Power Path Services

Shamanic Experiences/Ceremony

We are available to enhance your conference, retreat or gathering with anything from one hour to several days of shamanic experiences, classes, lecture and experiential participation including drum journeys, singing, ceremony and customized wilderness retreats and solos.

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Sessions & Coaching

Power Path individual services offer shamanic wisdom for modern needs.

The Power Path offers individual coaching, consulting, counseling and healing sessions in person and over the phone. Sessions may also be arranged for executive teams, boards and other small groups and organizations. A session is based on intuitive information through access of the quantum field and can be extremely helpful in offering guidance in many areas of work, health, relationships, partnerships, projects, and major decisions. Sessions can also include charting the Personessence personality overleaf system. For first time phone sessions you will need to send a photo via email for our files.

Please call the office to schedule your Individual Session M-F 9-4 US MT @ 505-982-8732.

Private session fees

  • Over the phone or in person in Santa Fe:
  • $250/hour
  • $125/half hour
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Shamanic Healing

Shamanic healing sessions are from 30 minutes to 1 hour.  30 minutes for over the phone and 1 hour for in person sessions. The healing session may include  singing, drumming, rattling, feather work, extraction, physical manipulation or massage work, and the use of tobacco and other non-ingested medicinal plants. If you are overly sensitive to smoke, please let the practitioner know ahead of time.

Shamanic Healing sessions with Anna Stevens. Remote or in person. Please schedule all sessions through the Power Path 505-982-8732
Remote sessions: 1/2 hour: $75
Group of 4 remote 1/2 hour sessions: $260 (must be used within 60 days).
Sessions in person: one hour sessions: $150

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Reconnective Therapy

Reconnective Therapy is a healing technique based on the concept that the body has a blueprint for optimum health with all the information it needs to correct itself when out of balance. Conditions of poor health are due in part to blockage in communication caused by shock patterns. These patterns are created by physical, emotional, or mental trauma; injuries, and other aggravations and insults to the body such as vaccinations, medications and surgeries. The patterns serve to isolate the trauma and to keep the shock from spreading to the rest of the system. After the danger has passed, unless the body is reminded to release the shock pattern, it will keep that specific part of the system isolated until something occurs to release it.

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