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  • The True Nature of Infection and Viral Contagion

    The True Nature of Infection and Viral Contagion

    Over the last several years I have written a number of articles that referenced infection and viral activity in relation to the pandemic that has been so impactful on our lives. In this article we will look past the pandemic in order to understand the immense choices that are available to us through viral activity.

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  • Eradicating The Bully  

    Eradicating The Bully  

    Bullying has been around for tens of thousands of years. In other words, there is nothing new about bullying. What is it? Bullying is mistreating another by belittling, harming, hurting, and inflicting pain psychologically, emotionally, mentally, physically, and all the ways pain can be inflicted.

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  • Four Elements: Earth, Air, Fire, Water

    Four Elements: Earth, Air, Fire, Water

    Earth, Air, Fire, and Water are the four building blocks of our physical planet and everything on it and together these four elements offer some stability to our experience. This is what this article focuses on. While these elements are powerhouses easily witnessed in the oceans and rivers, volcanoes and forest fires, tornados and hurricanes, earthquakes and avalanches, they are also present in subtle ways in every part of the planet from the makeup of our bodies to our energy needs, transportation, food, shelter and many other aspects. They are literally everywhere we look.

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  • Stamina


    This next year is an important development in a short or long process of transformation, depending on how you see it. Everyone is reaching a state of saturation and exhaustion regarding the oncoming variants of the pandemic, the insane fascist politics, climate change, the spiraling levels of gun violence, drug addiction, self-destruction, and bad behavior. However, this is just the beginning not the end. This means that you cannot afford to be exhausted yet or you will not be able to see it through to the other side.

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  • The Only Viable Path Ahead: Release and Reinvent

    The Only Viable Path Ahead: Release and Reinvent

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  • What Defines You And How Is That Working For You?

    What Defines You And How Is That Working For You?

    For thousands of years, human beings have found themselves caught in the prison of their own story lines aided and abetted by the influence of prejudices of family systems, cultures, and religious programming. For the most part, humans have felt at the mercy of events and influences beyond their control and have often suffered greatly as a result. The reason for this has been the limits of their own beliefs, their amnesia about who they actually are, and the hypnosis delivered by the civilizations within which they live.

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  • Growth & Identity: Making Adjustments

    Growth & Identity: Making Adjustments

    Human beings are evolved and concentrated points of higher awareness scattered throughout the physical plane. We shine like bright lights in an otherwise glowing landscape, growing more radiant and extending our light to all in our proximity. In this way we human beings are growing in awareness and helping the rest of the physical plane to grow brighter as well even if we don’t know it. The higher-self abides in our awareness of our own consciousness but we are often distracted from this higher self by focusing on thoughts, feelings, and perceptions seeking to define, explain and interpret our surroundings. In other words, we humans are so curious and fascinated by the goings on in the physical world that we forget who we are for long stretches of time. We begin to identify with our physical bodies and our very local personalities – projecting importance to everything that seems outside of ourselves and forgetting who and what we actually are. In a word, we humans choose to become small and compressed when we are actually spacious and transcendent.

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  • False Gods

    False Gods

    When I was a child I remember being alternately impressed and terrified by the biblical command, “I am the Lord thy God, thou shalt not have false gods before me.” This was the command of a dominant God issuing a directive with implications of dire punishment if disobeyed. It conjured up images of frenzied hordes dancing around and bowing down to golden calves and huge statues of demonic images. I recalled the names Baal and X and the whole thing gave me the creeps.

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  • Raising The Vibration of Everything

    Raising The Vibration of Everything

    I get many questions from my students and clients about raising their vibration and raising the vibration of the situations they are in, perhaps even raising the vibration of family members, colleagues, neighbors and so on. This is quite an interesting topic so here I am going to address the ins and outs of how to do it, when its appropriate, what’s possible and what is not.

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  • How to Pray the Shaman’s Way

    How to Pray the Shaman’s Way

    In How to Pray the Shaman’s Way author José Luis Stevens offers an insightful guide to this universal, transformative practice, and explains how engaging in shamanic prayer can lead to deeper healing, a more grounded outlook on life, and an ever-expanding sense of connection with the natural world, our fellow human beings, and the divine universe.

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