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  • Rewilding: Discovering Our True Wildness

    Rewilding: Discovering Our True Wildness

    “Be someone who transitions well. Accept it. Integrate it. Look for the opportunity in it. It is not other than you, rather it is also you.”              ~ From last month’s article.   Recently I was returning from a two-week vacation in Thailand with my wife Lena. While the trip itself was worth it the return trip was grueling….

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  • Managing Turbulent Transitions

    Managing Turbulent Transitions

    As many of you know this is a time of turbulent transitions, including those that are personal, societal, global, climatic, experiential, internal, external, physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental. In other words, just about every way possible. Some of us don’t handle transitions well, finding them frightening, exhausting, trying, and challenging. Some of us find them exciting, energizing, interesting, or even fascinating.

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  • Power Path One Year Shamanic Studies Program 2023/24 – NEW DATES

    Power Path One Year Shamanic Studies Program 2023/24 – NEW DATES

    POWER PATH ONE YEAR SHAMANIC STUDIES PROGRAM 2023/24   With Jose, Lena and Anna Stevens The purpose of this program is to learn about the shamanic path, from ancient to modern through powerful practices, ceremonies, lots of time in nature, wilderness solos and other shamanic experiences, to assimilate its wisdom and integrate it fully into daily life. Enrollment is limited to 32 students that will form a supportive community for the year. A commitment to attend all meetings is expected and required as a prerequisite for any further advanced study.

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  • Can we live without CRISIS?

    Can we live without CRISIS?

    Since one of the main themes of these times is crisis I thought it would be useful to dive into the topic just to crack it open a bit for greater understanding. Perhaps we need not run from every crisis but can find ways to experience it without resistance.   The simple definition of a crisis is a time of intense difficulty, trouble or danger. When crisis occurs, people think of many words to describe it: Catastrophe, a dire situation, disaster, emergency, cataclysm, calamity, huge mess, extreme hardship or adversity, chaos, anarchy, jam, crunch, difficulty, and so on. All these descriptions add some flavor to the overall definition of crisis.  

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  • The Mystic Path and the Shamanic Path: Are they the same?

    The Mystic Path and the Shamanic Path: Are they the same?

    Believe it or not there is much controversy in academic circles about the differences and similarities of the mystic path and the shamanic path. While there is no right answer, here we will look at these similarities and differences. We do not know how old each of them are, but evidence suggests that the shamanic path is older because of its relationship to human survival. Shamans have been around for anywhere from forty to seventy-five thousand years and of course with each new discovery the time frame gets earlier. Shamans have always specialized in the gathering, storing, and execution of power in order to better heal the sick, discover the location of herds for hunting, predict and alter weather patterns, talk to plants to discover their properties and medicines, and communicate with allies to improve the tribes’ chances of survival.

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  • Key Aspects of Transformation

    Key Aspects of Transformation

    In this brief article we are going to examine some of the most fundamental aspects of beingness and how almost nobody understands how these aspects are the keys to happiness. This brief article could be a book or it could be a short article like this one. To begin I am going to make some rather outrageous proposals that I will not attempt to prove here. All I will say is that much wiser people than myself have made these proposals throughout history knowing that they almost completely failed in their mission to educate the human race on these matters.

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  • How To Stabilize Yourself

    How To Stabilize Yourself

    One of the greatest repercussions of the grand transition the human race is undergoing right now is destabilization. To review a little context here, the human race is now going through the greatest transition it has ever experienced at any other historical period. There are several reasons for this. The human race has always been evolving and is continuing its evolution at a breakneck speed right now even though many people are so disgusted with human activity and behavior that they are convinced the human race is actually regressing. This may appear to be so but it is entirely inaccurate.

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  • Mass Shootings in Schools

    Mass Shootings in Schools

    Once again, the USA is reeling from another mass shooting of children and teachers in a school setting. People are enraged that nothing has been done by lawmakers to meaningfully reduce the slaughter and many feel hopeless that anything will be done given the power of the weapons industry in the United States and the value placed on the private ownership of guns in the US.

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  • Erasing Fear – the Denial of Spirit

    Erasing Fear – the Denial of Spirit

    In early May of 2022 I flew to the Amazon in Peru to lead a dieta, a plant diet supervised by the Shipibo people of the upper Amazon who are famous for their knowledge of plants, the songs of the plants, and their powers to transform us. This was perhaps my thirty-third diet over the last twenty-seven years, each diet seven days in all. Many of the plants require dieting three times for 21 days in all.  I first began dieting with the plants in the mid 90’s and as I did so more and more people wanted to join me so that now, I and my wife Lena, and our daughter Anna often take around twenty people per trip. This group, composed of eleven mostly veterans was smaller than usual due to the still-present specter of COVID.

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  • All About Assumptions: The enormity of their impact

    All About Assumptions: The enormity of their impact

    Miguel Ruiz, Toltec shaman and author of “The Four Agreements” includes “never making assumptions” as one of the four agreements to make with oneself for greater mastery in life. Unfortunately, most people have no idea what he is talking about.

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