Full Moon Update 1-9-12

Full Moon is Monday, January 9 at 12:32 AM Mountain Standard Time (the night of Sunday the 8th).

Make sure you are doing something expansive, perhaps a bit out of character or eccentric, and allow for something out of the ordinary to happen even if it is be a bit disruptive. The disruption can be positive in the long run. See anything that happens around this time as a gift that is setting you up for growth and evolution. Focus on the artisan spirit and contemplate what creativity is to you. Are you being as creative as you want to be? How can you be more creative in your life right now? Do something small to insert just a bit more creativity into your day. Stay positive no matter what.

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January Forecast 2012

The main theme for January is Destabilization.

The secondary attributes are Interruption and Disruption.

For a more specific overview of the trends for 2012 please order our Mp3 or CD of TRENDS 2012. This month you will experience a movement and destabilization that will feel initially like everything is out of balance. Think of how it would feel if you were standing on solid ground and suddenly the horizon tipped or the earth moved slightly. Those of you who have experienced an earthquake may be somewhat familiar with that feeling. What happens is that the instinctive center opens up, releasing all of your survival information all at once in order to give you access to what might be useful to navigate the situation.

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Winter Solstice is Wednesday, December 21 at 10:23 PM Mountain Standard Time.

This solstice is a time to celebrate your life, your responsibility to yourself, your power, your talents, your purpose, your vitality and your inspiration. Make a list of everything that stands in the way of this celebration and burn it with ceremony. Take note of where you are, what you are doing and who you are with. How is it? If you don’t like it, change it. Since we are in an accelerated time, allow things to move and shift and manifest without the need to control or micromanage. Trust that your intentions are well set and step aside to allow them to manifest.

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Full Moon – Total Lunar Eclipse Update 12-10-11

The Full Moon is Saturday, December 10 at 7:38 AM Mountain Standard Time.

This full moon is accompanied by a total eclipse of the moon visible in North America. Needless to say it is a very powerful time and serves as the bookend to an intense time of change and acceleration that began on the New Moon on November 24. Definitely do something to acknowledge this day. Make an inventory of what has changed for you and spend some time dreaming big and thinking outside the box regarding your intentions. Stay away from anything negative and set your boundaries against what does not feel congruent with you. If people are melting down around you, hold them in compassion but do not join in the drama. Your actions speak louder than words at this time and the universe will take note of any fully committed action you take towards your intentions. Be sincere and know what you want. Take some action that indicates you really mean it.

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December Forecast 2011

The main theme for December is ACCELERATION.

In order to shift into the next gear, there needs to be acceleration and an increase of speed. With the increase of speed, and just before you shift, the lower gear is overworked and can no longer maintain the acceleration and the speed without effort and being hard on the engine. As you shift into a higher gear, you are able to maintain a greater speed with less effort.

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Shamanic Q & A


What is the best way to rest in a moving centered year?


This depends somewhat on what your other centers are doing. If you are emotionally centered then you might want to listen to music, float in water, garden, travel by boat, paint, go out to eat, or do something relaxing that is also food for the emotional center. If you are intellectually centered then you might want to read, watch a movie that requires some thought, study the sky at night, or contemplate some philosophy. If you are moving centered then you might want to walk, hike, go for a ride in your car, go for a relaxing run or something more active. Everyone could go for a nap, lounge in a hammock, or space out in front of an entertaining TV show or movie.

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New Moon ~ Partial Solar Eclipse Update 11-24-11

The New Moon with a partial solar eclipse is Thursday, November 24 at 11:10 PM Mountain Standard Time.

This new moon and eclipse initiates a time period that creates a portal where new information and new ways of experiencing, seeing and feeling become possible. The other end of the time frame is the Full Moon on December 10 that comes with a total lunar eclipse visible in North America.

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Full Moon Update 11-10-11

Full Moon is Thursday, November 10 at 1:17 PM Mountain Standard Time.

As the times are greatly accelerated, everything is enhanced. Whatever is going on in your life is under magnification so pay attention to where your thoughts and beliefs are going. If you “think” things are hard or impossible or challenging, then they will be more so. If you believe you do not have enough time, you won’t. If you believe things are negative around you, then they will be.

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November Forecast 2011

The main theme for November is RENEWAL.

This is the time to renew your commitments, your intentions and your priorities.It is the month to refresh your environment, to refinish and brighten what has dulled, to rekindle important friendships, to recharge relationships, to bring more chi into the body and to re-determine your goals and the path to reach them.

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New Moon Update 10-26-11

New Moon is Wednesday, October 26 at 1:57PM Mountain Daylight Time.

Do something to anchor something new. Honor the greater Turning Point of the collective. Celebrate the ending of something old and the beginning of something new! Remember about coming from compassion and be proactive with your own intentions and desires to unravel the knots that have held all of your old patterns and belief systems in place. If you are feeling stuck, do something symbolic to dissolve the energy such as being in water or take a sweat or a sauna.

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