What does it do and will it help me?

Shamanism is based on the belief that everything is Spirit. Everything means the earth, air, water, trees, plants, your body, mountains, you name it; it is Spirit. Shamans (including the great masters) know eventually we will all wake up to this great truth and whether we believe it or not, doesn’t matter.

For this awakening to happen, we have to remove that which keeps us separate from knowing who we are in Spirit. Again, anything that keeps us from seeing Spirit in all things has to be surrendered.

In the South American Andean highland traditions of the Q’ero and Quechua peoples, they speak of the Poqpo or energy field that surrounds the physical body. They believe that a clean Poqpo or energy field is crucial to a healthy physical body. Dis-ease starts first in this energy field and then moves to the physical. The poqpo can become caked with heavy or dense energy called Hucha. This hucha can cause the physical body to become unbalanced and susceptible to disease. As there is heavy, dense energy, there are also very high frequency energies called Sami. When the poq’po is filled with sami, the physical is energized, feels healthy, light and clear, the mind is calm and the higher emotions of gratitude, love, compassion and appreciation are present. To remove hucha, it’s helpful to have a shamanic energy healing.

Importantly, these shamanic people accept life as it presents. They do not refer to sami as good and hucha as bad; it is just a difference in frequency. Therefore, they offer no resistance to what is. In the same way, a shamanic practitioner views your issues in a neutral way.

Where does hucha come from? Matthew Magee, in his book Peruvian Shamanism: The Pachakuti Mesa, explains hucha is generated by resistance to flow of life in the form of attachments that create stress. He states,

Resistance is typically fear based. Its energy constricts. In other words, our bodies can accumulate density through resistance to the natural flow of life and to circumstances that we perceive do not best serve us. Much like a clogged drain, continued resistance causes more and more residue to accumulate, eventually leading to blockage. Once a blockage occurs, the body’s natural energetic flow is obstructed, causing the accumulation of hucha to begin manifesting in the physical and/or psychological bodies.

Hucha can accumulate over many lifetimes of the soul’s journey, and therefore, it may take focus, dedication and strong intention to eliminate. This is where shamanic healing can be of benefit.

People seek shamanic healing when they are confused about a decision, when resistance arises or when feeling stuck, when issues from the past present themselves, for depression, anxiety, or aftermath of accidents and trauma, for relationship difficulties, or to achieve a goal or start new projects.

The purpose of shamanic healing is to cleanse the body, to clear the energy field, to restore balance to the physical, to focus the mind, and to give the Spirit a peaceful home in which to reside and create. Sami is the state we seek to attain in shamanic healing to nurture those energies of love, gratitude and connection to all of life. That is Spirit.

John Flynn

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