreement is anywhere present. Keep your energy focused and clean.

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New Moon Update 12-5-10

New Moon is Sunday, December 5 at 10:36 AM Mountain Standard Time.

Certainly a day to take making an inventory of what needs maintenance seriously. Spend some time on that inventory and the intentions to fix, repair, eliminate, clean and upgrade. Do something just for yourself, something that addresses an upgrade in personal maintenance. Take a break from responsibilities that include others. What you set up for yourself during this day will carry you through the next couple of weeks, so be clear, be wise and be truthful.

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December Forecast 2010

This is a month of putting time and energy into all those aspects of your life that require maintenance at this time. Maintenance is not only about changing the oil in your vehicle or drain opener in your pipes, although that may be right on target for some of you. Maintenance also refers to your physical and emotional health, your home, your spiritual life, your relationships, your car, your things, your work environment, your routines, practices and disciplines. This is an excellent time to review what is out of balance or has been neglected and to take action or make a plan to take action. It is a good time to scrutinize your environment to notice what is broken or in need of cleaning, elimination or an upgrade.

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Full Moon Update 11-21-10

Full Moon is Sunday, November 21 at 10:28 AM MST (Mountain Standard Time).

This is definitely a time of gratitude and healing. Take an inventory of what needs healing in your life, and anything that feels stuck or calcified or related to an old pattern. It is not so much what you decide to do with these issues at this point but rather in setting the intention about things being different for you. This is a big start in the process of change. The gratitude piece will set the right kind of energy to manifest what it is you are asking for. Remember that this is an intense time of the deepest healing possible. If the universe is throwing you a curve ball, it is for a reason. Don’t judge, trust spirit, keep don’t know mind and be in gratitude.

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