Woven Song: Textile designs from the Shipibo Nation

The patterns you see on the various textiles and products for sale are Shipibo designs. The Shipibo are a nation of about thirty five thousand indigenous people living in the Peruvian Amazon region. They are a shamanically based people deeply influenced by the power of the plants, animals, and natural elements. The Shipibos are specialists in seeing the patterns in nature and reproducing them for protection, healing, abundance, harmony, and a wide variety of purposes. Each design has a specific meaning and purpose. They are artful prayers that can also be sung as an “Icaro”, or sacred song. The Shipibo place these designs on their homes for protection, on their clothing for healing, and on their boats for abundance in fishing. Each design pattern functions like a musical score, a prayerful song that is being sung endlessly to Spirit for beneficial results similar to the way a Tibetan prayer flag multiplies its prayers by waving perpetually in the wind. The Shipibos have great reverance for these designs and consider them to carry great power. From our experience with them we can attest that this is so.

Each pattern is one-of-a-kind, hand made and intentionally sung into with the power of the song it represents. You can used them for a variety of sacred purposes such as protecting and blessing your home, support during a healing/meditation practice with self or others or sleeping with in order to attain the Icaro’s sacred blessings.

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